TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd. Ushio Inc.’s “anti-virus and disinfection ultraviolet irradiation device” has been installed on the main deck (150m) of Tokyo Tower.

On the main deck (150m) of Tokyo Tower, Ushio Inc.’s
“Anti-virus/sterilization UV irradiation device” has been installed. Additional introduction as part of further hygiene measures based on the recovery of customers such as inbound and school trips!

TOKYO TOWER Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shin Maeda; hereinafter referred to as Tokyo Tower) has collaborated with Ushio Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koji Naito; hereinafter referred to as Ushio Inc.) to establish a new In addition, four units of the “Care222 (R) i Series” ultraviolet irradiation device for antivirus and disinfection have been installed on the 2nd floor of the main deck (height 150m) of Tokyo Tower.
Tokyo Tower and Ushio Inc. signed a “partnership agreement” with the aim of improving the sanitary environment of Tokyo Tower in July 2021. (R) i series” are installed and operated.
This time, in light of the fact that the number of tourists, including foreign visitors to Japan, and groups of visitors such as school trips are gradually recovering due to the government’s relaxation of border measures, we aim to further improve the sanitary environment. We also installed 4 additional units on the main deck (height 150m) where the majority of visitors come and go.
Ushio Inc. is focusing on the light environment hygiene business, including the antivirus and disinfection technology “Care222(R)”, in the life science field with “safety and security” as keywords. We contribute to improving the sanitary environment of institutions and public facilities with “light”.

“Anti-virus/sterilization UV irradiation device” installed on the main deck (150m)
Opened in 1958. A comprehensive radio tower with a 150m high main deck (former: large observatory) and a 250m high top deck (former: special observatory) in Shiba Park, Minato Ward. The pagoda is designated as a registered tangible cultural property.
The commercial building “Foot Town” under the tower has a food court, official shops, e-sports amusement facilities, restaurants, etc., and is visited by many tourists throughout the year. Seasonal events and illuminations are Tokyo’s traditions.
It will celebrate its 65th anniversary on December 23, 2023.
[Ushio Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, TSE 6925)]
Established in 1964. We manufacture and sell various light sources such as lamps, lasers, and LEDs covering the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared regions, as well as optical and imaging equipment
incorporating them. We have many products with high market shares in the industrial process field such as semiconductors, flat panel displays, and electronic component manufacturing, and in the visual imaging field such as digital projectors and lighting.In recent years, we have also expanded our business into life science fields such as medicine and the environment. are doing.
[Ushio Inc.’s anti-virus and disinfection ultraviolet technology “Care222 (R)”] By combining an excimer lamp with a peak wavelength of 222 nm with a special optical filter, this anti-virus and sterilization technology cuts wavelengths of 230 nm and above, which adversely affect humans. Currently, thousands of Care222(R) units, which are products equipped with this technology, have been shipped mainly to domestic medical institutions, etc., and we plan to expand to public facilities and educational institutions in the future.
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