Tokyu Launched “Hibell-san”, a shopping agency service that allows customers to place orders using the LIN E mini app along Tokyu lines

Launched “High Bell-san”, a shopping agency service that can be ordered with the LINE mini app along Tokyu lines
– Tokyu, Prologis, Willport, and Just Planning Collaborate to Diversify Delivery –

Home convenience service “Tokyu Bell” operated by Tokyu Corporation (hereinafter “Tokyu”), Prologis (headquarters in Japan), (hereinafter “Prologis”), Willport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Willport”), stocks The company Just Planning (hereinafter “Just Planning”) will launch “Tokyu Bell’s errand service Hibell-san” (hereinafter “this service”) that can be ordered with the LINE mini app in the area along the Tokyu line from February 1, 2023. We will start full-scale operation and gradually expand the service.
From February 1, last year, in response to the increasing demand for last-mile delivery, Prologis has provided know-how to develop and operate last-mile bases, and using a joint transportation and delivery management system developed and provided by Willport, In addition to utilizing Tokyu’s existing bases, we are building an “open last mile delivery platform” that packages a series of services in which Bellcast of “Tokyu Bell” handles delivery. Up until now, we have used “center shipment type delivery,” in which packages delivered from the shipper’s warehouse to the delivery base are sorted and delivered in the last mile. As an initiative, we are contracted to deliver laundry and drugstores, including clothing manufacturers.
As a new initiative for last mile delivery, this service is a “sharing delivery” that uses the “open last mile delivery platform” and the online ordering platform for restaurants and retail companies provided by Just Planning. start as This service provides the following three services.
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In the future, by increasing the number of participating companies and increasing the number of products handled, including daily
necessities, we aim to provide a service that allows customers to obtain all kinds of products and support their daily lives while staying at home. In addition, the four companies will continue to work together to solve problems facing the entire logistics industry, such as the shortage of drivers, and establish an efficient delivery network in the region.
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■Overview of “Tokyu Bell’s errand service Hibell-san”
In addition to foodstuffs and daily necessities, Tokyu Bell is a service where Tokyu Bell “shops” on behalf of customers for high-end bento boxes from department stores and hotels, and products provided by well-known stores along Tokyu lines. Select the store from the purpose and area when ordering on the LINE mini app, order the desired product, and the delivery staff of Tokyu Bell (hereinafter referred to as Bellcast) will deliver the product prepared at the store. increase. ・ Service start date: February 1, 2023
・ Official LINE account
·Service contents
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*Service areas and delivery times vary by store.
■ The role of each company in this service
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■ Product ordering flow using the LINE mini app
[Image 5d10686-797-64d2dc3ee0bf59f69aa6-4.jpg&s3=10686-797-ddc0f61239fc7ec0d2cea466eb9a2995-698x279.jpg
■ What is the “Open Last One Mile Delivery Platform”?
This is an initiative to solve the problem of a shortage of delivery workers in response to the growing demand for last-mile delivery. Using the delivery management system, the existing delivery bases of Tokyu will be used, and Bellcast of “Tokyu Bell” will be responsible for delivery.
Image of “Open Last One Mile Delivery Platform”
[Image 6d10686-797-4730b576e32220869185-6.jpg&s3=10686-797-1e3b14b08d965714a1cd8fe9691c8537-978x1314.jpg
■ Image of last one mile delivery in areas along Tokyu lines We perform last one mile delivery with three delivery patterns using a joint transportation delivery management system.
1. “Delivery center shipment”: Sorting the packages delivered from the shipper’s warehouse to the delivery base and performing the last one mile delivery.
2. “Real store shipping type delivery”: Tokyu Bell will deliver the last one mile of the package at the shipper’s store
3. “Sharing type delivery”: Last one mile delivery such as shopping agency *Starting from this time
[Image 7d10686-797-3206f540a7bd93d25dff-7.png&s3=10686-797-763ff57d9edf1d58769dc4c951fb3b81-592x743.png

Details about this release:


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