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[Tokyu S Reyes FC] Intergenerational walking football 230223 – Dementia-Friendly City Project –

Tokyu S Reyes FC agrees with the Yasashii Machi Azamino Executive Committee’s idea of ​​“realizing an inclusive society and creating a community where people with dementia can live with peace of mind, centered on the Azamino Shopping Association”. In addition to the relationship, we will carry out initiatives to foster understanding of dementia by interacting with people with dementia through soccer, with local residents, schools, companies, and various members of the community centered on the Azamino Shopping Association.
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What is the Yasashii Machi Azamino Executive Committee?
With the aim of creating a friendly town, many organizations are participating, including the Azamino Shotenkai, Neighborhood Association, Toin University of Yokohama, Center, Gender Equality Center, Care Plaza, and Tokyu S Reyes FC.
■ What is the dementia-friendly city project?
This project is being carried out by the Yasashii Machi Azamino Executive Committee with the aim of creating relationships in the community where people can help each other with dementia, which can develop in anyone as they get older.
・Click here for details of the Dementia-Friendly Town Project
We will hold a walking football where people of all generations can enjoy interacting.
Futsal is a big welcome for those who say “it’s hard to run up and down” or “want to get rid of lack of exercise”!
Would you like to sweat together with walking football?
We look forward to your participation.
■ Target
Men and women of all ages, including those with dementia (elementary school students to adults)
*Age does not matter.
*Anyone can take a tour.
■ Capacity
About 40 people
■ Schedule
February 23 (holiday Thursday) 10:00-12:00
*In case of stormy weather, a decision will be made at 7:00 a.m. on the day of the event whether or not the event will be held.
■ Schedule
・9:45~ Reception
・10:00~ Opening ceremony
・10:15~ gymnastics/warm-up
・10:30~ Walking football
・11:40~ Closing Ceremony
・11:50~ Commemorative photo
■ Location
Adidas Futsal Park Azamino
■ Access
704-1 Ohbacho, Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 225-0023 Adidas Futsal Park Azaminouchi
*10 minutes by bus from Azamino Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line/Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line
From “Azamino Station”, get off at “Azamino Gardens” bound for Susukino Danchi and walk for 5 minutes.
Phone number: 045-903-1095
business hours
[Weekdays] 14:00-23:00
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 8:00-22:00
* Front reception is open until 21:00.
*Please note that front desk hours (including telephone calls) may be shortened (8:00 p.m.) due to facility reasons, mainly on weekends. ■ Rates
■ Walking football special rules
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[Image 4d59271-295-7689f7bc273b393ac658-3.png&s3=59271-295-019f08f8fe2276a74b4bad553a5332a0-240x150.png
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[Image 7d59271-295-c00035805754f8d4509f-6.png&s3=59271-295-5f05e0d59ac82f92f426233cab72a577-240x150.png
[Image 8d59271-295-1d4453fe286fd6cd69fb-7.png&s3=59271-295-1754d14cec60e93bf4581076667dfef9-240x150.png
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■ How to apply
Please use the URL below or call (045-903-9839). ■ How to contact us
Please contact us using the form below. ■ Cooperation
Friendly town Azamino Executive Committee
■ Click here for details Details about this release:


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