A new “HOKKAIDO Japan Northernmost Trip” plan has been added, and will continue to operate in 2023.

“THE ROYAL EXPRESS ~ HOKKAIDO CRUISE TRAIN ~” (hereinafter referred to as the main train) operated by Tokyu Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Tokyu) and Hokkaido Railway Company (hereinafter referred to as JR Hokkaido) will be in its fourth phase in 2023. The new plan for the Dohoku area, which runs on the Soya Main Line, and the renewal of the existing plan will provide a trip that allows you to feel more of the charm of Hokkaido together with the region, and will increase the number of operations, and will operate 9 times (2023). July to September 2020) was decided.
In operation in 2023, the “HOKKAIDO CRUISE TRAIN” will allow you to fully experience the real charm of Hokkaido, the “Premium moment at Ginrinso”, a plan to stay overnight in the nostalgic and romantic town of Otaru, and the nature and land of Hokkaido. In addition to the “HOKKAIDO CRUISE LIMITED” where you can get in touch with others, we have prepared four travel stages with the addition of a new plan “HOKKAIDO Japan’s Northernmost Journey” to the northernmost land in Japan.
Through the great nature of Hokkaido, its blessings, and the contact with the people who are rooted in the earth, we offer a rich way to spend time in the world-famous northern land, and guide you to the best, one-of-a-kind memorable trip. . You can fully enjoy the attractions and tourism resources of Hokkaido, such as nature, history, culture, food, and world-class views from the train window. ■ HOKKAIDO CRUISE LIMITED
It is a plan that allows you to spend a relaxing stay while getting in touch with nature and the earth.
Surrounded by cows on the vast land of Kamishihoro, you can spend a leisurely “Premium Dinner” while experiencing Hokkaido. You can enjoy the beautiful and expressive natural beauty to your heart’s content, such as the moment you feel the beauty and the forest where animals and plants live.
■ “HOKKAIDO Japan’s Northernmost Journey” *New offer from 2023 Wakkanai is the northernmost place in Japan. We have prepared a one-of-a-kind train journey in Hokkaido that you will never forget. Only “THE ROYAL EXPRESS” will deliver a special trip that will sparkle with the beauty of Mt.
■ “A Premium Moment at Ginrinso” (previous stay plan for “HOKKAIDO Japan’s Northernmost Trip”)
It is a pre-stay plan limited to 5 groups where you can spend a premium moment at the magnificent and elegant Otaru inn “Ginrinso” on the day before your trip to “HOKKAIDO Japan’s northernmost point”. While feeling the nostalgic romance of Otaru, you can enjoy special sightseeing, and at “Ginrinso” where you stay, we will welcome you with “Ishikari Bay glittering below” and “premium dinner”.
In 2023, this train will continue to work together with the people of Hokkaido to create a unique “beauty,
A sparkling journey. ” will guide you.
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