TOMOIKI VENTURES Co., Ltd. New business development experience! A.P.Holdings Co., Ltd. 1-day internship event will be held at TOMOSUBA Tokyo Yotsuya store!

New business development experience! A.P.Holdings Co., Ltd. 1-day internship event will be held at TOMOSUBA Tokyo Yotsuya store! AP Holdings Co., Ltd., which develops Tsukada Farm, etc., is a slightly different intern event to acquire the next management class
TOMOIKI VENTURES Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Takuhiro ), which handles TOMOSUBA, a free community space for students, announced on December 18, 2022, that it is engaged in a wide range of food and drink businesses, including the management of restaurants and food stores. We held an offline new business development contest type internship event jointly with the company AP Holdings (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Shusaku Nomoto).
A new business contest intern that combines meals that can only be done in a community space
TOMOIKI VENTURES Co., Ltd. operates TOMOSUBA, a community space that university students can use free of charge, at three locations nationwide (Yotsuya, Tokyo, Kawaramachi, Kyoto, and Kokura, Fukuoka). [Image 1

TOMOSUBA Tokyo Yotsuya
[Image 2

TOMOSUBA Fukuoka Kokura
[Image 3

TOMOSUBA Kyoto Kawaramachi store
Five participants from Keio University and Hitotsubashi University participated in this 1-day business contest-type internship, in which they proposed not only the company profile of AP Holdings Co., Ltd., but also corporate strategy thinking and new approaches to customers. [Image 4

event group photo
Recruitment details: Ideas for new uses and public relations projects for free-range chicken provided by AP Holdings Co., Ltd.
Participation target: students who are interested in entrepreneurship (wants to participate in selection), students who want to learn corporate strategy
Schedule: 2022/12/18
Prize money: Meal voucher (5,000 yen) that can be used at Tsukada Farm and all other restaurants operated by AP Holdings
[Image 5

Lunch box provided by AP Holdings Co., Ltd.
◆ One-day business contest to learn about corporate strategies and get to know the company more deeply
As an intern, it is common to get to know the company and think about how you can get involved. However, in fact, in a one-day internship, students only get an overview of the company, and they may not get anything out of it, and the time just goes by.
At this event, the first thing we did was to let people know how we think about corporate strategy and what kind of superiority we have compared to other companies.
By having them experience what kind of products the company handles and how they want to sell, rather than simply knowing the outline of the company, we created an opportunity for them to know deeply about the company and think about it.
[Image 6

Company explanation 1
[Image 7

Company explanation 2
◆ After gaining sufficient knowledge about free-range chicken, come up with ideas on how to use free-range chicken, and create a proposal Even on the 1st day, I asked the students to come up with ideas on how to use free-range chickens and give presentations on the spot so that both companies and students could have a fruitful internship. People from A.P. Holdings Co., Ltd. were also impressed by the students who came up with solid ideas in a short time of about 3 hours.
[Image 8

Presentation 1
[Image 9

State of presentation 2
[Image 10

Receipt of prize money
[Voices of participants]
・It was a good experience to think about business in a short time and to know more about free-range chicken.
・It was a good experience because it was my first time working on food. ・It was a good opportunity to learn about an industry I didn’t know about and prepare for a presentation in a limited amount of time. [Company voice]
・Students aiming to be entrepreneurs gathered, and a wonderful idea came out. ・The quality of the materials was high despite the short period of time. ・The quality of the students was high.
About AP Holdings Co., Ltd.
It is a growing company that has an overwhelming network of producers nationwide and creates a system that produces “delicious”.
As a pioneer of the sixth industry model of “directly connected production and sales,” we have consistently handled everything from food production (primary industry) to distribution (secondary industry) and sales (tertiary industry). .
Company name: AP Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director, Chairman and Founder Hisashi Yoneyama Representative Director, President and CEO Shusaku Nomoto
Location: ISO Building 5F, 1-10-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021 Website:
Based on the concept of “a place to light a fire in the hearts of students”, the community space “TOMOSUBA” that university students can use for free has been developed in three locations nationwide: Yotsuya in Tokyo, Kawaramachi in Kyoto, and Kokura in Fukuoka. We support students’ challenges and careers as a platform that supports students and connects them with companies.
Company name: TOMOIKI VENTURES Co., Ltd.
Representative: President and Executive Officer Takuhiro Location: 5-3 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 7th Akiyama Building B1F Contact: 03-3262-3153 /

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