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Tomoiku Co., Ltd. Received an award for excellence in the ASICS Accelerator Program 3.0, which promotes business collaboration with start-up companies. To the implementation of the demonstration experiment

Tomoiku Co., Ltd.
Received an award for excellence in the ASICS Accelerator Program 3.0, which promotes business collaboration with start-up companies. To the implementation of the demonstration experiment
Proposing a collaborative plan for a comprehensive fun play service for young children

On July 12, 2022, the DEMO DAY, the final screening for the “ASICS Accelerator Program 3.0” was held, and Tomoiku Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukako Takemura) ) was awarded the Excellence Award.
In the future, we will work together with ASICS Corporation
(President, CEO and COO: Yasuhito Hirota) to carry out activities such as demonstration experiments and test marketing to realize the proposed collaboration plan.
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Award ceremony Front left: ASICS Corporation President and COO Yasuhito Hirota Front right: Tomoiku Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yukako Takemura
What is the ASICS Accelerator Program?
The ASICS Accelerator Program is an open recruitment-type business collaboration promotion program aimed at supporting startups working to solve social problems and creating new value through collaboration with entrepreneurs. am. Since its founding in 2019, up until this third time, start-up companies in Japan and overseas have proposed novel collaborative proposals.
The theme for this year’s competition, which began accepting applications in December 2021, is “Sports – 3 Years From Now”. We solicited product and service ideas from start-up companies that would contribute to further opening up the possibilities of sports. The seven companies, including Tomoiku, who passed the first screening (documents) and second screening (interviews), spent about two and a half months conducting mentoring with ASICS employees to improve the degree of perfection of their collaborative proposals. I gave a presentation at the upcoming DEMO DAY.
ASICS executives served as judges for DEMO DAY, who comprehensively evaluated the vision and feasibility of the collaboration proposal, and selected the three companies that will proceed to the
demonstration test stage.
Tomoiku’s collaboration proposal
What Tomoiku proposed is a business collaboration plan related to “nurturing together with infant facilities and guardians.
Comprehensive fun and play services for infants.”
It is a business that cooperates with the children’s facilities and their guardians to develop a service that allows children to experience the appeal of sports through play.
Origin of business collaboration between ASICS and Tomoiku
In 2021, the year before Tomoiku was spun off from its parent company Mosymo Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yukako Takemura), ASICS and Mosymo decided to launch the 2021 Sport in Life Promotion Project, a project commissioned by the Japan Sports Agency. We jointly conducted a demonstration experiment to solve the problem of
The project name is “Children will love exercise! Quantitative measurement of physical ability and prescription of on/offline personalized exercise program”. The demonstration experiment was conducted with pre-school children (ages 2 to 6) attending nursery schools as the main target, and the parents of the main targets, the nursery school that they use, and their physical education teachers as sub-targets. The main contents of this experiment include quantitative measurement of physical ability, offline exercise guidance, and a project to promote children’s exercise implementation using online videos.
We are proud that the experience of implementing collaborative projects in the Sport in Life promotion project is the starting point for receiving the Excellence Award in the “ASICS Accelerator Program 3.0”.
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About Tomoiku Co., Ltd.
Tomoiku was established in April 2022 with the aim of creating an environment that alleviates parents’ worries about raising children and reduces the burden of raising children. From January 2023, we will start operating the “Tomoiku Consultation Service,” where nursery teachers and midwives, who are professionals in child-rearing, respond to consultations from mothers via online chat and video call. We call the feeling of security that comes from working with a child-rearing expert as a “tomoiku experience.” We will continue to work on our business activities so that we can provide parents with a “friendship experience”.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Tomoiku Co., Ltd.
Established April 5, 2022
Location RINGO Building, 7-2-13 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director Yukako Takemura
Business contents: Consultation service business by nursery teachers and midwives, development of child-rearing support platform
[Management service]
Consultation service for nursery teachers and midwives
For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact the following. Phone number 03-6264-1028

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