Tonight’s Daisuke Namikawa is different! ? A solo live specializing in rock “SPECIAL LIVE Geki Atsushi Chouzetsu Rock Night!!” will be held!

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Tonight’s Daisuke Namikawa is different! ? A solo live specializing in rock “SPECIAL LIVE Geki Atsushi Chouzetsu Rock Night!!” will be held!
In March 2023, voice actor Daisuke Namikawa will hold a solo live! The title is “SPECIAL LIVE Gekiatsu Chouzetsu Rock Night!!”. A new form of live performance specializing in rock will be held. [Image 1

Until now, Daisuke Namikawa’s live has been like a festival, where you can enjoy various ways to enjoy and feel the vitality from tomorrow, but this time, the title is just as it is, and the live is a rock breakthrough. scheduled.
Together with the familiar band Non-Stress, it will be a live show where the artist and the audience can become one, hot, hot, and exciting.
The date and time is March 5th (Sunday), and strangely enough, it will be held at Stellar Ball in Shinagawa, where they held their 1st live, and at noon on the same day, there will be a talk and a different [folk afternoon] with an acoustic live.
A hot night where Daisuke Namikawa’s new side and unchanging charm intersect, Please look forward to “SPECIAL LIVE Gekiatsu Chouzetsu Rock Night!!”. Stay Luck presents
Daisuke Namikawa SPECIAL LIVE Super Hot Rock Night!!
Performance overview
■ Appearance: Non-stress
(Vo: Daisuke Namikawa/Gt: Kei Ouchi/Gt: YOUSAY/Ba: Hirotomo
Takahashi/Key: Pasta/Drums: Junichi Haruki)
■ Venue: Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball
Date: Sunday, March 5, 2023
[Folk afternoon] 13:15 open / 14:00 start
[Extremely hot super rock night!!] Doors open at 17:15 / Performance starts at 18:00
■ HP: ■ Ticket:
[Fork afternoon] Reserved seat 4,800 yen
[Extremely hot super rock night!!] Reserved seat 7,800 yen
* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter
☆ Official advance: 2/2 (Thu) 12:00-2/7 (Tue) 23:59-
Reception URL
★ General sale: From 10:00 on Saturday, February 18
Organizer: Stay Luck / Berry Goo
Cooperation: Kiramune Project
Production management: Disk Garage
Inquiries: Disk Garage 050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00-15:00)
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-Comment from Daisuke Namikawa-
No way! I will hold a solo live!
Sorry for the sudden report.
And this time something is different…
That’s right. Stay rack presents!
It will be held in cooperation with the Kiramune Project!
why? Why? I think there are some people who think. I understand. Kiramune presents live is just like a festival
We want you to enjoy various ways of enjoying, so we divided the sets into blocks,
Laughing, moist, sometimes violent, dancing and silly
A live performance that will give you energy to become vitality from tomorrow. Speaking of what this time is, I will specialize in the rock part! that name as well,
“Extremely hot transcendence rock night!!︎”
It’s already stupid, but it’s definitely going to be exciting! Now thankfully it’s difficult to deliver all the songs.
Over the past few years, I’ve been consulting with labels about the idea of ​​doing something bold.
I am grateful to the label for welcoming me.
They even cooperate. I think I’ll go wild with this kindness in my heart. Shinagawa Stellar Ball. It’s fateful that it’s the same place as the 1st live! And one more thing.
There’s something I’ve been wondering about during normal live performances. MC is bad at it.
During my solo live, I try to talk about my feelings of gratitude and voice actors that I don’t really show.
Just bad. The more I wonder how many years I’ve been doing… So, I will talk in the afternoon session. I’m in the mood and I’m going to have an acoustic live.
I’m not good at it, but I will sing it carefully with all my heart. So, it consists of two parts.
Members are, of course, non-stressful!
Safe and stable? It can’t be fun because it’s a member of.
Oh, nonstress is the name of the band.
I think that even those who participate for the first time can become friends in an instant ^ ^
One more thing.
After the live, we are also planning a live distribution.
Sometimes you don’t know until you try.
However, I want to create a super hot, transcendent and the best day with everyone.
I would appreciate it if you could lend me your strength again! It’s the gift that everything is rooting for me to be able to take on a new challenge like this.
thank you for always.
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