Tonkachi Co., Ltd. New product Marianne Hallberg’s serial project, the first wind in 2023 is “Shoes Kabin”

Tonkachi Co., Ltd.
[New product] Marianne Hallberg’s serial project, the first wind in 2023 is “Shoes Kabin”

“Marianne’s Seasonal Winds” is a serial project that introduces new works by Swedish potter Marianne Hallberg. For the first time in 2023, the “Shoes Kabin” with a boot motif was announced.
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Tonkachi Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yukari Katsuki) will release and sell the latest original work “Shoes Kabin” by Swedish ceramic artist Marianne Hallberg on Thursday, January 19, 2023. have started.
Currently online shop “Tonkachi Store” ( and Tonkachi directly managed store “TONKACHI, 6” (Daikanyama, Shibuya-ku) ( is on sale.
Marianne seasonal wind
Marianne’s Seasonal Winds is a serial project in which Marianne delivers a new work (almost!) every month. Every month, we will introduce and sell the works that she made freely, following her heart. The work is mainly planned to be a vase, but of course, please expect a fun derailment unique to Marianne. (From the special page) Click here for the special page

“Is there anyone who doesn’t like new shoes?”
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First wind of 2023. The vase this time is “Shoes Kabin”. An elephant, a sweater, and then a vase suddenly became a boot. It’s a labyrinthine association game that Marianne herself says is a “mystery” that made her shoes here.
Swedes, including Marianne, love shoes. Even in the heavy snow where it was hard to walk, they were wearing nice rubber shoes.
Who in the world doesn’t like new shoes? The title “Who doesn’t like new shoes?” Come on, put on your shiny shoes and let’s walk into the sparkling year 2023. shoe bag
[Image 3d50580-300-47b04998e2e67b0e1c0f-2.jpg&s3=50580-300-a1c23eb465e58b073c89eee238ba2a5a-2048x2048.jpg
It’s the biggest size of the vase of the season so far. You might want to imagine a shoe that is 19cm in size. I want to decorate simple boots with lots of colorful flowers. The mouth part is tightly packed, so even tall plants can be arranged in a well-balanced manner without any technique. Of course, the nice thing about Marianne’s vase is that it can be used as a single vase.
shoe bag
Size: H19.5 x W19.5 x D6.2cm
Material: Pottery
Weight: 460g
Country of Origin: Sweden
Price: 77,000 yen (tax included)
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The wind of the season so far.
[Image 5d50580-300-aff9bd4b2681fb990851-3.jpg&s3=50580-300-4c3e29272949d79c9f32dbcc93d891ee-2160x2160.jpg
[Image 6d50580-300-0dddb6a70b5f7d5a28b1-4.jpg&s3=50580-300-cdefebd9c4d6987e661cfd7f3f151112-2160x2160.jpg
Marianne Hallberg Official Site

Marianne Hallberg / Ceramic artist
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Born in 1952 in Gothenburg, Sweden, as the daughter of a florist. After wandering around the world in his youth, he started making pottery. His one-of-a-kind style attracts the attention of advanced creators, and his name is mentioned as an admired ceramic artist by the younger generation. An artist who is loved by artists. The creed is “Be Kind”.
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