Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Toppan Printing to exhibit at “15th Automotive World”

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
Toppan Printing Exhibits at “15th Automotive World”
Introducing the Toppan Group’s electronic products that help solve issues in the automotive industry, such as the new “black” grade of automotive light control film with light shielding properties.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideharu Maro, hereinafter referred to as Toppan Printing) will hold the “15th Automotive World -Advanced Automotive Technology
Exhibition-” (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight).
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“15th Automotive World” Toppan Printing booth image (C) TOPPAN INC. “Automotive World” is a comprehensive exhibition that exhibits a wide range of cutting-edge themes in the automobile industry, such as autonomous driving, electrification of vehicles, automobile parts and processing technology, and weight reduction, as well as the latest technologies that realize problem-solving.
At the Toppan Printing booth (booth numbers 39-24), the new grade “Normal Black” of the liquid crystal light control film “LC MAGIC (TM)” that blocks 95% of visible light and protects the privacy of the car interior will be exhibited for the first time. In addition, the Toppan Group’s latest technologies for car electronics, such as the round-shaped new model of the liquid crystal display “Blanview(TM),” which achieves high visibility and low power consumption outdoors, will be displayed in real life. The exhibition will be presented with demonstrations.
■ Main exhibition contents
1. “Black” light control film for automotive use with light shielding properties (first exhibition)
The latest grade “Normal Black” of the liquid crystal light control film “LC MAGIC (TM)” that can instantly switch between transparent and opaque with a single switch. When the power is turned off, it becomes “black” with a visible light transmittance of “5%”. By installing this product on a sunroof, etc., it is possible to instantly realize an open living space when the power is on, and a privacy space with light blocking properties when the power is off, without using a movable shade. Since it does not require a motor or moving parts, it is possible to achieve both a lighter vehicle body and improved interior comfort. Announced in December 2022 (*1).
[Image 2d33034-1083-8fe1a14bbd0b8bafaf86-3.jpg&s3=33034-1083-c96d3da72aa159d9143f66e83123dec7-800x261.jpg
Image of installing the liquid crystal light control film “LC MAGIC(TM) Normal Black” in a car (CG) Left: When the power is on (visible light transmittance 43%) Right: When the power is off (same as 5%) (C) TOPPAN Inc.
2. “Round” liquid crystal display with excellent outdoor visibility (first exhibition)
[Image 3d33034-1083-e016dc8f27bbb8ec4a59-2.jpg&s3=33034-1083-dc9daeb0042530eb61ab7ae529a0c342-249x252.jpg
Round display “Blanview(TM) Round-LCD 3.1 inch” (C) TOPPAN INC. The “Blanview(TM)” series of small and medium-sized TFT liquid crystal displays that achieve high outdoor visibility and low power
consumption. This time, the round display “Blanview (TM) Round-LCD 3.1 inches (diameter 7.86 cm)” that enables color display of needle-type meters for motorcycles, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery, etc., and operation dials for air conditioners, etc. , “Blanview(TM)-F 12.1 inch (diagonal 30.8 cm)”, which is supposed to be built into EV charging stands, etc., will be exhibited for the first time.

3. A large 12.1-inch model with a thin aerial touch display (first exhibition in the Tokyo metropolitan area)
[Image 4d33034-1083-830d54b46d6492a4d357-1.jpg&s3=33034-1083-6f3198d4902c580c7ec5dad86067f357-314x252.jpg
Air touch display “La⁺ touch (TM)” 12.1 inch model prototype (C) TOPPAN INC. “La⁺ touch (TM)” is a next-generation interactive display that generates images in an empty space and enables contactless operation by placing your finger on the image. Since its announcement in October 2020 (*2), it has undergone repeated improvements (*3), including wider viewing angles, improved resolution and clarity, and a significant reduction in power consumption, and has been adopted in large office buildings. In addition, non-contact operation keeps the operation panel clean and improves the maintainability of equipment in factories and facilities. At the “Automotive World”, the latest 12.1-inch model prototype will be exhibited and demonstrated.

For more information on the exhibition contents other than the above, please check the “Toppan Printing Automotive World Special Site”. URL:
■ About the 15th Automotive World -Advanced Automotive Technology Exhibition- Name: 15th Automotive World -Advanced Automotive Technology Exhibition- Date: January 25 (Wednesday) to 27 (Friday), 2023 10:00-17:00 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Organizer: RX Japan Co., Ltd.
Official website URL: Simultaneously held: 37th Nepcon Japan, 9th Wearable EXPO, 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO, FACTORY INNOVATION Week 2023 (*4)
Toppan Printing Booth: East Hall 5, booth number 39-24
Toppan Printing Automotive World Special Site:

*1 “Toppan Printing develops ‘black’ light control film for automotive use with light shielding properties” announced on December 19, 2022 ( ) *2 “Toppan Printing develops the world’s first mid-air touch display that displays images parallel to the panel” Announced on October 12, 2020 ( .html)
*3 “Toppan Printing significantly improves mid-air touch display with new method, doubles viewing angle” announced on September 15, 2021 ( .html) *4 Toppan Printing will also exhibit at the “7th Smart Factory EXPO” in FACTORY INNOVATION Week 2023 held at the same time.
* Product and service names mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. * The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the announcement. Subject to change without notice.
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