Torchlight Releases “Rare Reply” Feature That Allows You to Set the Appearance Rate of Replies to Automatically Reply to Twitter Campaign Tool “karabiner”

Torchlight Co., Ltd.
Torchlight Releases “Rare Reply” Feature That Can Set Appearance Rate of Replies to Automatically Reply to Twitter Campaign Tool “karabiner”
Torchlight Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Kumada, hereinafter Torchlight) has released the “rare reply” function in the Twitter campaign support tool “karabiner”.
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What is the new function “rare reply”?
Rare Reply is a function that allows you to set the appearance rate for each reply when you prepare multiple automatic replies (replies) that arrive immediately when you participate in a Twitter campaign. In the past, when multiple replies were prepared, replies were sent to participating users almost evenly at random. can now be taken out. The point of this function is to mention that the tweet targeted for the campaign contains a rare reply, and to notify the user and encourage participation. Participating to find rare replies may lead to diffusion and revitalization of the community, so it is
particularly suitable as a measure to create and excite fans. [Image 2

■ Release background
Twitter campaigns are attracting a lot of attention from users, and many companies are implementing them as a marketing strategy that is indispensable for spreading, improving engagement, and cultivating fans. Among them, campaigns using the Twitter API, in which automatic replies are delivered immediately after participation, are popular with both companies and users because they are easy to participate and many participants are expected.
With Torchlight, for companies planning Twitter campaigns and for users who enjoy Twitter campaigns, Twitter API can be used to create slightly different projects, such as a mechanism that allows different content to be delivered to each user depending on the timing and conditions of participation. It offers the ability to create This time, as one of them, we developed a function that allows you to give a special feeling to one of the replies instead of mechanically delivering multiple automatic replies (replies) that have been consulted by customers.
In addition to receiving replies, we thought that providing the fun of finding rare replies would increase the number of followers and make Twitter as a whole more exciting, so we released this function. ■ Example of use
Usage example 1. Out of the multiple types of replies, make a few types limited creatives and reduce the appearance rate to 5% [Image 3

Usage example 2. Appearance rate is assigned to all replies with multiple types like omikuji
[Image 4

Usage example 3. By setting the appearance rate of hit replies to 5%, only users who find them can receive incentives.
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■ About the Twitter campaign tool “karabiner”
It is a tool that supports automatic replies and gift campaigns on Twitter, which specializes in sending and spreading power.
To date, we have implemented more than 300 campaigns using karabiner in various industries such as games, manufacturers, and entertainment. We have a track record of collaborating with Twitter Japan, and we support a wide range of campaigns, from accounts with over 1 million followers to accounts that do not have the Twitter verification mark. Torchlight also proposes campaign designs that comply with Twitter policies, such as the text content of tweets and incentives prepared in campaigns, and also provides support to reduce the risk of accidents.
In addition to the basic functions of Twitter campaigns, karabiner also has a wealth of functions such as dynamic replies and secret replies to color campaigns. Please feel free to contact us as we can implement campaigns that meet the needs of each company.
Karabiner service site:
■ About Torchlight Co., Ltd.
Torchlight is a partner of Facebook, Twitter, and LINE, and in order to solve our customers’ business problems, we use the latest information, APIs, and AdTech that make use of our relationships with platformers to develop business as a unique partner. We help you succeed.
Through various solutions such as strategic design and operation of LINE official accounts, Twitter campaign tools, and advertising operation tools, we identify customer issues and design processes to achieve KPIs. We propose and provide a better customer experience while arranging solutions to solve corporate issues.
Furthermore, as a social media agency, Torchlight boasts a track record of operating social media advertising campaigns for more than 3,000 companies, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LINE, and holds the qualifications of LINE Sales Partner, Twitter Marketing Partner, and Meta Marketing Partner. We are here.
As a social media agency and a social solution company, we will support corporate social media marketing.
■ Torchlight Co., Ltd.
Representative: Satoshi Kumada, President and CEO
Head office location: Ebisu Garden Place Tower 33F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2008
Business description: Ad solution business, account solution business, product business
Management site: Owned media “PORTL”:
Utilizing the unique strengths of SNS, we will provide information that will serve as a signpost that connects consumers and companies. We are sending out the perspective of the torchlight.
Service site: Twitter campaign tool “karabiner”: Make use of Twitter’s automatic reply and reminder function to make regular tweets
By creating a mechanism that can reliably deliver information to each person, fans, experience of value,
It is a tool that can be connected to the opportunity to visit the store. [Inquiries regarding this matter]
Torchlight Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Marketing Department
Details about this release:


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