Toriko Co., Ltd. “Beauty in my own way.” Personalized beauty care brand “FUJIMI” has been reborn and newly appeared.

Toriko Co., Ltd.
“Make beauty your own way.” Personalized beauty care brand “FUJIMI” has been reborn and newly appeared.

Toriko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Kana Hanabusa), a POLA ORBIS Group company, has rebranded the personalized beauty care brand FUJIMI. We will renew the logo and brand message and restart from January 23, 2023 (Monday).
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“It’s hard to figure out what ingredients you need.” FUJIMI was born in 2019, starting with the development of a personalized supplement based on the representative’s actual experience at that time. After that, we released face masks, proteins, etc. based on the concept of personalizing and delivering ingredients tailored to customers. With regard to protein, it has become a hit product with a cumulative total of 1.8 billion yen in a year and a half since its launch, and has gradually grown as a brand with the patronage of customers.
4 years from service start. Compared to when the brand was born in 2019, the concept of personalization has spread throughout the world, and the number of brands with the theme of personalization has increased. Under such circumstances, this rebranding was an
opportunity to reconsider “What does FUJIMI deliver to customers through personalization?”
Future prospects
FUJIMI has delivered products to customers through personalized analysis, and this unique analysis has been used by a total of 4.6 million people since the beginning of the brand.
Based on this analysis data, it has become possible to develop products while capturing the diverse and ever-changing needs of our customers in detail. In addition to the first skin care after rebranding, FUJIMI will provide personalized beauty care to accompany the ever-changing lives of customers and support them to shine in their own way at the moment, so please look forward to it.
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Kana Hanafusa (CEO)
After graduating from Yokohama National University, established Miwaku Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of United, and engaged in application management.
In April 2018, Toriko Co., Ltd. was established, and in February 2019, the FUJIMI brand was launched. Joined POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS Group in 2021. Currently, as a mother of one child, she is active while balancing childcare and work.
new brand message
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Brand logo renewal
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Along with the rebranding, the FUJIMI logo has been renewed. A design that embodies the four keywords of “sophistication,” “gentleness,” “clean,” and “intelligence.” I imagine a person who lives dignifiedly and supplely.
new brand color
In addition, a new brand color “FUJI-IRO” is set.
With the motif of wisteria, which has been loved in Japan for its beauty, strength, and longevity, this original color was set with the hope that FUJIMI will grow into a brand that will be loved for a long time.
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Update your brand image
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Four keywords that define FUJIMI’s view of the world.
“Sophisticated” “Gentle” “Intelligent” “Clean”
We value Japanese aesthetics and provide our customers with rich emotional value.
About FUJIMI personalization
FUJIMI MIRROR Personalized analysis to determine “beauty that is unique to me” FUJIMI’s personalized analysis will be renewed as “FUJIMI MIRROR”. * Scheduled to start from 2023/03/15
[Image 7d41495-24-21bc1254a8bcb2e43970-7.jpg&s3=41495-24-745144076f7a420af139bb759550ef05-1950x1097.jpg
Even if the feeling of wanting to be beautiful is the same,
The individuality of beauty hidden in each person is different. In order to lead you to “my own beauty” that even you don’t notice, Everything at FUJIMI starts with our own personalized analysis. Its name is -FUJIMI MIRROR-
By clearly reflecting your lifestyle, habits, skin, body, and heart condition, We find what you need and deliver a product that combines useful ingredients. Look back at yourself, make new discoveries, and think about what you want to be.
Through this analysis you will be more excited about yourself. Even if your lifestyle changes, even if you grow old,
-FUJIMI MIRROR- always unravels your potential and stays close to you, We support you to live beautifully in your own way.

New product “FUJIMI Personalized Skin Care Seasonal Lotion & Seasonal Emulsion” to be released on March 15
After the rebranding, we will start selling skin care “Seasonal Lotion & Emulsion”, which will be the first new product after the rebranding, in March.
“Seasonal Lotion & Emulsion” is a seasonal skin care product that brings out the beauty of your skin according to the changing seasons. Based on skin analysis, we propose an approach to “skin troubles” that change with “season” and age. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, FUJIMI’s selection of lotions and emulsions containing ingredients will lead you to your ideal beauty, where you can truly enjoy the changing seasons.
[Image 8d41495-24-e5ec10e4928a0a7231fd-8.jpg&s3=41495-24-0d62c66fbaa88d45809cd468e77e16d0-1950x1097.jpg
■ Set regular price
8,800 yen (9,680 yen including tax)
■ Single item regular price
FUJIMI Personalized Skin Care Seasonal Lotion
80mL 4,500 yen (4,950 yen including tax)
FUJIMI Personalized Skin Care Seasonal Emulsion
50mL 4,300 yen (4,730 yen including tax)
FUJIMI was born in 2018 as a personalized beauty care brand and started selling Japan’s first personalized supplements. After that, we released personalized face masks and proteins. Among them, FUJIMI Personalized Protein has become a hit product that has been well received by many customers, exceeding cumulative sales of about 1.8 billion yen in a year and a half since its launch. Going forward, we will continue to provide products and experiences that are close to each individual under the slogan “Beauty is my way,” in order to build long-term relationships with customers with higher quality services, starting with personalization.
About the store
At the FUJIMI store in Lumine Shinjuku, you can enjoy the brand’s world view and personalized analysis. We carry out our own analysis in the store, and we sell FUJIMI trial sets only to those who have undergone the analysis.
We also have protein tasting and face mask experience.
This is an opportunity for you to experience the feeling of using FUJIMI products, so if you are interested, please come by.
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Access: Lumine Shinjuku Lumine 2 2F
Business hours: 11:00~21:00
(For details, please see the official LUMINE Shinjuku website (
Company introduction
Company name: Toriko Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kana Hanabusa
Location: 5th floor, Ohashi Gyoen Building, 2-3-15 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: April 24, 2018
Business description: Sales of personalized beauty care brand “FUJIMI” Inquiries regarding this release
Person in charge: Eriko Sawa
Details about this release:


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