Total “50 million yen” reduction campaign! “All-you-can-eat for 8 hours with free meals”! “All 5 meals free service” at the ski resort of “Gran Snow Okuibuki”! January will be held on the 25th (Wednesday)!

Okuibuki Tourism Co., Ltd.
Total “50 million yen” reduction campaign! “All-you-can-eat for 8 hours with free meals”! “All 5 meals free service” at the ski resort of “Gran Snow Okuibuki”! January will be held on the 25th (Wednesday)!
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[Total 50 million yen reduction campaign! All 5 times “All-you-can-eat for 8 hours with free meals”! ]
GranSnow Okuibuki (, one of the largest ski resorts in the Kansai region, located in Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, would like to express its gratitude to the many customers who have visited the resort. With this in mind, a total of 50 million yen return campaign was implemented. On February 9th (Thursday), in addition to the event day when you will be “free lift ticket” by bringing the season pass of other ski resorts, a total of “1100 seats” “all 2 restaurant menus” will be “free meals” 5 times We will hold a great return campaign that will be “all-you-can-eat for 8 hours as many times as you like”. We are planning a total of 5 times: opening day (already held on December 16th), January 25th (Wednesday), February 17th (Friday), March 16th (Thursday), and closing day. Click here for the total “50 million yen” return campaign page →
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[Overview of free meal campaign]
Dates: 2023 season All 5 times “Ski resort opening days (already held on December 16), January 25 (Wednesday), February 17 (Friday), March 16 (Thursday), ski resort closing day
Time: “8 hours” from 9:00 to 17:00 (LAST ORDER until 16:00)
Venue: Gran Snow Okuibuki “Food Court” and “Food Park Piste” Eligibility: Purchasers of lift 1-day tickets, afternoon tickets, or season tickets for the current season
Contents: Food court and food park piste “restaurant menu” is “all-you-can-eat for free”.
In addition to the popular stone oven pizza, fluffy omelet rice with demi sauce, butter chicken cutlet curry, and various sweets, you can enjoy “all-you-can-eat about 80 kinds of menus as many times as you like”, as well as “coffee and soft drinks. All-you-can-eat”. [Image 11

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[Restaurant “Food Park Piste” opened this season “Great renewal for the first time in 40 years”! This restaurant where you can enjoy “popular gourmet food from around the world and Japan” is also included! ]
The latest restaurant “Food Park Piste”, which has been talked about for its “great renewal for the first time in 40 years”, is also eligible for free meals.
“Food Park Piste” is the latest restaurant that brings together “popular gourmet foods from around the world and Japan.” From this season, the rest house with a Showa retro atmosphere will be “renovated for the first time in 40 years”. It was created with the image of skiers and snowboarders who want to get on the slopes immediately and actively ski. You can taste about 40 kinds of “popular gourmet in the world and Japan”.
“Food Park Piste” page
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[Overview of GranSnow Okuibuki]
Located in the northern part of Shiga Prefecture, this ski resort boasts one of the largest scales and snowfalls in the Kansai region. Known for its good access from the Keihanshin and Chukyo areas and its high altitude and good snow quality, it has a total of 14 courses that take advantage of the natural topography. gather visitors. Leveraging its strengths as a self-managed ski resort, it operates all facilities related to ski resorts (cableway facilities, restaurants, rentals, schools, etc.). In recent years, we have built the fastest high-speed lift in Japan, created the steepest course in Japan (maximum slope of 46 degrees), created one of the largest children’s parks in Japan, introduced artificial snow machines, and introduced an automatic ticket gate system (ACS). We are actively investing in equipment that incorporates advanced technology in order to break through the current situation of the ski resort industry, which is calling for a ski recession, and lead to further development.
【Equipment outline】
Facility name: Gransnow Okuibuki (former name: Okuibuki Ski Resort) Operating company: Okuibuki Kanko Co., Ltd.
Address: Okuibuki Kozuhara, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture
Telephone 0749-59-0322
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[Total “50 million yen” campaign special page]
【Official site】
GranSnow Okuibuki Official:
Okuibuki Group Official:
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