Tourism Australia Tourism Australia Official Instagram Popular Posts 2022 Top 5 – I still want to be healed by cute animals

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Tourism Australia Top 5 Official Instagram Popular Posts of 2022 – I still want to be healed by cute animals

Tourism Australia will post a total of 290 feeds on the official Japanese Instagram ( from January 1, 2022 to December 10, 2022. From among them, we have announced the top 5 rankings of popular posts that received a high response. Currently, with over 32,000 followers, this Instagram account introduces Australia’s fascinating scenery and experiences, as well as cute animals, on a daily basis. It is popular not only as a place to disseminate the latest information about Australia, but also as a place to interact with Australian fans and followers. Here are the top 5 popular ones selected from many such posts.
Tourism Australia’s official Instagram top 5 most popular posts in 2022 1st Place: Gold Coast Papa Kangaroo ( 2nd place: Baby kangaroos on Kangaroo Island
3rd place: Must-see information for working holiday applicants (
4th place: Indigenous boy dance and kangaroo collaboration
5th place: Mood maker who laughs happily!? Kookaburra
*Ranked by number of reach from the total 290 feeds posted from January 1, 2022 to December 10, 2022. (excluding events, campaigns and corona related)
Last year’s #1 post was Papa Kangaroo, who lives at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the popular Gold Coast beach resort. I was very impressed with his strong appearance, which exudes a human atmosphere like a macho dandy. I was. There are many people who are healed by the funny animals, but many people may have various worries that make them want to consult with kangaroos. I hope this year will reduce the worries of everyone like that.
[Image 1d4793-81-5639ac45fd80835c8611-1.png&s3=4793-81-3e553e5a926263c7427a52286720e85e-1614x1192.png
The second place is a video of two cute wild baby kangaroos licking their faces while embracing each other on Kangaroo Island, a treasure trove of wild animals. My heart was focused on the indescribable appearance. From this video, you can almost hear people saying, “I want to forget the stress of everyday life while watching cute animals in the great outdoors!”
[Image 2d4793-81-c180af0df784bf5b6f69-2.png&s3=4793-81-59c5f623a18ac1e8e1ae69e08885466b-1624x1188.png
The third place is a post about working holidays (hereinafter referred to as working holidays). Last year, when the yen was hit by a sharp depreciation, the spotlight was on Japanese people who worked overseas and earned foreign currency.However, information on Australia, which has been popular as a work holiday destination, with one of the highest minimum wages in the world and good public order, is also popular. has attracted interest. It is predicted that working holidays in Australia will continue to be popular among young people who are interested in living abroad and improving their English skills. [Image 3d4793-81-3fcd81dc17eb2f90c16b-3.png&s3=4793-81-da0e25248f6bf0e4b29f707dbaae413e-1864x1194.png
The fourth place is a wild kangaroo that came to play on the beach. This is a rare video of watching an indigenous boy perform a cute dance to the music. Aboriginal culture, one of the oldest in the world, can be experienced by travelers across Australia.
[Image 4d4793-81-f78cefa4dda582c64aeb-4.png&s3=4793-81-bfd4e23e6f11479c9f6d7392b0a63219-1336x1188.png
And the 5th place is a video of Kookaburra (Japanese name:
kookaburra). As the Japanese name suggests, it is surprising because you can clearly hear a pleasant cry as if it were laughing. It is an Australian endemic species that does not live in Japan, and is a mood maker. Please listen to the voice with sound.
[Image 5d4793-81-b248e0c120945c6818d9-5.png&s3=4793-81-4b18d0c6d9c2535e5c5062dd4dbc83e0-1340x1182.png
In the past few years, when overseas travel has been restricted due to the corona virus, 4 of the top 5 most popular posts above have animals in them. People who want to be healed by cute and innocent animals. It seems that there were many. Now that overseas travel has resumed, the number of people visiting Australia from Japan who want to actually interact with animals may increase sharply this year.
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