Towards a world where anyone can become a racer in e-sports “Crossline-We travel with differences-” Activities start for SEASON2

ePARA Co., Ltd.
Towards a world where anyone can become a racer in e-sports
“Crossline-We travel with differences-” Activities start for SEASON2 Make a Move PROJECT “Mobility for ALL”

ePARA Co., Ltd. (head office: Toda City, Saitama Prefecture; CEO: Daiki Kato), which advocates barrier-free esports, is a general incorporated foundation of Toyota Mobility Foundation (address: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Akio Toyoda; hereinafter ” We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as a finalist in the idea contest “Mobility for ALL” sponsored by TMF. In response to this adoption, we will start activities from January 6, 2023 to plan and implement “Crossline-We travel with differences-SEASON2”.
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Toyota Mobility Foundation Selects 8 Teams as 2022 Finalists in Idea Contest “Mobility for ALL” | Toyota Motor Corporation
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Challenge e-sports competitions linked to actual competitions As a challenge to realize “Mobility for ALL – the possibility of mobility for everyone”, we will hold an e-motorsports competition linked in real time with the actual motorsports competition. ◆ Effort details
Various people with disabilities form a community and create an experience of challenging esports competitions linked to actual competitions.
◆ Aimed society
A society where anyone can become a racer – A society where everyone can shine as a racer, team staff, or fan
◆Activity goals
1. Disability x e-motorsports
We will create an example for the disabled community to explore e-motorsports and connect it to social participation and
2. e-motorsports x motorsports/mobility
We will propose measures to improve the understanding, interest, and interest in motor sports and mobility through the experience of e-motor sports, and to connect them to becoming fans afterwards. What is “Crossline – We travel with differences -“? (Looking back on SEASON1) ePARA Co., Ltd. has passed the first round of selection in the “Mobility for ALL-Mobility for Everyone” category, and will run “Crossline-We travel with difference-” from August to October 2022. was carried out. More than 40 disabled people (drivers) with different characteristics, such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical disability, intellectual disability, and intractable disease, participated in this project. While learning about the world of motorsports through esports, we strengthened the bonds between participants and realized a trip that all participants could enjoy while respecting their differences.
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▲Crossline-We travel with differences-Outline
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▲October 16th Visit to Okayama International Circuit
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▲October 16 Experience Techno Tool’s racing simulator
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▲October 15th Two completely blind voice actors introducing the participants of the trip
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▲ Team MC of wheelchair users wearing yukata from “ROBE JAPONICA” ◆Related article 6. Conviviality that transcends
“difference”-Crossline report from a cultural
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▲October 17 An example of a customer journey map created based on a trip review workshop
Mobility for ALL – Mobility for everyone. What is
TMF is an organization that aims to realize a more affluent society through mobility. We are working to create a sustainable community where everyone can increase their potential and live vibrant lives. “Make a Move PROJECT” is an idea contest to create a “better mobility society” conducted by TMF.
“Mobility for ALL” is an idea contest called Contest01 of “Make a Move PROJECT”. Ideas and solutions for overcoming challenges and hurdles for people with disabilities to enjoy watching races were solicited from the public, and 17 teams that passed the first screening will run from July to October 2022, mainly at the Okayama International Circuit. A demonstration experiment was conducted.
After that, we will report on the results of the demonstration experiment and the new initiative plan for 2023, and conduct a review for the next phase from the perspective of the parties concerned and sustainability. One of the 8 teams selected was “Crossline -We travel with difference-“.
Inquiries about “Crossline -We travel with differences-”
We are always looking for companies, individuals, people with disabilities, and people with disabilities who want to work together to support the activities of “Crossline-We travel with differences-” and ePARA. increase. Please contact us using the contact information below.
ePARA Co., Ltd. “Crossline – We travel with differences -”
Contact form:
Phone: 03-4400-2855
ePARA Co., Ltd. Overview
Representative Director: Daiki Kato
Head office location: 1-14-8 Shimomae, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture Purpose of business: ePARA will make people around the world aware of the “spirit and power to overcome difficulties and limits” through the management of competitions and events, the implementation of commissioned work, the promotion of employment of people with disabilities, and the dissemination of information about these activities. We aim to realize a society where everyone can shine. ● Business content
1. E-sports event business (planning, operation and support of barrier-free e-sports)
2. Employment support business (employment support centered on people with disabilities, continuous support)
3. Web marketing business (planning, research, analysis, design, production, development, operation)
4. Media management business (barrier-free esports news site “ePARA”) 5. Voice/sound production business (casting/dispatching visually impaired voice actors/narrators, sound effects/BGM production) 6. Barrier-free consulting business (Braintech, research cooperation, lecturer, training)
Barrier-free esports news site:
● Partner companies
・Magic sofa “Yogibo” that is too comfortable to move
・“Craftsmanship” BTO PC “Scicom”
・BPO Outsourcing “Bewith”
・Let’s raise the volume of the heart. “JOY SOUND”
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・Society changes with everyone’s individuality. Cotonal (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
・ Teruru (barrier-free e-sports ePARA official)
・Daiki Kato
・Barrier-free project team “Fortia” from ePARA
・ePARA Global Station

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