Tower Records Co., Ltd. Tower Recommendation February lineup has been decided! Three groups were selected: super student, push-pull pot, and don’t pop!

Tower Records Japan Co., Ltd.
Tower Recommendation February lineup has been decided! Three groups were selected: super student, push-pull pot, and don’t pop!
Next-break artist’s serious recommendation & promotion project by Tower Records buyers nationwide

At Tower Records, the push items for Tower Recommendation in February 2023 have been decided.
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February 2023 Tower Recommendation Lineup
◆February 2023 Tower Recommendation Lineup *Alphabetical order ・ Super student “Super” released on Wednesday, February 15
・Push-Pull Pot “Kodou” released on Wednesday, January 25
・ Don’t pop “Strategic Survival” released on Wednesday, February 22 Tower Records Online “Tower Recommendation”

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With the slogan “Let’s make breakout items from the storefront!” Picked up quickly, the famous project “Tower Recommendation” that will be expanded to all stores and pushed big.
This project, which started in 2006, is a highly recommended project in which items are decided through serious presentations and votes by buyers every month, and are expanded to all stores.
■February Tower Recommendation/Product Details *Alphabetical order [Image 3d25445-991-a7f613b4802841affaef-2.jpg&s3=25445-991-255e98695da9b718705aa51b738e997f-300x300.jpg
super student “super”
artist super student
title super
Release date February 15, 2023 (Wednesday)
Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Specifications: 1 CD set
Label Pony Canyon
Work introduction
Born in 2001, Japanese vocalist. It is characterized by a neat face in a Venetian mask and a contrasting “Ganari voice”. Around the age of 11 in 2012, he posted a video of “I tried singing” and started singing activities. Continuing to constantly post videos, in 2019, after the original song “Void Gusuri” under the name of Rinku Yuzuki, he constantly released singles under the name of Super Student from the following year. Activities in SU → PANDA and collaboration with ankoROCK and x0o0x_ are also developed. Appearance in the media such as “Buzz Rhythm 02” has become a hot topic. In 2022, he made his major debut with the theme song “Did you see the sunrise?” for “Kamen Rider BLACK SUN”.
Tower Recommendation Recommendation Comment
Recommended by: Takasaki OPA Store/Kaneko/Online Business Division/Sasaki A handsome face with a Venetian mask on, but when you try singing, you will be amazed by the low-pitched voice that you can’t imagine from that appearance! ! It has the impression of the male version of Ado, and the unforgettable singing voice is a must-see! !
If you like rock music, “Did you see the sunrise?”
[Image 4d25445-991-f50fe3acc80b42955a4d-3.jpg&s3=25445-991-ca2e3f1590dd1e7cf766f4e0a717c72d-300x300.jpg
Push-Pull Pot “Kodou”
artist push-pull pot
Title Kodou
Release date January 25, 2023 (Wednesday)
Price: 1,870 yen (tax included)
Specifications: 1 CD set
Label STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!!
Work introduction
A four-piece rock band from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. The members are Vo.Gt. Daiki , Gt.Cho. Takuya Kuwahara, Ba.Cho. Kazunori Horiuchi, and Dr.Cho. Ryutaro Myojin. Formed in 2017 after meeting in a university light music circle. Vo.Gt. , who writes and composes the lyrics, has a two-faced singing voice, and the songs drawn based on his actual experiences sometimes push his back and sometimes snuggle up to him. Their enthusiastic live performances have become a hot topic, and circuit festivals around the world have repeatedly imposed entry restrictions. More than 100 live performances per year. In April 2021, LD&K’s new label “STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!!” released the first nationwide distribution mini-album “Bokura no Mama de” as the first artist. This work is the 2nd mini-album containing a total of 6 songs including “Fine!!” and the lead song “Saiden Train”, which were included in the label’s compilation album released in August 2022.
Tower Recommendation Recommendation Comment
Recommender: Shibuya store/Sakurama, product management department/Kuboyama Dramatic Alaska, bokula., and Push-Pull Pot showed their presence in the first compilation album, and have become a stronger live band with more than 100 live performances a year! There are many people who are deeply touched by the fastball guitar rock that the singalong makes the most excitement and the lyrics with a strong message!
[Image 5d25445-991-cf4fa251f79d15a325af-4.jpg&s3=25445-991-5da78a8876d332a3ea320aeef8821a3b-512x512.jpg
Don’t Pop “Strategic Survival”
don’t pop artist
Title Strategic Survival
Release date February 22, 2023 (Wednesday)
Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Specifications: 1 CD set
Label Columbia
Work introduction
Vo.Key.Ayako Kamegai and Dr.Kawamura formed in 2015. World-style chatting POP. Kawamura’s somewhat lonely yet forward-looking world of lyrics and Kamegai’s expressive and peculiarly attractive vocals, it has a perfect musicality despite its minimal composition. Their music videos that follow their unique music philosophy and their live performances that recreate the world view with their reliable power of expression have become a hot topic. This work is based on the NHK Minna no Uta “Tsuki no Odoriko”, and the TV anime “If you raise all your farmer-related skills, you’ll become stronger for some reason. A major debut album scheduled to contain 12 songs in total, including the ED theme “Rolling Soul Happy Days”.
Tower Recommendation Recommendation Comment
Recommender: Second store management department / Hanawa
A new genre called “sekai-kei chat POP”? 1st major album by Nanaido who established pop. The synth sound melody line is familiar and comfortable. There is a wide variety of songs, including songs that have a feeling of floating like Fishmans. This is the theory of relativity, the ultimate maiden of Gesu. Via, pop train 999 for pop. You have to push this with the tower!
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