Toyako Onsen/The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks 2023 Coming Soon! !

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[Toyako Onsen/The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort] Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks 2023 Coming Soon! !
A fireworks display unique to Lake Toya with fireworks and music
“Entertainment show of sound and fireworks” that colors the winter of Toya This year it will be held for 10 days only. Please enjoy a luxurious time with the fireworks shining on the surface of the lake.
With Toya Kohantei and The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort,
For 10 days only from February 3rd (Friday) to 12th (Sunday), 2023 at Toyako Onsen Town,
“Lake Toya Onsen ♨ Winter Fireworks 2023” will be held to color the winter night sky.
From the pier in front of Toyako Kisen Headquarters (between Nonokaze Resort and Toya Manseikaku),
There is a flower launch every night from 20:30 to 5 minutes during the period. At Nonokaze Resort, you can see it from your room or inside the hotel. Please take this opportunity to visit Toyako Onsen in winter. Please fully enjoy the “sound and fireworks entertainment show” that can only be experienced during this period.
[Image 1d19483-590-ee4f22543d30c77b1490-0.jpg&s3=19483-590-aea4323da2e8aa2bdd06553f7c7ea907-3523x2358.jpg
“Winter fireworks” that color the night sky of Lake Toya
[Image 2d19483-590-c29d7c1e98102ed13975-2.jpg&s3=19483-590-b266d43b5c8ca636f673c719e4bf260a-3900x2600.jpg
“Winter fireworks” seen from the guest room
[Image 3d19483-590-6bfe575a386e2a5c18b2-3.jpg&s3=19483-590-50651e21142f6018679ea1424af02a0b-1280x853.jpg
You can also see it from the open-air bath.
Nonokaze Resort is selling a limited plan to enjoy Lake Toya in winter. “Limited number of rooms only on weekdays” Enjoy Lake Toya in winter with the best view ~ Upgrade to upper floors ”
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We are looking forward to your reservation.
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