Toyota City The “SENTAN Business Plan Contest Final Judging” will be held by Toyota City!

Toyota City
We will hold the “SENTAN Business Plan Contest Final Judging” sponsored by Toyota City!
~ Change society through manufacturing! ~

Toyota City held the “SENTAN Business Plan Contest” with the aim of discovering manufacturing startups and fostering momentum for entrepreneurship.
The six selected teams will advance to the final screening on February 14th (Tuesday) at SENTAN, Toyota City’s manufacturing creation base. The final judging session is a public presentation, and anyone can attend for free.
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If you would like to attend, please apply here- ▼ Presenter (Name: Presentation theme. Honorifics omitted)
Yuri Naito: Online competitive programming learning service “STREAM LAB” Tatsumi Suzuki: Measures to Reduce Labor Force at Manufacturing Sites and Reduction of Process Quality Losses
Kazufumi Watanabe: Omi Senkyo
Yoshihisa Obinata: Beginning I~kko
Tokujin Matsui: TANBO
Toshiei Oniki: Introducing the “Kofun Bento Box,” which is filled with Japanese history and culture and shines with craftsmanship, to the world!
▼Event overview
Date: February 14, 2022 (Tuesday) 15:00-18:00
Venue: Venue Participation Manufacturing Creation Base SENTAN (Capacity: 40 people)
Web participation Zoom webinar
Time schedule for the day (tentative):
15:00-15:05 Opening remarks
15:05-16:45 Business plan contest final screening
16:45-17:00 break
17:00-17:30 Awards ceremony and closing
17:30-18:00 business card exchange
▼Participation fee
▼SENTAN Business Plan Contest Special Site
■ About SENTAN, a base for creation of manufacturing
This is a facility to promote new business development and innovation creation by manufacturing companies and manufacturing organizations aiming to start a business, and to develop manufacturing human resources who will lead the times.
The facility includes a “manufacturing space,” which is a place for prototype development where ideas can be given shape, and an “exchange space,” where companies create new value. In addition, the “Toyota Innovation Center,” which supports manufacturing companies in solving technical and management issues, and the “Manufacturing Support Center,” which supports children’s learning about manufacturing, are consolidated to provide a comprehensive support system for
manufacturing companies. In addition, we will strive to develop human resources for manufacturing, from children to adults, seamlessly. ▼Details page
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■ Inquiry Secretariat
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC Nagoya Office
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