TradFit Co., Ltd. Tomoharu Ito, who was selected as the first Asia-Pacific Alexa Champion by, Inc., was appointed as CTO.

TradFit Co., Ltd.
Tomoharu Ito, elected by, Inc. as the first Alexa Champion in Asia-Pacific, appointed as CTO
~Tomoharu Ito, Top Alexa Developers in the Community~

TradFit Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshiki Toda, hereinafter referred to as “TradFit”), a market leader in AI speakers, has announced that Alexa Champion Tomoharu Ito has been appointed as CTO (Chief Technology Officer). increase. We will focus on promoting the product development of “TradFit” and promote the strengthening of the development organizational structure with the aim of global expansion.
[Image ■ Message from Yoshiki Toda, Representative Director
We are challenging DX in the hotel / healthcare industry, etc., which is suffering from labor shortage, which TradFit is working on. It is a DX that is common to all countries around the world, and we believe that it is an area where global challenges cannot be avoided in order to achieve our mission.
Since its founding, the engineering organization has been composed of global human resources. In the future, we will further strengthen the structure of our global engineering team.
I am confident that the appointment of Asia’s first Alexa Champion Tomoharu Ito as CTO will be a major milestone towards achieving TradFit’s mission.
Together with Tomoharu, who has been on board as a member who will take on new challenges for Japan and the world, and diverse global team members, we will create new businesses and the future through teamwork. , we will promote the provision of impactful updates and growth opportunities for the team.
■ What is TradFit?
TradFit is developing a “service platform that improves the
profitability of accommodation facilities using VoiceAI, IoT technology, etc.” We mainly promote DX in the tourism, accommodation, and healthcare industries, and provide non-contact and
non-face-to-face services to industries suffering from the new corona wreck.
We have completed the system linkage with autonomous driving robotics, etc., and are accelerating the formulation of a global intellectual property strategy and the acquisition of intellectual property to accelerate business, as well as the construction of a patent portfolio for domestic and overseas expansion.
Through TradFit’s service platform, business operators can improve the experience value of guests and patients, reduce costs by streamlining operations such as responding to various inquiries and orders from guests and patients. Since we are promoting further revitalization and open innovation in each region with accommodation facilities as HUBs with our partners (co-creation), there is a possibility of new business development.
TradFit will continue to work with domestic and overseas collaborative (co-creative) partner companies to solve the social issues that the world faces every day and aim for a new social infrastructure to lead a sustainable future.
■ About TradFit
Service Web:
-Company Profile-
Company name: TradFit Co., Ltd.
English name: TradFit Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshiki Toda
Established: August 2017
Marunouchi North Exit Building 9F, 1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 2nd floor Niigata Plaka 2, Sasaguchi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Corporate website:
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