transcosmos transcosmos changes management structure in Taiwan as part of strengthening global business

transcosmos changes its management structure in Taiwan as part of its efforts to strengthen its global business
Aiming to expand business in Taiwan by leveraging extensive experience and personal connections in Japan and the world

Transcosmos Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taipei City, hereinafter referred to as transcosmos Taiwan), a wholly owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc. changed its management structure as part of its efforts to strengthen its global business, and Charlene Lien was appointed as General Manager.
●Transcosmos Taiwan General Manager Akie Lian Career
In 1994, graduated from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Commerce. Joined Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.
In 2003, he established Wistron Information Technology & Services Co., Japan Office, and as the president, started up the business in Japan (soft outsourcing and BPO business) from scratch and contributed to the expansion of the business. Witu’s parent company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2013. From 2022, he will be a board member of transcosmos Taiwan. Born in Taipei, Taiwan.
transcosmos Taiwan was established in September 2016, and has formed a unique position that combines sales power (EC) specializing in the digital domain and brand development power, providing client companies with EC one-stop, digital marketing, contact centers, etc. of services.
By strengthening our management structure, we aim to expand our business in Taiwan by leveraging Akie Len’s extensive experience and personal connections in Japan and around the world. Based on our experience in Japan, we will develop services tailored to the Taiwanese market, and contribute to the expansion of EC sales, the improvement of customer recognition, and cost optimization.
*transcosmos is a registered trademark or trademark of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries.
*Other company names, product and service names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. (About transcosmos inc.)
Since its founding in 1966, transcosmos has been striving to strengthen the competitiveness of client companies by combining excellent “people” with the latest “technical capabilities” to provide higher-value services. Currently, we provide services that support the business processes of client companies in terms of both cost optimization and sales expansion, while pursuing operational excellence at 172 bases in 28 countries and regions around the world, mainly in Asia. . In addition, in line with the expansion of the e-commerce market on a global scale, we provide a global e-commerce one-stop service that delivers the excellent products and services of our client companies to consumers in 46 countries and regions around the world. transcosmos aims to be a “Global Digital Transformation Partner” that supports the transformation of client companies through the use of digital technology in response to changes in the business environment. (URL:
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