transcosmos transcosmos to Establish New Center in Office Building in Nagasaki Stadium City in 2024

transcosmos to establish new center in office building in Nagasaki Stadium City in 2024
Employed about 400 people, including IT human resources to promote BPO x DX in 3 years

transcosmos inc. (Co-Presidents: Koichi Iwami, Masaaki Muta) will establish a new center in the office building of Nagasaki Stadium City, which will open in 2024, as a base for providing services that fuse BPO and DX. .
General view of Nagasaki Stadium City Project
*Because it is still in the concept stage, there is a possibility of future changes including the design. Provided by: Japanet Holdings transcosmos’ BPO business combines BPO and DX to develop a wide range of end-to-end services that support the business foundations of client companies. The new center to be established this time is a BPO x DX flagship center aimed not only at utilizing DX to improve operational productivity, but also at research and development of AI in order to further strengthen business. In the three years since its
establishment in 2024, we plan to employ about 400 people, including IT personnel. The center will also provide seats that allow employees to work in both real and virtual environments, promoting the diversification of work styles.
To date, transcosmos has established three centers in Nagasaki Prefecture, and this new center will be the fourth. As a way to create new work styles in the future, workcations were held in Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture for the purpose of considering workcations to enhance employee well-being and the possibility of establishing bases on remote islands in the future. to plan When establishing this time, we agreed with the purpose of the Nagasaki Stadium City Project promoted by Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd., and decided to establish the center in the office building in Nagasaki Stadium City.
transcosmos will continue to provide services that support the business transformation of client companies, and contribute to the revitalization and development of local communities by creating local jobs and promoting new work styles.
We have received comments from the following people regarding this establishment decision.
Mr. Kengo Oishi, Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture
This time, transcosmos inc. announced that it will establish a new flagship center that will provide services that fuse BPO and DX in the office building of the “Nagasaki Stadium City Project”. I have heard that you plan to employ 400 new IT personnel at this base. By providing many employment opportunities in this way, it will give impetus to the establishment of the young generation in the prefecture and the employment of UI turners. In addition to DX utilization, the new center will also work on AI research and development, and new business development in collaboration with Nagasaki University’s graduate school in the field of information data science, which was previously announced to move into the office building. I am also looking forward to it. In addition, we are planning a workation in Goto City for the purpose of examining the possibility of establishing a base in the future. We believe that such a plan will become a new model case for attracting companies to remote island areas. Going forward, we will continue to work together with Nagasaki City, Goto City, and other local governments and related organizations to provide full support so that we can further develop together with the region through the smooth execution of operations.
Mr. Tomihisa Taue, Mayor of Nagasaki City
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in the decision to locate the new center, which will be transcosmos inc.’s third location in Nagasaki City, as a new service base. Once again, I would like to express my respect for your efforts. The location of the new center, which utilizes DX to develop more specialized BPO services, will help local companies working to improve productivity and strengthen competitiveness amidst challenges such as the impact of the corona crisis, high costs, and labor shortages. We hope that we can respond to requests and contribute to the development of IT human resources that are needed in the region. transcosmos inc. opened “BPO Center Nagasaki” in 2015, and “BPO Center Nagasaki Chuo”, the second location in the city, in 2020. We have contributed to the development of the local economy by employing about 900 people. Nagasaki City is also working with related organizations to ensure that the new center, which will be set up within Nagasaki Stadium City, will be an attractive place of employment where diverse work styles are possible, and will accept a large number of citizens and facilitate business. , will continue to support. We wish the further prosperity of transcosmos inc. and the continued good health and happiness of everyone involved.
Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd. President and CEO Akito Takada
Thank you for choosing to move into the “Nagasaki Stadium City Project” office building. The office building is Nagasaki Prefecture’s largest rental office, providing new ways of working, such as setting up working spaces that lead to improved productivity of workers, and reducing the rental area by utilizing extensive common areas such as rental conference rooms and shared lounges. We are accumulating ideas every day with the aim of We are very pleased that Nagasaki Stadium City was chosen as the fourth office in the prefecture because the concept of an office that offers new ways of working matches the philosophy of pursuing business transformation advocated by
transcosmos. It has also been decided that the Nagasaki University Graduate School (Information Data Science), which is under
construction in the office building in 2024, will move in. I am looking forward to seeing Nagasaki become even more exciting through exchanges between companies and students. We will do our best to contribute to the development of transcosmos in terms of both hardware and software for the flagship center of BPO x DX.
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Since its founding in 1966, transcosmos has been striving to strengthen the competitiveness of client companies by combining excellent “people” with the latest “technical capabilities” to provide higher-value services. Currently, we provide services that support the business processes of client companies in terms of both cost optimization and sales expansion, while pursuing operational excellence at 172 bases in 28 countries and regions around the world, mainly in Asia. . In addition, in line with the expansion of the e-commerce market on a global scale, we provide a global e-commerce one-stop service that delivers the excellent products and services of our client companies to consumers in 46 countries and regions around the world. transcosmos aims to be a “Global Digital Transformation Partner” that supports the transformation of client companies through the use of digital technology in response to changes in the business environment. (URL:
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