Tresil Co., Ltd. Tresil introduced to au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd., which operates the comprehensive shopping site “au PAY Market”

Tresil Co., Ltd.
Introduced Tresil to au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd., which operates the comprehensive shopping site “au PAY Market”
Goal achieved within 2 months of introduction! Three success factors that improved response quality by 36% while reducing management man-hours by 56%

Tresil Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tokuichi Hasegawa, hereinafter “our company”) is au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “au commerce & life”), which operates the comprehensive shopping site “au PAY Market”. We are pleased to inform you that we have provided the business management service “Tresil” to
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au Commerce & Life, which operates the comprehensive shopping site “au PAY Market”, was aiming to improve the quality of customer service for stores. While it was difficult to see the optimal system, Tresil was introduced with top priority on the visualization of operations. Two months after the introduction, the KPI was achieved and the quality improved by 36%. An interview about its success factors.
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Operation of CS for au PAY Market stores
au Commerce & Life operates “au PAY Market,” a comprehensive shopping site where you can find many products, shops, and experiences. Among them, the mission of our store operation group is to support inquiries for stores, improve service quality, and promote system usage.
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I was aiming to improve the quality of customer service, but I didn’t understand the necessary system
I knew from my skin that the system was not the best, but I didn’t have a clear idea of ​​what the problem was on the ground and how to solve it. If we set up a system based on CPH (number of responses per hour), we will not be able to spend time sorting out requests from customers and improving quality. I was worried about how to calculate the man-hours including these.
SVs also spent a lot of time on administrative tasks. The quality of each operator’s service was managed using a spreadsheet, and each 1on1 event required the creation of a shared report.
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Prioritize business visualization and introduce Tresil
First of all, we decided to visualize our business and started a trial of Tresil. We had operators actually use it, and it was well received for its simple UI and easy operation. I also had an image of using Tresil to improve quality by visualizing operations.
In addition, it was attractive that it could reduce the number of quality control man-hours.
At that time, we were planning to increase the number of staff for quality control because there were not enough people.
However, we were able to make a trial calculation that management work could be made more efficient with Tresil, and management could be done under the current system.
The original purpose of business visualization was to improve quality, but I thought it would be difficult for the company to approve it because it would be difficult to quantify it even if I raised a request for approval mainly for that purpose. Therefore, I was able to get approval smoothly by presenting the reduction of management man-hours by improving work efficiency, which is another expected effect of Tresil.
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Goal achieved within 2 months of introduction! 36% improvement in quality while reducing management man-hours by 56%
I was happy to see tangible results from the introduction of Tresil. As estimated before the introduction, we were able to not only reduce the management man-hours by 56% by improving operational efficiency, but we were also able to raise both internal and external evaluations of the service quality.
In-house evaluation uses Tresyl’s function to visualize individual response quality on a scale of 5. We achieved the initially set KPIs in two months, and now we are carrying out daily improvement activities together with operators to maintain quality.
External evaluations are collected through questionnaires after the response. Satisfaction has also increased by 36% compared to before, and I feel the effect of introducing Tresil.
It’s also fun to see changes on the Tresil screen depending on the degree of goal achievement. Playful expressions such as “rain” if the evaluation result is bad and “sunny” if the evaluation result is good are popular. Even in the regular team routine, we have a system where we can aim for a common goal with the operators by looking at the same screen of the tresil with all the operators, saying, “I’ll be able to achieve the KPI in one more breath.”
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Success factor 1 Using the same screen, eye contact with the operator Generally speaking, due to the difference in the positions of managers and operators, the management side thinks of improvement measures and gives instructions. However, with Tresil, the targets and results can be viewed on the same screen, so the operators are more aware of the problem and are willing to consult with us.
In addition, I was able to entrust the monthly 1on1, which only I could do, to the manager of the subcontractor. We were able to do this because Tresil enabled us to manage permissions in detail, and we were able to share feedback policies and content. In addition, since the way of thinking on the management side is not shaken, we were able to build a relationship of trust with the operator. I once again realized how important it is to “match the line of sight”.
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Success factor 2 Visualization of work stimulated motivation for improvement Even after I visualized the work, my honest impression at first was, “Hey, this is the current situation” (laughs). Even so, after looking at it several times, I was able to identify a problem that was not transient. And when you visualize it, you gradually want to improve it (laughs).
In addition, Tresyl divides and manages work into operative
(operation) and creative (improvement). As this way of thinking permeated, we naturally began to devote more time to creative (improvement) work, and a system was in place to face quality improvement.
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Tresil takes over the frustrating “business inventory”
It sounds like it’s going well so far, but actually there was a time when I was about to get frustrated at the timing of the introduction. When I started the “work inventory”, I was worried about whether this work should be included, who was in charge of it, and what part of the tresile the set contents were related to. A consultant from Tresil noticed this and helped. We just shared the ideas we came up with in text, and at the next regular meeting, they sorted it out and brought it to us. It was saved that it was good just to review.
Tresil also conducted a hearing on the content of the work, so our company’s staff only responded in their spare time. Another reason for the smooth progress was the assignment of a member who was familiar with the entire business as the person in charge of our company. If I need to review my business in the future, I would like Tresil to support me.
Tresil is now available for free for 2 months.
Improvement work activities are an integral part of business growth. on the other hand
Difficult to start
i don’t know where to start
I don’t know if improvement is necessary “now” in the first place We will support companies that find it difficult to make improvements for various reasons.
Utilizing the knowledge and experience that we have gained through improving the operations of various companies, we will provide support tailored to the characteristics and phases of each business. During the free trial period, you can experience everything from business organization to business visualization.
In addition, we are now offering business inventory support free of charge. Tresil aims to be a company that values ​​each person’s first step. It doesn’t matter if it’s a trivial concern about business
visualization, improvement, or DX conversion. Please feel free to contact us for this opportunity.
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au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd.
Mall Business Division Mall Merchandise Development Department store operations group
group leader
Mr. Fumihiro Furukawa
After joining DeNA in 2008, he worked as a call center manager in the EC business area. From 2017, KDDI Commerce Forward (currently au Commerce & Life) participated in the product department in addition to the call center manager, and implemented new system development and system improvement based on VOC. Since 2019, in addition to the efforts so far, we are working to improve work quality and work efficiency, such as data linkage with internal systems and promotion of functions based on inquiry trends.
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