Triumph Co., Ltd. Collaboration with CUBIC TRIUMPH ver., a comprehensive aptitude test that realizes culture matching in recruitment, training, and organizations, and recruitment management system “sonar ATS” has been decided.

Triumph Co., Ltd.
Collaboration with comprehensive aptitude test “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.” and recruitment management system “sonar ATS” to realize culture matching in recruitment, training and organization has been decided
Triumph Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hirokazu Higuchi), which provides the aptitude test “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.” We will start API cooperation with Thinkings Co., Ltd. (Thinkings, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takashi Yoshida), which provides the sonar store. As a result, candidate information and test results, which were previously managed
separately, can be centrally managed on “sonar ATS”.
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Linkage between “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.” and “sonar ATS” Overview API linkage between “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.” This collaboration will bring benefits to both recruiters and candidates, such as reducing the number of man-hours required and smoothing the process from taking the test to reflecting the selection.
[Recruiter side]
・Seamless data linkage cuts the time and effort required for examinee registration and guidance on the CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.
・Test results can be viewed on “sonar ATS” without outputting or downloading them on “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.”
[Candidate side]
・ You can receive the test guide sent from “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.” * Candidates can omit the login information for “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.” by accessing the URL for “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.”
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Background of API linkage
The recruitment management system is a system that can support the overall recruitment activities of companies.
“sonar ATS” is a recruitment management system that can manage new graduates and mid-career hires and automate all communications with applicants. , has started a full-scale collaboration.
About the aptitude test “CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.”
“CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.” provided by Triumph Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive aptitude test that realizes culture matching in recruitment, training, and organization.
With thorough follow-up, a wide range of measurement areas such as stress resistance and career orientation, and overwhelming cost performance, it has been used by more than 6,000 companies since its release.
We plan to continue API linkage with recruitment management systems in the future.
・「CUBIC TRIUMPH ver.」service introduction site
About Triumph Co., Ltd.
Company name: Triumph Co., Ltd.
Address: F Nissay Ebisu Building 1F, 3-16-3 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: June 1, 1998
Capital: 30 million yen
Business: HR consulting, HR outsourcing, recruitment consulting, recruitment outsourcing, aptitude test, employee training, human resource search, RPA
About recruitment management system “sonar ATS”
[Image 3d43864-12-a88a019a0659c378dda0-2.jpg&s3=43864-12-594fca86214c2071e58790a3681b6fee-1200x567.jpg
Recruitment management system “sonar ATS” supports the resolution of all recruitment issues based on the vision of “improving the resolution of recruitment and realizing true matching.”
In 2022, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the service, and the cumulative number of companies has exceeded 1,200.
・sonar ATS service site

About Thinkings Inc.
Company name: Thinkings Inc.
Representative: Takashi Yoshida, President and Representative Director Established: January 2020
Location: 4-8-16 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo KDX Shin Nihonbashi Ekimae Building 5F
Business description: HRTech business centered on recruitment management system for new graduates and mid-career hires,
And a marketplace business that comprehensively supports the purchase and introduction of HR services

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