Triumph International Japan Co., Ltd. Announcement of AMOSTYLE Creators Project Winners! The 3 award-winning works will be displayed in stores, starting with Laforet Harajuku.

Triumph International Japan Co., Ltd.
AMOSTYLE “Attacking Kawaii.” Creators Project Winners Announced! The 3 award-winning works will be displayed in stores, starting with Laforet Harajuku.

Triumph International Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 5-6-4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Vincent Nerias) directly managed store “AMOSTYLE BY Triumph”, hereinafter Amostyle, is the next generation. The final judging of the Creators Project, which seeks to discover the creators of “Attacking Kawaii.”, has finally been decided.
[Image 1d40640-389-58a1e38fdbd96db22e79-0.jpg&s3=40640-389-57484a0ce66a3e34fde4afa5dbf1ac11-947x533.jpg
AMOSTYLE “Attacking kawaii.” Click here for the 3 winners of the Creators Project!

The three award-winning works will be displayed at Laforet Harajuku and Amostyle stores in Ginza INZ.
Based on the theme of “kawaii”, which is a world-class Japanese culture and symbolizes Amostyle, the “Attacking kawaii” creators project, which has been developed since May 2022 to discover the next generation of artists, is finally here. Finale. After judging by Triumph and artist Lee Izumida, who was a special judge, and public voting, the winners were finally decided. The winners were
Halcashipan’s “Pure and Affectionate” (Positive Kawaii Award), SHIMANTOGAWAMOTOKO’s “MAKE THE HAPPY!!!” The 3 award-winning works will be displayed at Laforet Harajuku 4th to 4.5th floor from January 18th (Wednesday) to 25th (Wednesday), and at the Amostyle store in Ginza INZ from January 26th (Thursday) to February 2nd (Thursday). I will exhibit. Be sure to check out the “kawaii” created by
up-and-coming artists that Amostyle is paying attention to!
*The exhibition period of the works is subject to change.
AMOSTYLE “Attacking kawaii.” Creators project winners and 3 works are here! Triumph company vote
Positive Kawaii Award Halcashipan “Seiraku Hugging and Aizu” [Image 2d40640-389-02ba2333be132d0007ab-3.png&s3=40640-389-3b96c160ce5860ddb534fb7dd16b7982-284x285.png
Halcashipan’s work, which captures the fluctuations of the heart and the various aspects of people that we feel in our lives as colors and expresses them beautifully by layering delicate colors, affirms the side of ourselves that we tend to hide. I felt the kindness that enveloped me as I was. Amostyle supports women around the world to recognize their own multifaceted “kawaii” and express it positively like her work!
Positive Kawaii Award: Selected by Triumph internal vote
[Image 7d40640-389-cdf029c8a0594dabc8dc-2.png&s3=40640-389-ab3835b2149dc9b1c386b02460e99808-133x51.png
Special judge vote
[Image 4d40640-389-7163a969049a1a6eafb4-4.png&s3=40640-389-6df65906cf141015de54427a3962d7a0-284x284.png
SHIMANTOGAWAMOTOKO’s work expresses her concept of “kawaii” with confidence, and I felt her enthusiasm. I’m sure you’ve had a lot of experiences, seen various “kawaii”, and carefully faced your own work. I strongly felt what I like and what I think is kawaii from the work, so I chose SHIMANTOGAWAMOTOKO’s work for the Unique Kawaii Award! Unique Kawaii Award: Selected by Special Judge Lee Izumida
[Image 5d40640-389-83180dc72138bc84c639-5.jpg&s3=40640-389-49612fdc71ccab86aa3e7cfa9d357af5-128x139.jpg
popular vote
Diversity Kawaii Award Yuki Shiroko “Yokobari Kanojo”
[Image 6d40640-389-8d843cd502c6cc2cc567-6.png&s3=40640-389-79dbc81af6b35197aa662050c1623e70-285x284.png
Yuki Shirako’s work, which expresses a woman who hugs everything she thinks “kawaii”, received a lot of support from the general public and was selected. I think it’s a pop work that speaks to the feelings of girls in today’s world, that it’s okay to be greedy and selfish in order for women to be lively and cute. I like what I like! Let’s be honest with our feelings and get various “kawaii” together!
Diversity Kawaii Award:
Selected by voting from customers at special sites and stores [Image 7d40640-389-cdf029c8a0594dabc8dc-2.png&s3=40640-389-ab3835b2149dc9b1c386b02460e99808-133x51.png

Attack cuteness.
Amostyle is a brand that inspires each and every woman to create their own style.
We live in an era where traditional values ​​are broken and diverse ways of life shine. Aiming to be like a close friend who supports people to express their true selves without forcing them to be what they should be.
In 2022, a new Amo style will start with the manifesto of “Attacking kawaii.” [Image 8d40640-389-242e0d4b7e86ec072a55-8.png&s3=40640-389-aad999b7181e2c11708f92b06dba2f4a-439x619.png

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