Try Hatch Co., Ltd. December 2022 Instagram trend report (31 pages in total) released!

Try Hatch Co., Ltd.
December 2022 Instagram trend report (31 pages in total) is now available! December 2022 Instagram trend report free distribution now available!
Try Hutch Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Takayuki Muto) utilizes its own developed “Insta Cheki” to summarize Instagram algorithm research and trends December edition of “Instagram Trend Report” was released for free.
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[December 2022 version] Instagram trend report (31 pages in total) released! URL: Free consultation session for Instagram worries
We will hold a free operation consultation session with Instagram professionals! If you are interested, please contact us using the form below. ▼Free consultation Instagram updates for December 2022
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In December’s update, there was an update that would revitalize the Instagram community.
Also, check out the trends for 2022.
▼Topic for December
・Announcement of trends in 2022 based on usage trends of Generation Z ・Introduced new Instagram features “Notes” and “Group Profile” December 2022 Which company account has a spike in followers? [Image 3d35376-189-1f55c670684b54c0e762-2.png&s3=35376-189-561875c65da12e712520ee4558c8d46c-1000x561.png
This is a corner to introduce accounts whose followers are increasing rapidly in December! Let’s refer to how the accounts that are rapidly rising are operating and use them to develop your company’s account! This month, we saw many accounts that also had something in common.

Introducing the hashtags that surged in December 2022 from “Insta Cheki”! [Image 4d35376-189-47b18fcbf490eec26168-3.png&s3=35376-189-b58d004ea918c92ba11ea2448d769d0c-1024x574.png
In this project, we will introduce the hashtags with the most “likes” and “number of posts” in December from the analysis tool “Insta Cheki”! It is also a useful corner for those who are considering introducing “Instacheck”, which analyzes what kind of trends are seen in rapidly rising hashtags.
Marketers explain Instagram questions and countermeasures
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We explain the questions that customers ask every day and the questions that operators may be worried about! Trihatch’s marketing staff will answer a wide range of useful information and operational know-how.
This time, starting today, we will introduce how to find useful hashtags and whether you should separate accounts for each product, and other things that are of concern to those who operate corporate accounts.
▼Topic for December
・How to find popular hashtags?
・Should I have a separate account for each product?
・How to generate UGC?
Application/Document request
▼Instagram free consultation ▼ December 2022 Instagram trend report (31 pages in total) released! About Tryhatch Co., Ltd. (
Founded on January 5, 2018. Headquarters, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Branch office, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Takayuki Muto,
Representative Director. In March 2018, we started local SEO (MEO) specialized media “MEO check BLOG (”. After that, Google business profile ranking measurement and analysis tool “MEO Cheki ( patented”, word-of-mouth promotion and management tool “Hoshi Kakuto-kun” (https://meo) released. MEO Cheki, including MEO Cheki for enterprises, has been introduced to 30,000 stores in Japan in two and a half years since its release. Since its founding, he has been engaged in the development and provision of original SaaS specializing in stores and facilities, digital marketing support, and SNS marketing support. In April 2022, a marketing support center was opened in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. In May 2022, the Instagram analysis tool “InstaCheck” was developed, and in December of the same year, the store-specific CMS “MEOCheckHP” was released. Develop more specialized services for stores.
▼Main services (MEO Cheki) (MEO check for multiple stores) (MEO Cheki HP) (InstaCheki) (Insta Hatch) (MEO Cheki BLOG)
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