Try Hatch Co., Ltd. December 2022 Local SEO (MEO) Trend Report

Try Hatch Co., Ltd.
December 2022 Local SEO (MEO) Trends Report

Trihatch Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Trihatch) utilizes its proprietary digital marketing tool “MEO Check” for stores to create a “Local SEO Trend Report” that summarizes local SEO (MEO) algorithm research and trends. The December edition of has been released for free.
MEO free consultation [December 2022 version] Click here to download the MEO (local SEO) trend report
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Local SEO Updates for December 2022
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▼The following two local SEO latest information topics
Are star-only reviews unreliable? Comments are essential if you want to attract customers with GBP
・Overseas survey reveals the relationship between review length and review display ranking
December 2022 local SEO (MEO) ranking changes
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December saw a big shift in specific search keywords. If you are a business owner related to the target category, please compare it with the ranking situation of your own store.
Marketers Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Google Business Profiles [Image 4d35376-187-18a95af943b761cb9639-7.png&s3=35376-187-300c284c271d1b011b60ef5a87e092b7-1026x529.png
We will explain the questions actually received from customers and how to use Google Business Profile to attract customers in a form that can be used immediately on site! Trihatch’s local SEO staff will answer a wide range of useful information and operational know-how.
▼Topic of the Month
・How do I delete reviews with my real name on my profile?
How to clarify the improvement points of your store from word of mouth? ・ Which is more likely to be displayed, store business or non-store business? Other research reports
▼Google Business Profile Operation Report by Industry
About MEO Instax
MEO Cheki is an MEO tool that has been installed in more than 32,000 stores in Japan. It is an operation management and analysis tool for realizing quantitative MEO measures by reducing the burden of operating various SNS and map applications centered on Google Business Profile. We provide a wide range of functions with high cost performance according to the needs and phases of MEO operations, such as centralized management of multiple stores for enterprises, ranking measurement that can be used by enterprises and SMBs, internal analysis of Google business profiles, and competitive comparison analysis. . In addition, we provide comprehensive MEO support tailored to the situation of store owners, including consulting and operational agency that utilizes our extensive operational experience.
MEO check for SMB:
MEO Check for Enterprise: About Tryhatch Co., Ltd. (
Founded on January 5, 2018. Headquarters, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Branch office, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. Takayuki Muto,
Representative Director. In March 2018, we started local SEO (MEO) specialized media “MEO check BLOG (”. After that, Google business profile ranking measurement and analysis tool “MEO Cheki ( patented”, word-of-mouth promotion and management tool “Hoshi Kakuto-kun” (https://meo) released. MEO Cheki, including MEO Cheki for enterprises, has been introduced to 30,000 stores in Japan in two and a half years since its release. Since its founding, he has been engaged in the development and provision of original SaaS specializing in stores and facilities, digital marketing support, and SNS marketing support. In April 2022, a marketing support center was opened in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. In May 2022, the Instagram analysis tool “InstaCheck” was developed, and in December of the same year, the store-specific CMS “MEOCheckHP” was released. Develop more specialized services for stores.
▼Main services (MEO Cheki) (MEO check for multiple stores) (MEO Cheki HP) (InstaCheki) (Insta Hatch) (MEO Cheki BLOG)

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