Tsuchiya Kaban’s randoseru brand “Grirose”, which combines cuteness and elegance, will open a new store in Minatomirai for a limited time!

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Tsuchiya Kaban’s randoseru brand “Grirose”, which combines cuteness and elegance, will open a new store in Minatomirai for a limited time! A total of 20 products for sale from February 16th to 24th for admission to the peak of “running activity”, the highlight is 4 new colors such as elegant pastel colors

Randoseru maker Tsuchiya Kaban Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Adachi-ku, Tokyo) has opened a limited-time shop for the randoseru brand “grirose”, which combines cuteness and adult elegance, at the commercial facility “MARK IS” in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai 21 district. Opened in
Minatomirai. It will be open from February 16th (Thursday) to June 25th (Sunday), 2023, which is the peak season for “running activities” to select school bags for 2024 admission.
At the new store, we will sell a total of 20 types of 5 series, including new colors such as elegant pastel colors and soft milky colors, for the 2024 entrance model of the “Gri Rose” brand. The price is 71,000 to 81,000 yen including tax.
We have a lineup of items that even adults will want to own, with exciting designs such as enamel-like luster and silk and pearl-like shine. It features a variety of coloring such as dull colors and bi-colors, and beautiful interior patterns such as rose and spring garden motifs drawn by designers.
The stereotype that randoseru is red for girls and black for boys is now gone, and the diversification of tastes is progressing. The new store “Gri Rose Yokohama” also welcomes customers with a wide variety of varieties and colors.
Tsuchiya Kaban’s sister brand “Gri Rose”. Inspired by the streets of Paris, France,
A total of 20 products with sophisticated designs that even adults will want to own.
[Image 1

Grilose randoseru that shines brightly like enamel when it catches the light. [Image 2

A new product “Randoseru Ribbon” that can be attached to the lid of a randoseru to upgrade the fashion.
Minato Mirai is a hot spot for running activities! Take a family tour of randoseru specialty stores
The Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 district, which is lined with large-scale commercial facilities, has a high concentration of randoseru specialty stores due to its high convenience for family shopping. We decided to open a pop-up shop for “Grilrose”, thinking that it would be a hot “running spot” this year.
In addition to Tsuchiya Kaban’s “Grilrose Yokohama” and “Children’s Store Yokohama”, the area around Minatomirai Station is packed with many randoseru stores. This is a recommended area for parents and children on the run who have the problem of not being able to go out for long periods of time with their children.
Develop 4 new colors such as elegant pastel color and soft milky color Of the 20 types of school bags for the 2024 entrance model of “Grirose”, the focus is on the number of new colors (new works) in 3 series total of 4 types. The four new colors are pastel purple “Fleur Gloss Sweet Pansy” with an elegant atmosphere, “Coffret Pearl Sugar Cream” with a soft milky color like fluffy whipped cream, and a transparent light green like a fairy’s wings. “Premier Matte Fairy Green” and “Premier Matte Classic Cherry” in a classy and elegant dark cherry color.
All of them come in beautiful colors that make you want to keep them. The price is 73,000 to 77,000 yen including tax.
[Image 3

fleur gloss sweet pansy
[Image 4

coffret pearl sugar cream
[Image 5

Premier Matte Classic Cherry
[Image 6

The new colors are used in many popular series of “Grilrose”. “Fleur Gloss” (color: “Sweet Pansy”) that shines brightly like enamel when it catches the light, “Coffret Pearl” (color: “Sugar Cream”) with beautiful pearl-like processed leather, and a sense of luxury. “Premier Mat” with a calm and chic design (2 colors: “Classic Cherry” and “Fairy Green”).
[Image 7

“Coffret Pearl” series, soft sweet color “sugar cream”. Gorgeous and elegant rose pattern interior

[Image 8

“Premier Mat” series, light “fairy green”. The interior is a spring garden pattern that creates a casual fashion.
“Randoseru dedicated ribbon” is now available! Large size and floral pattern make the impression even more gorgeous
In addition to school bags, “Grirose Yokohama” will also develop original products such as school bag covers, shoe bags, multi-pouches, fragrances that can be used by parents and children, and computer cases.
Our recommendation is the new product “Randoseru Ribbon” that can be attached to the lid of a randoseru to enhance its style. Simply attach the large floral-patterned ribbon to the metal fittings at the top of the school bag with a button to make it look more glamorous. It has a reflective function, and the butterfly pattern print shines when light hits it in the dark.
It comes in two colors, vivid purple and green, and the price is 2,900 yen including tax.
[Image 9

Accessories that can be changed according to your mood. Available in two colors, purple and green.
“Randoseru Ribbon” also has a reflective function

“Grillose” new store store overview
Store name: grirose yokohama
Open: February 16 (Thursday) to June 25 (Sunday), 2023
Address: Mark Is Minatomirai 3F, 3-5-1 Minatomirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: Directly connected to Minatomirai Station on the Minatomirai Line, 8 minutes on foot from JR/Municipal Subway Sakuragicho Station (using the “moving walkway”)
Business hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00-20:00, Friday-Sunday, public holidays and the day before public holidays 10:00-21:00
(According to the business hours of Mark Is Minatomirai)
Total floor area: 175.46 square meters (53.08 tsubo)
Closed: Same as when Mark is Minatomirai is closed
URL: https://grirose.jp/pages/store-yokohama
General inquiries: 0120-502-459 (customer support) Reception: Weekdays 10:00-17:00 (temporary closures may apply)
Official SNS: instagram.com/grirose.jp/,
page.line.me/687cugfe?openQrModal=true, youtube.com/@grirose4809 New coronavirus measures:
◇In order to avoid crowds and allow families to enjoy the time spent selecting school bags without worrying about crowds, we operate a “visit reservation system” at regular intervals.
◇ Infection prevention measures in the store
・All staff wearing masks・Requesting customers to wear masks・Installing alcohol sterilizers in the store
・ Regular disinfection of the store and school bags ・ Regular ventilation -Reference Information-
About Tsuchiya Kaban Seisakujo, a brand that represents the
workshop-style randoseru
Tsuchiya Kaban Seisakusho, which handles leather products, is a long-established bag manufacturer founded in 1965. The number of school bags produced and sold to date has surpassed 900,000, and it is known as a representative brand of school bags that are handmade by craftsmen one by one. In addition, the high-quality service that craftsmen continue to watch over for six years, such as accepting free repairs until graduation, is also supported.
Tsuchiya Kaban’s “Another School Bag Brand” “grirose”
[Image 10

“grirose” was born in 2019 as “another school bag brand” developed by Tsuchiya Kaban Seisakusho. The concept is “a world of ‘love’ and ‘admiration’ for children who want to stretch a little”.
The designer was inspired by the beautiful streets of Paris, France, and created a design that combines cuteness with adult elegance. In addition to school bags, we handle original school items, rain items, fragrances, etc.
Products inspired by the way Parisians enjoy dressing in their own way are popular with parents and children who want to choose randoseru with an emphasis on fashion.
The brand name “grirose” is a coined word that combines the French words “gris” and “rose”. “There will be happy times and sad times, but I hope that both will become precious memories.” That’s why I put “gris” and “rose” together.
[Image 11

The directly managed store “Grilrose Nakameguro” along the Meguro River is a salon-like space for adults inspired by the passage of Paris.

[Image 12

Interior perspective of the new store. The interior is finished in a coloring inspired by a cute shop in the streets of Paris.

“Grillose” has directly managed stores in Tokyo / Nakameguro, Nagoya, and Osaka (as of January 2023), and is also sold on EC sites. A pop-up store will also open in Fukuoka from March 15 (Wednesday). In addition, a limited-time exhibition sales event “grirose 1DAY POP-UP STORE”, where you can actually see and order on the spot, will be held sequentially from Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 37 venues in 17 prefectures nationwide. .
“Grilose” 2024 Enrollment Model Randoseru Overview
Release date: February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) *Nakameguro, Nagoya, and Osaka stores will start exhibiting from February 1st (Wednesday) Number of products: 20 types
Tax-included price: 71,000 yen – 81,000 yen (free shipping)
Detailed URL: https://grirose.jp/collections/all-line-up
Sales store
◇ Own online store: https://grirose.jp/
◇ 3 permanent stores (Nakameguro store, Nagoya store, Osaka store) grirose nakameguro: 1-16-4 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 1F
grirose nagoya: Design Center Building Creare 2F, 3-18-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
grirose osaka: Herbis PLAZA ENT B2F, 2-2-22 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka ◇ 2 pop-up stores (Yokohama store *Opening on 2/16 (Wednesday), Fukuoka store *Scheduled to open on 3/15 (Wednesday))
grirose yokohama: Mark Is Minatomirai 3F, 3-5-1 Minatomirai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
grirose fukuoka: 1-18-25 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture ◇ 1 DAY POP UP STORE (37 venues in 17 prefectures) * Reservations will be accepted sequentially from 2/6 (Mon.)
[Scheduled]: https://grirose.jp/pages/1day-popup-store
◇ Today, January 18 (Wednesday) from 19:00, a 24-year admission model unveiling party will be held on Instagram Live.
◇ Currently accepting reservations for school bag catalogs for 2012 admission *Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from early February [Catalog reservation reception] https://grirose.jp/products/catalog ■ Company profile
Company name: Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Location (head office): 7-15-5 Nishiarai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0841 grirose URL: https://grirose.jp/
■ Customer Contact Customer Support
TEL: 0120-502-459 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00; New Year’s holidays and temporary closures) MAIL: info@grirose.jp
■ Inquiries regarding publication
Tsuchiya Bag Factory PR: press@tsuchiya-kaban.com

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