tsucomLive The 2nd “Tsubasa Komai’s ECG interpretation method that can be used from tomorrow” will be held!

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[tsucomLive] The 2nd “Tsubasa Komai’s ECG interpretation method that can be used from tomorrow” will be held!
A must-see for those who are not confident in reading
electrocardiograms, let’s acquire “reading skills that can be used immediately”

BonBon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Zhuang Yuan, hereinafter “BonBon”) will conduct the second “Komai Tsubasa’s tomorrow! Electrocardiogram reading method” on February 9, 2022. increase.
At the event, participants will be able to use the video review tool “tsucom” operated by BonBon to learn how industrial physician interviews should be while making remarks on the videos.
■ Background
BonBon operates a video review tool “tsucom” that allows you to make voice comments on videos. By using this tool, you can insert tsukkomi by voice or comment for each remark or scene of the video. This allows detailed review of videos with unprecedented granularity. It is already being used by a wide range of companies, including the medical industry, video review businesses, and classroom business operators. BonBon is using tsucom to conduct an experiment called tsucom Live, which visualizes the thinking of experts. In the past, an event was held by Dr. Soji Takao, an industrial physician and developer of the Takao Method. In addition, we have held an event by Dr. Takeshi Sakurai, a part-time lecturer at Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine / Visiting Teaching Faculty, Columbia University School of Medicine, and an event by Dr. Taishi Nagao of the “Gentle and Good Chest Imaging Class”.
■ About this event
This time, we are building it as an event where you can learn skills that lead to application from the basics of ECG reading with Dr. Komai.
It is especially recommended for those who:
・Medical students who have learned about ECG interpretation but are not confident
・Residents who want to learn all the cases that are actually seen in clinical settings without overlooking them
・ Those who want to receive direct feedback from experts in ECG interpretation ■ Event overview

https://lp.tsucom.ai/tsucomlive/drkomai-1) and apply.
You will receive two emails, [application details] and [Zoom link], to the email address you registered at the time of application. What is tsucom
“tsucom” is a service that allows users to post comments (reviews) in text or voice on uploaded videos. Since you can review each video scene, you can easily review with high accuracy.
We offer a wide range of services, including more advanced instruction such as training for medical intern doctors and instructors at yoga classes, commercialization of tsukkomi products such as reviews of other companies’ videos and coding, and explanation tools for overseas customers to learn about products. It is used for various purposes. https://bon-bon.co.jp/tsucom
■ About BonBon Co., Ltd.
BonBon Co., Ltd. provides medical-related solutions based on the concept of “games x medical care.” We create medical care that enhances the innateness of patients, citizens, and medical staff, and support them in leading a better life.
Business content
・Operation of video review tool “tsucom”
・Operation of “Potion”, a game that can judge cognitive ability ・Provision of client services related to medical and healthcare consulting and products
URL: https://bon-bon.co.jp/

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