TV Asahi Co., Ltd. A new dimension metaverse idol unit “Metaship” where you can meet and interact with members in the metaverse is born! January 15th (Sunday) 10:00 a.m. ~ Appearance on “Metaverse TV” & collaboration with Salome Ichihyakuman Amahar

TV Asahi Co., Ltd.
A new dimension metaverse idol unit “Metaship” where you can meet and interact with members in the metaverse is born! January 15th (Sunday) 10:00 a.m. ~ Appearance on “Metaverse TV” & collaboration with Salome Ichihyakuman Amahara, a new star in the VTuber world!

The unique “Metaverse idol” unit “Metaverse” and the new star of the VTuber world, Salome Ichihyakuman Amahara, will collaborate on “Shinsekai Metaverse TV!!” from 10:00 on Sunday, January 15th! [Image 1

“Metaship” key visual
Three programs currently being broadcast on TV Asahi, “New World Metaverse TV!!” Gullivenger V” (every Saturday from 6:30 pm), “Please! Ranking presents Sodate TV” (every Monday to Thursday from 0:45 midnight) TV Asahi official “Metaverse Idols” (commonly known as Metadol) Hagu Sakuraba, Hatena Kouka, and Runo Morikaze.
It has been decided that a new member, Maya Fujisaki, will be added to the 3 members who are expanding their activities every day to form a 4-member metaverse idol unit “Metaship”!
The biggest feature of this group is that they are active in the much-talked-about “metaverse space”! Starting with TV Asahi’s original Metaverse space “Light and Star Metaverse Roppongi”, they appear in various Metaverse spaces and interact with fans… They are idols of a new genre called “Metadol”!
The goal is to hold a dream solo live & perform at a large music festival! To achieve this goal, in addition to appearing on each program, we will be energetically active on SNS and distribution every day, steadily increasing the number of fans!
This spring, the “Metaverse Room (provisional)” will be opened in “Metaverse Roppongi” for the purpose of interacting with members and fans! Fans will be able to easily interact with the members, and a space will be created where fans can interact directly with each other.
In addition, “Metaship” will release its debut song as an artist in the spring! Up-and-coming music creator 5u5h1 (Sushi), who has experience providing music to Johnny’s WEST and Hololive, has decided to be in charge of songwriting! What kind of debut song will it be? ? stay tuned!
Such “Metaship” will appear on the live broadcast “Shinsekai Metaverse TV !!” from 10:00 am on Sunday, January 15th, and will make its terrestrial debut! Surprisingly, on this day, a new star in the VTuber world, “Hyakuman Tenbara Salome”, who has surpassed 1 million YouTube channel subscribers in just 14 days since his debut, will also appear as a guest! What kind of relationship will Salome-chan, who will be appearing on a TV program for the first time, have with the innocent “Metaship”! ? The collaboration is also a must-see! !
-Salome’s comment-
I, Salome, will be on TV for the first time! ? My heart is pounding! But this is also the way to aim for the young lady of Ichihyakumanten! [Image 2

“Metaverse TV” January 15 broadcast key visual
Click here for the unique “Metaship” members who can meet and interact in the Metaverse space! If you push it now, it’s old! who is your favorite?
★Meta Ship
The name comes from the “meta” of “Metaverse” and the “ship” that jumps into the rough seas of the idol industry where a wide variety of groups compete in the real and virtual worlds.
The catchphrase is “Escape to a new dimension together!”
The profile of each member you care about is as follows!
Sakuraba Hug (Sakuraba Hagu)
From “Shinsekai Metaverse TV!!”. The image color is pink.
A sister-type idol who loves anime and games and is good at spoiling, discovered in the audition in the program! She is the leader of Metaship, and when she gets excited, she speaks Kansai dialect. It seems that he can speak English and Chinese, but his ability is unknown.
The catchphrase is “I want to hug everyone in the world!”
[Image 3

Sakuraba Hug
*Fujisaki Maya
From “Shinsekai Metaverse TV!!”. Image color is purple.
Metadol is a former young lady who is strict about money due to certain circumstances. She is especially good at enka songs. She also likes Vocaloid and Anison and sings a lot, but sometimes it becomes a little enka-like.
The catchphrase is “Blooming in your heart!”
[Image 4

Maya Fujisaki
★Yellow Hatena (Ouka Hatena)
“Mystery Solving Warrior! From Gullivenger V. Image color is yellow. Metadol who loves quizzes and lives in the same school as Cyber ​​Girl Shiro. She always has a smile on her face, a life-size self-paced personality that doesn’t stretch herself, and a little naturalness that is attractive.
The catchphrase is “Gift Hanamaru Egao!”.
[Image 5

yellow flower hatena
Runo Morikaze
“Please! Ranking presents Sodaterebi” from. The image color is green. Anyway, he loves sports and is a sharp metal dollar who is not afraid of anything, and is characterized by the ending of his sentences. While showing a cool face, he actually has a hot heart and also has a side that inspires the members.
The catchphrase is “Nurturing everyone’s smiles”.
[Image 6

Morikaze Runo
In addition to the YouTube channel and TikTok account as “Metaship”, a personal Twitter account is also active! Please pay attention to their future trends!
A standalone YouTube channel and TikTok account will start on Friday, January 13, 2023! Various projects such as unit projects and solo projects will be delivered at any time! Collaboration with big VTuber is also implemented!
An official YouTube channel that delivers various video contents by the four members of “Metaship” will be born on Friday, January 13! For the memorable first time, we will challenge the “VTuber Quiz Project”! Nijisanji, Hololive, Aogiri High School, and other rookie idols who challenge the virtual world of rivalries such as Metaship, know about the popular VTubers that are exciting now! ?
A quiz with the theme of “Senior VTuber” will be a challenge! Will Metaship be able to answer the quiz correctly? There is also an embarrassing punishment game for the bottom members! Under the guidance of program MC Metanyan (voice: Harisenbon, Haruna Kondo), the voyage to become the No. 1 idol starts here! (Scheduled to start distribution at 18:00 on Monday, January 29)
On this channel, plans for individual members will be distributed from time to time! Sakuraba Hug, who has been delivering live game commentary on TV Asahi’s official YouTube “Video, first time”, will also deliver live game commentary from this “Metaship Channel”! In addition, there will be an irregular project to explore the Metaverse with Sakuraba Hug! In the Metaverse, where new worlds are born every day, you might even be able to have a date with Hug! Utama member Maya Fujisaki has started posting “singing videos” that make use of her powerful singing voice! From popular Vocaloid songs to anime songs and J-POP, we will sing various songs! In addition, Hatena Kouka’s “Quiz & Study Delivery Plan”, Morikaze Runo’s “Soccer Game Live Streaming Plan”, and other distributions that make use of each person’s individuality and strengths, and collaboration live distribution with big VTubers are also planned. ! We will deliver the state of struggle of Metaship!
In addition to YouTube, we have opened a unit channel on TikTok! We are planning to post content that will definitely immerse you in the world of Metaship, so please check it out!
[Image 7

A new ship is also available in Metaverse Roppongi!
-Various links-
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[“Metaship” official YouTube channel]
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[“Metaship” Official Twitter]
・Sakuraba Hug
・Fujisaki Maya
・Yellow Hatena
・Runo Morikaze
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