TV Osaka Co., Ltd. From Kansai! Japan’s representative hip-hop group “Umeda Cypher” and Yoshimoto entertainer group “ZiDol” & “Juice Gokugoku Club” will also participate in the electric shock! Enthusiastic comments from other performers!

Television Osaka Co., Ltd.
From Kansai! Japan’s representative hip-hop group “Umeda Cypher” and Yoshimoto entertainer group “ZiDol” & “Juice Gokugoku Club” will also participate in the electric shock! Enthusiastic comments from other performers!
“ONBAKU! FES.2023” March 4th (Sat) and March 5th (Sun), 2023 at Osaka Castle Music Hall for 2 days [Tickets are now on sale! ]

In the spring of 2023, from the music variety program “Music Bomb” currently being broadcast on TV Osaka, the “wildly explosive comedian” Kukki! & Rossy’s music festival “ONBAKU! FES. 2023” is born! Japan is still unable to wipe out the feeling of blockage due to corona and other factors. I want to be free as soon as possible. I want to laugh with important people. I want to explode this depressed feeling with music! A wild bomb creates such a space – but it’s certainly not normal. It can’t just end. Because it’s a “wild bomb”. At the superb performance of the gorgeous artists gathered at the Osaka Castle Music Hall, their evil hand creeps in… The summoned artists and Yoshimoto comedians don’t just show off their stories. While being manipulated by wild bombs, they play a music stage that can only be seen here. And before you know it, the audience will also start dancing to the “Yosei Bomb Melodies”. And you too. Get intoxicated by the “different space festival” spun by “artists x wild bombs” – gather at the Osaka Castle Concert Hall this spring! And release the accumulated stress at once! One and only. Wild bomb world, fully open. Welcome to “ONBAKU! FES. 2023″…
From Kansai! Japan’s representative hip-hop group “Umeda Cipher” participates in electric shock
★ Umeda Cipher [Appearance on Saturday, March 4]
[Image 1

Umeda Cipher
The representative song has been played over 25 million times on YouTube! In addition, the hip-hop group “Umeda Cipher”, who was in charge of the opening song for “King of Conte 2022” last year, will participate in the sound bomb festival! Many members produced good results in the MC battle tournament, and the attention level soared. “Creepy Nuts”, which has the momentum to drop flying birds now, is a group to which R-designation belongs. Of course, there may be a “surprise!” unique to festivals, as well as a stage that will give the audience an instant boost! ? Domestic top rank! Experience the shocking live performance! !
*The R-designation will not appear at this “Otobaku Fes”.
Yoshimoto’s two strongest music groups will participate in “ONBAKU! FES.2023” ★ ZiDol [Appearance on Saturday, March 4]
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Produced by a solitary pin entertainer, kento fukaya, who has advanced to the finals of the “R-1 Grand Prix” for two years in a row -Yoshimoto Manzai Theater-Idol group composed mainly of affiliated members, that is “ZiDol”! A super-luxury five-person group that is now sweeping the national comedy award race, including the male swing Urai, Nippon’s president Ketsu, Suze Takami, Beni Ginger Inada, and Mayurika Nakatani. Their concept is “an idol that anyone can meet, but they don’t make money”, but they exploded in popularity from the beginning of their formation!
What kind of performance will these five and producer kento fukaya put on at the Otobaku Festival? ? Now, I have no choice but to become a witness at the festival venue! ! !
[Image 3

kento fukaya
[Comment] ZiDol producer kento fukaya
“Is it okay for such a disgusting group to perform at such an unbelievable big event?! I’m worried from the bottom of my heart. But I’ll never have such a chance in my life, so I’ll do my best to perform! Soso Tamashii (Koji Uehara) please. I will!!”
Juice Gokugoku Club [Appearance on March 5 (Sun)]
[Image 4

Juice Gokugoku Club
“Juice Gokugoku Club” is a party rock band consisting of 6 comedians belonging to -Yoshimoto Manzai Theater-! Long Coat Daddy Dozen (Dozen Towel/Bass), Mumu Tairiku Oshiruko Yamazaki (Ai Cola/Vocals), Chicago Jitsugyo Yamamoto Professional Baseball (Poison Sorimachi/Drums), Mayurika Sakamoto (Ginger Ale Sakamoto/Vocals) Nippon President Tsuji (Tsuji Classic) /Guitar), Takioto Sasuke (Atashi / Keyboard), formed around a group of regulars in the award race finals. Aiming for Nippon Budokan! A popular explosive band, such as one-man live and album release, descends to Otobaku Fes! Oh my God! This is the first festival participation! Absolutely this precious stage! Don’t miss it! ! !
[Image 5

“Ginger Ale Sakamoto” (Mayurica)
[Comment] Vocal “Ginger Ale Sakamoto” (Mayurika)
“It’s the very first festival! There are two patterns for the first time, when it’s scary and when it’s exciting, but it’s definitely the latter! It’s completely the latter! Graduating from the first time and going to higher heights! Look at it! !”
The appearance date of Yoshimoto’s super popular talents has finally been decided! !
You who think that the usual “manzai” and “conte” will be held on the stage of “Otobaku Fes”! At an event produced by Wild Bombs, there is no such reason! ? The contents are still a secret… but since it’s a music festival, of course we’re preparing a special stage with the theme of -music- that can only be performed here… ♪ Popular entertainers who can’t usually see it Please take a look at the “space stage”-
Appearance on Saturday, March 4
Toro salmon, Kazunobu Kubota
[Image 6

Toro Salmon・Kazunobu Kubota
“I’m a regular on this show, so I can’t miss it. Please come by.” (Note: It’s not true…)
★Yuriyan Retriever
[Image 7

Yuriyan Retriever
“I am very honored to be able to perform at my favorite Yasei Bakudan festival! Appearance on Sunday, March 5
[Image 8

Tada “I am very happy to be performing at the Otobaku Festival. Please give me.” Yoshi “I’m really looking forward to the Otobaku Fest!! I love Kukki! Rossi and there are many artists I know, so I’m looking forward to it too♪ I hope COWCOW will be able to send you a volume and line-up that you can’t usually see at a comedy theater. I think this is a festival that will grow even bigger in the future, so I want to make sure I explode with the first one!!”
★ Floor plan
[Image 9

Beheading prison club
[Image 13

Appearance on Sunday, March 5
[Image 14

[Image 16
◆Ticket price: ¥7,000/1DAY
[Inquiries about performances]
GREENS 06-6882-1224 (Weekdays Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00)
event information
[Image 19
-Ticket price- ¥7,000/1DAY
– Venue – Osaka Castle Music Hall, 3-11 Osaka Castle, Chuo-ku, Osaka, in Osaka Castle Park
Nearest station 1.: JR loop line “Morinomiya station” 5 minutes on foot Nearest station 2: 5-minute walk from Morinomiya Station on the Osaka Metro (subway) Chuo Line/Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line
-Organizer- Television Osaka/Yoshimoto Kogyo/Take One
-Planning and Production- Television Osaka/Yoshimoto Kogyo/Take One/Greens Corporation
-Cooperation- Greens Corporation
-Event HP-
-Program official website- -Instagram-
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