UBsecure UBsecure Signs Distributor Agreements with Rapid7 LLC and Rapid7 International to Strengthen Strategic Partnerships

Ubisecure Signs Distributor Agreements with Rapid7 LLC and Rapid7 International to Strengthen Strategic Partnership

UBSecure Inc. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoko Matsuda; hereinafter “UBSecure”), Rapid7 LLC, and Rapid7 International (hereinafter “Rapid7”) signed a Distributor Agreement to manage vulnerability risks, We are pleased to announce that we have strengthened our strategic partnership to expand the deployment in Japan of Rapid7 products and services that support the implementation of effective security measures.
In recent years, as the attack surface (attack surface) has increased and expanded at an accelerated pace due to the digitization of companies, an increasing number of companies are promoting the in-house production of security measures. Since its establishment in 2007, Ubisecure has been committed to the democratization of security, “Security belongs to everyone.”
Through the conclusion of this agreement, we will combine Rapid7’s products and services with Ubisecure’s expertise in building security systems and in-house production support to provide a world-class security system that meets the needs of our customers. We will realize the goal of “enjoying security together and making it easier for those who take on challenges.”
-Summary of Services Provided-
Under the Distributor Agreement with Rapid7, Ubisecure will
sequentially provide the following services for Rapid7 product services through partner companies in Japan.
Provision of Rapid7 products and services
Professional service
Operation support
Training (for resellers, for customers)
Japanese language support
Pre/post-sales support
Product details:
-About Rapid7-
Rapid7 is the leader in information security risk management. Since its founding in 2000, it has provided products focused on network and device vulnerabilities, and in 2009 acquired the Metasploit Project and shipped a commercial version of its penetration testing product as Metasploit Pro. We are one of the few security solution vendors to provide solutions that focus on your security operations, including prevention, proactive detection, detection, response and risk management. Since 2017, we have been progressively making each product compatible with the Insight Platform (cloud) and continuing to strengthen our risk management and analysis functions. It has been used by over 10,000 companies worldwide and over 300 companies in Japan (as of October 2022).
-Endorsements regarding this release-
Rapid Seven Japan Co., Ltd. President Kyosuke Morishita
Compared to Western countries, Japan tends to lag behind in
vulnerability countermeasures, and the reality is that many companies suffer damage even if they are hit by the same attack. The reason is not only the lack of implementation of vulnerability countermeasures, but even if some kind of solution is introduced, it is partially introduced, so to speak, “hiding the head and not hiding the bottom”. This is because the response-confirmation operation is not working. In order to implement countermeasures most effectively, it is important to have the knowledge of a security vendor that assumes operation, close cooperation with manufacturers, and a sense of cooperation with customers.
This is the significance of concluding a Distributor Agreement with Ubisecure. Ubisecure Co., Ltd. President Yoko Matsuda
By signing a distributor agreement with Rapid7, a world leader in vulnerability and threat information management, we will be able to utilize Rapid7’s diverse product lineup based on our knowledge as security experts. We are confident that this will enable us to build an effective security countermeasure infrastructure and system, and further promote the maintenance and improvement of security by our customers. Don’t stop with just introducing a solution. We aim to build a professional-quality security infrastructure at many domestic companies.
-Rapid7 Japan Corporation (Rapid Seven Japan Co., Ltd.)-
Company name: Rapid Seven Japan Co., Ltd.
Details about this release:


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