ume, yamazoe × No Code owner chef Fumio Yonezawa Held a charity event to enjoy seasonal delicacies

Umemori Honten Co., Ltd.
ume, yamazoe × No Code owner chef Fumio Yonezawa Held a charity event to enjoy seasonal delicacies
Donations and crowdfunding started to expand “HAJIMARI”, an
accommodation invitation for people with disabilities and illnesses
ume,yamazoe (452, Katahira, Yamazoe-mura, Yamabe-gun, Nara Prefecture; representative: Shiho Umemori) will start fundraising for the operation of “HAJIMARI,” an invitation day for people with
disabilities and illnesses from January 18, 2023. Procurement) We will start two projects.
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[Fundraising Project (1)] Charity Event with ume,yamazoe and Chef Fumio Yonezawa ◼︎Event overview
Event name: ume, yamazoe × Chef Fumio Yonezawa Charity event to enjoy seasonal delicacies
Venue: ume, yamazoe
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Photo by Kiyoshi Nishioka
At hotel ume, yamazoe, you can spend a relaxing time while feeling close to the rich nature of the four seasons of satoyama. A special event will be held with Mr. Fumio Yonezawa, who has made a name for himself as the head chef at many first-class restaurants, as a guest chef.
We have prepared a special menu for this day only, using plenty of delicious ingredients unique to Yamazoe Village. Please enjoy a moment where you can feel the seasons and the richness of nature with your five senses.

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Event A: Special dinner and accommodation with seasonal vegetables from the village
Date: February 12, 2023 (Sunday) 15:00 check-in to February 13 (Monday) 10:30 check-out 2 days and 1 night
Capacity: 2 groups maximum 10 people
Participation fee: 65,000 yen per person (tax included)
What is included in the event: Chef Yonezawa Presents Dinner with seasonal delicacies / Breakfast / Reservable sauna (starry sky sauna or Asahi sauna) / Accommodation at ume, yamazoe / Petit gifts, etc. [Image 4

Photo by Kiyoshi Nishioka
Event B: Special lunch and tea time with seasonal vegetables from the village Date: February 13 (Mon) 11:30-14:30
Capacity: 8 people
Participation fee: 35,000 yen per person (tax included)
Included in the event: Chef Yonezawa Presents Chef Yonezawa’s lunch course with seasonal delicacies / Petit gifts, etc.
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Photo by Kiyoshi Nishioka
*Amounts excluding the cost of running events A and B will be donated to the HAJIMARI Fund, which will be used as operating funds for the 2023 free accommodation invitation “HAJIMARI” for people with disabilities and illnesses.
*Participation fee does not include drink fee. We will also donate the money for drinks on the day to the HAJIMARI fund at the same event. * For details, please refer to the bottom of the page “Background of implementing the fundraising project” and “Reception method and other detailed information”
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◼︎Guest Chef
Mr. Fumio Yonezawa, No Code, a completely referral-only restaurant Born in Tokyo in 1980. After working at a restaurant in Tokyo, he moved to New York alone in 2002 and became the first Japanese sous chef at the high-end French restaurant Jean-Georges, which has been awarded three stars every year. After returning to Japan, he worked as an executive chef at a famous restaurant in Japan, and since 2014 he has been the chef de cuisine of Jean-Georges Tokyo. From September 2018, head chef of Aoyama “THE BURN”. From 2022, “No Code” will be established. Regardless of genre, such as publishing books and collaborating with companies, he participates in various initiatives and is expanding his playing field.

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Photo by Itsumi Okayasu
[Fundraising Project (2)] Start donations and crowdfunding to the HAJIMARI Foundation
Voluntary organization HAJIMARI will start accepting donations and crowdfunding from January 18, 2023.
The donations received from all of you, excluding necessary expenses, will be used as operating funds for the free accommodation invitation “HAJIMARI” for people with disabilities and illnesses in 2023. For the background to the recruitment and the details of HAJIMARI, we would appreciate it if you could also check the “Background of implementing the fundraising project” below.
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Photo by Itsumi Okayasu
Donation name: HAJIMARI Fund
Donation reception site: Reception period: 2023/1/18-2023/3/31
How the donation will be used: Used as operating funds for free accommodation invitations “HAJIMARI” for people with disabilities and illnesses
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Photo by Kiyoshi Nishioka
Background of the fundraising project
Comment from Shiho Umemori, representative of ume,yamazoe
ume, yamazoe is a hotel limited to 3 groups in Yamazoe Village, Nara Prefecture, which opened in March 2020.
In order to further shape the idea of ​​“creating a place where ‘all kinds of people’ can be calm and kind, regardless of disability, illness, gender, religion, or age,’ which was upheld at the time of opening, last year, “HAJIMARI”, an accommodation invitation day for those who have and their loved ones, has started.
▼Free accommodation invitation “HAJIMARI” details
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Photo by Itsumi Okayasu
In 2022, HAJIMARI welcomed 11 families of 48 people.
Many families are traveling for the first time, and seeing how happy they are, I am convinced that such places and times are very much needed and absolutely necessary in “people’s lives.” Did.
On the other hand, while listening to the story, I was keenly aware that there are still few leisure options for people with disabilities and illnesses.
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Photo by Itsumi Okayasu
I want more people to be happy.
I want to make travel and leisure a natural option, even if I have a disability or illness.
It was an initiative that we started with what we could do, but we started to want to aim for a bigger goal, like creating a culture. I realized that in order to make a larger circle, it was necessary to expand the acceptance facilities and create a system. Therefore, in order to build a more stable operating foundation, we decided to establish an operating organization and conduct fundraising. [Image 12

Photo by Itsumi Okayasu
First, we separated the organization from ume, and established a voluntary organization, HAJIMARI (we are considering becoming an incorporated association as soon as preparations are complete). ▼Details about the voluntary organization HAJIMARI
official page
Instagram account
In addition to compiling the information necessary for basic operations, such as consolidating the necessary hardware and software knowledge for welcoming people with disabilities and illnesses, it is also necessary for continuing to work stably. We aim to secure financial resources.
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Photo by Itsumi Okayasu
The charity event and crowdfunding that we will be announcing this time is exactly the first challenge to secure financial resources. It is an action that creates a new group and goes a little beyond the management activities of one inn.
I am also very nervous because there are many things that I am doing for the first time.
I hope that this activity, which has continued to move even if it is small, will someday become the origin of a big swell.
If you are interested, I would be happy if you could cooperate. [ume,yamazoe x Chef Fumio Yonezawa Charity event to enjoy seasonal delicacies] Reception method and other detailed information
◼︎Reception method
Accept from the application form below
As for the room, we will guide you to a private room (Mebuki or Tsumugi). *Click here for details about the room
◼︎Other inquiries about this event
If you have any other concerns or inquiries, please contact us via LINE account or Instagram DM with the description “ume, yamazoe x Chef Fumio Yonezawa Charity event to enjoy seasonal delicacies”
LINE *Please send a message after registering as a friend
instagram *Please send a message via DM
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