Unifa Strong support for the first step toward ICT utilization for Rukmy contract gardens. Held “One Step to the Future Seminar” for the new fiscal year

Strong support for the first step toward ICT utilization for Rukmy contract gardens. Held “One Step to the Future Seminar” for the new fiscal year
-February 21 (Tue), 22 (Wed), 24 (Fri), 2023-

Unifa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasuyuki Toki, hereinafter “Unifa”), which solves social issues related to childcare and child-rearing with the power of technology, provides a
comprehensive ICT service for childcare facilities, “Lukumi”. , We will hold a “One Step to the Future Seminar” to strongly support the use of ICT at childcare sites for the new fiscal year for contracted nurseries.
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■ About “One Step to the Future Seminar”
While it is understood that the use of ICT in childcare settings not only reduces the burden of recording work, but also has multiple benefits such as the emergence of conversations between childcare workers and communication with parents, according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare , the utilization rate in childcare sites is only about 50% * 1, and it is difficult to say that it is still widely used.
Therefore, before the new fiscal year that starts in April, “Lukumi”, a comprehensive ICT service for childcare facilities, will contribute to securing and improving the quality of childcare through the use of ICT. We will be holding a “one step to the future seminar” for the target. The seminar is scheduled to last for three days. In addition to a lecture by Dr. Hirotomo Omeikuta, a leading Japanese early childhood education specialist, there will also be useful content for teachers who use Lukumi in the field according to actual use cases and concerns. has become
*1 “Survey and research on reducing the burden on nursery teachers” (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: March 2020)
・ Date and time: February 21 (Tue), 22 (Wed), 24 (Fri), 2023 ・Form/Cost: Online/Free
■ Rukumi’s efforts to accompany “utilization”
We believe that the purpose of “Lukmi” is not to introduce ICT, but to help improve the work of childcare sites and secure and improve the quality of childcare through its use. For this reason, Lucmy shares the purpose and image of the introduction, and after formulating the introduction plan, we provide step-by-step introduction support, and as a follow-up after the introduction, we review the usage situation and provide advice for further utilization. .
In addition, as a benefit limited to contracted nurseries, the online community “Lukmi Room” is open to the public, where you can view videos on how to use Rukmi, know-how on how to use Rukmi at nurseries, and online training content that can also be used for in-park training.
・Childcare Comprehensive ICT/Training Service “Lookmee”: https://lookmee.jp/ ■ About Unifa
Unifa is a startup in the “Childcare-Tech” area that aims to solve social issues related to childcare and childcare. With the purpose of “creating a new social infrastructure that creates happiness for families around the world”, we are developing and providing “Lukumi”, a childcare support service that utilizes IoT and AI. Through the “smart nursery school, smart kindergarten, smart children’s center” concept, we are contributing to the creation of a prosperous society where it is easy to work while raising children. “Smart Nursery School” won the 2021 Good Design Best 100 and the special award Good Focus Award -New Business Design-. Received the Advanced Technology Award in the social industry-specific ASP/SaaS category of the Cloud Awards 2021. In addition, “Unifa” was selected as the first champion of the Startup World Cup in 2017, was selected as a J-Startup in 2021, and received the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General’s Award at the Japan Venture Awards in 2022.
[Image 2d31858-81-9e3bc2cbecd5d54b5de1-1.png&s3=31858-81-2d5cba683796a825f632addb201b9b0a-1111x210.png
■ Company Profile
・ Company name: Unifa Co., Ltd.
・Representative Director and CEO: Yasuyuki Toki
・Established: 2013
・Location: Sumitomo Realty & Development Chiyoda Fujimi Building 2F, 1-8-19 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
·Business summary:
Planning, development, sales, and operation of the “Lukumi” series of childcare support services. Development and promotion of “smart nursery schools, smart kindergartens, and smart children’s centers.” ・ Company URL: https://unifa-e.com/

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