Uniho Co., Ltd. New information Meito-ku, Kamisha <25 houses in total> Newly built condominium “Uniroyal K amisha” model room open!

Uniho Co., Ltd.
[New Information] Meito Ward, Kamisha – All 25 houses – New
condominium “Uniroyal Kamisha” model room open!

A newly built condominium “Uniroyal Kamisha” is born in Meito Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture!
Prior to the start of sales, the model room in the building will be grandly opened from 1/21 (Sat).
An 11-minute walk from Kamisha Station on the subway Higashiyama Line, which is directly connected to Sakae and Mei Station. There are elementary and junior high schools within a 10-minute walk, making it easy to commute to work and school, making it a comfortable
environment for those raising children. In addition to convenient living facilities, it is a green area where you can feel close to nature.
In the model room, you can see the actual specifications and equipment, and you can have an image of living in it. Would you like to start a bright and carefree life at Kamisha where you can feel safe and comfortable?
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Feeling of openness of Minamidare
All residences are facing south, sunny and nice view, south drooping land. You can enjoy a comfortable life in a well-ventilated and open environment while feeling a sense of openness.
In addition to supermarkets, convenience facilities such as drug stores, convenience stores, and medical facilities are available nearby. The fact that there are schools such as elementary and junior high schools within 10 minutes is one of the great attractions for the child-rearing generation.
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stress-free access
Subway Higashiyama Line “Kamisha” station is directly connected to Sakae and Mei Station, which is convenient for commuting to work, school, and shopping.
It is also attractive that you can easily enjoy shopping on the weekends, as well as stress-free transportation when commuting to work or school.
In addition, the smooth use of the Nagoya Expressway and National Route 302 makes commuting outside the city and out of the prefecture comfortable and leisure. It is also recommended to go for a drive with your family on weekends.
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[For those who wish to visit] Free admission
Property name: Uniroyal Kamisha
Model room opening: Saturday, January 21, 2023, from 10:00
Place: 2-103-1, 103-2, 103-3 Shaguchi, Meito-ku, Nagoya City Subway Higashiyama Line Kamisha Station 11 minutes on foot
Business Owner: Uniho Co., Ltd.
[Click here for tour reservations and inquiries] *Reservations are required for tours
◆ Uniho Co., Ltd. “Uniroyal Kamisha” sales preparation room
Person in charge: Atsushi Tokita
Phone: 0120-13-7755
Reservation: https://uniroyal.jp/kamiyashiro/reservation/

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