UNITED ARROWS Co., Ltd. UNITED ARROWS × popular brand collaboration “Shirts Bar” 6 UA standard items “shirts and blouses” are now available

United Arrows Co., Ltd.
UNITED ARROWS × popular brand collaboration “Shirts Bar” 6 UA standard items “shirts and blouses” are now available
Part of the sales of “united LOVE project 2023” will go to support activities in the event of a natural disaster, etc.

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UNITED ARROWS Co., Ltd. (Representative Director, President and CEO: Yoshinori Matsuzaki, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has announced that as part of its sustainability activity “SARROWS” (*), “UNITED ARROWS” will conduct various activities both in Japan and overseas. We will carry out a charity project “united LOVE project” in
collaboration with a brand.
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This project started in 2010 and is now in its 13th year. It is a project that we are working on every year, cherishing the feeling of “enjoying fashion while doing charity” since that time. For the spring/summer 2023 season, we will focus on “shirts and blouses”, which are indispensable items for customers who patronize UNITED ARROWS on a daily basis. Under the theme of “Shirts Bar”, we will develop products in collaboration with six brands: “BATONER”, “Bourrienne Paris X”, “Chika Kisada”, “dahl’ia”, “INDIVIDUALIZED SHIRTS”, and “UNION LAUNCH”.
Prior to general sales (planned) from February 3 (Friday), pre-orders will begin on UA ​​Online from January 13 (Friday).
Part of the product sales (500 yen per item) will be donated to the disaster emergency support project “Flying Search and Medical Team “ARROWS”” run by the authorized NPO Peace Winds Japan, and will be used in the event of a natural disaster in Japan. It will be used for support activities in
Product Details
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Batner is a factory brand that has worked on knit products for various maison brands and apparel manufacturers. The sheer shirt is made of knit material, making it an item that is easy for adults to use. In order to maintain the fluffy shape, we used a blend of polyester and ramie threads, and gave it a collar band like a fabric shirt, and tucked the cuffs for a three-dimensional effect.
Price: 29,700 yen
-Bourrienne Paris X-
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Brienne is a Parisian shirt specialty brand that makes the most of traditional details. Delicate embroidery is applied to the base of the masculine stand collar shirt. “AMOUR” is written on the back of the right cuff, and an elegant “bird” is drawn on the front. It is the first place that the love of the designer is felt.
Price: 52,800 yen
< Chika Kisada-
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Chikakisada is a brand that uses tulle as a designer who studied classical ballet. Based on the layered shirt that was popular in the previous season, we have updated it to make it easy to incorporate into your daily life. Sax blue, which is not available in the brand, is also a special color for UA.
Price: 44,000 yen
– dahl’ia (dahlia) –
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Dahlia, which started in 2001, is a brand characterized by an exquisite mix of designs and balances created by two Japanese designers. Based on the vintage children’s clothes stocked by the designer, we created a frilly blouse that can be worn in a tunic length. The front has a fine frill line and an emblem that feels like a military element. It has a three-dimensional form with a large tuck from a high position on the back.
Price: 31,900 yen
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Individualized shirts have a long history as custom-made shirts in the United States. It is moderately oversized, with the image of a relaxed feeling when a woman wears a men’s shirt. The clean stand collar and masculine blue check will give you a refreshing look for the spring and summer seasons.
Price: 33,000 yen
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Union Ranch is a brand that started in Japan in 2016 with the inheritance of craftsmen’s sewing techniques. I ordered a standard dolman sleeve shirt made of sturdy linen material. The lace collar can be removed, so you can wear it simply.
Price: 36,300 yen
*All prices include tax
■ Release date: February 3, 2023 (Friday)
■ Available stores:
The following United Arrows stores:
Harajuku Main Store / Shibuya Scramble Square Store / Shibuya Thinks Women’s Store / Atré Ebisu Women’s Store / Yurakucho Store / Marunouchi Store / Nihonbashi Store / Roppongi Hills Store / Shinjuku Store / Daimaru Tokyo Women’s Store / Ikebukuro Store / Ikebukuro Women’s Store / Kitasenju Women’s Store / Futako Tamagawa Store / Kashiwa Store / Yokohama Store / Sogo Yokohama Women’s Store / Tachikawa Store / Omiya Store / Daimaru Kobe Women’s Store / Kobe Sannomiya Store / Shinsaibashi Store / LUCUA Osaka Women’s Store / Namba Store / Kyoto Store / Sapporo Store / Asahikawa Store / Sendai Store / Niigata Store / Kanazawa Store / Nagoya Store / Nagoya Station Store / Hiroshima Store / Fukuoka Store / Oita Store / Kumamoto Store / UNITED ARROWS ONLINE
■ URL:
United Arrows Online Reservation Page
https://store.united-arrows.co.jp/s/brand/ua/feature/fu202200302/ (*) About “SARROWS”
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“SARROWS” is the slogan for the sustainability activities of UNITED ARROWS LTD. It is a coined word that combines the “S” of
“Sustainability” and the “A” of “ARROWS.”
In April 2020, we established five themes and 16 materialities (important issues) as guidelines for promoting sustainability. Furthermore, in August 2022, three activity goals for 2030:
“Circularity”, “Carbon Neutrality”, and “Humanity”. We set numerical targets linked to these three categories. Aiming to achieve these goals, we will promote specific initiatives and actively disseminate information on our progress.
About United Arrows
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One of the brands developed by United Arrows Co., Ltd. A select shop that proposes a dress-based lifestyle for adults with the keyword “richness and high quality”. With a traditional mind that fuses Japanese and Western cultures and traditions, we offer carefully selected products and originals from all over the world in a comfortable space through high-quality customer service.
About United Arrows Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 1989. We operate a select shop that mixes and sells products such as designer brands procured from Japan and overseas with a unique sense, as well as original men’s and women’s clothing and miscellaneous goods. Developed brands and labels such as UNITED ARROWS, BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS, and UNITED ARROWS GREEN LABEL RELAXING.
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