Universal Music LLC The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger open TikTok official accounts!

Universal Music LLC
The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger open official TikTok accounts!
Universal Music LLC (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Takashi Fujikura / hereinafter referred to as Universal Music) announced that The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger have opened official TikTok accounts. It will be announced. [Image

The Rolling Stones, a world-famous band that is still actively touring the world, has opened an official TikTok account.
In addition, over 270 songs covering the band’s 60-year career have been released on TikTok, and their songs such as “Start Me Up”, “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll”, and “Miss You” have been released. It will be possible to create cover and remix videos using hit songs.
In addition, frontman Mick Jagger also opened a personal account, following the band’s guitarist Keith Richards, who had already opened a personal account.
There are so many requests for The Rolling Stones songs from the TikTok community, and videos with the hashtags “#TheRollingStones” and “#RollingStones” have been posted before the band’s official TikTok account was created, and the number of views has increased. Together, they have over 5 million views.
Creators pay tribute to the band’s dedication to the music industry with instrumental covers, ‘finish the lyric’ challenges, and Keith Richards. [Keith Richard appreciation posts], Mick Jagger singing impressions [Mick Jagger singing impressions], etc.
The band’s official account has already posted its first TikTok videos, including rare archive footage of The Rolling Stones, and will continue to feature behind-the-scenes looks at live shows, studio recordings, and other exclusive content. will be posted.
The Rolling Stones TikTok Account
Mick Jagger TikTok Account
・Click here to download TikTok
iOS https://apps.apple.com/MY/app/id1235601864?mt=8
Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ss.android.ugc.trill Amazon https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07KR1RJL2/
・About The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones are a rock band formed in London in 1962. Debuted in 1963 with the single “Come On”. To date, he has released 30 studio albums, 12 live albums, and over 120 singles, with 13 topping the UK album charts. According to OfficialCharts.com, which manages the UK chart, The Rolling Stones are the 4th best-selling group of all time, and 2nd in the 2019 US Billboard magazine’s “Greatest of All Time Artists” list. are doing.
The band has captivated fans around the world, especially with its live performances, and has performed more than 2,000 concerts to date, setting the Guinness World Records for the most successful concert tour in 2007. . In February 1990, they performed in Japan for the first time, performing 10 performances at the Tokyo Dome. Pollstar, a live trade magazine, has announced that The Rolling Stones are “the highest-grossing music touring band of 2021.”

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