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Uniwork Co., Ltd.
The current problem is not the lack of labor, but the difficulty of attracting customers.
Conducted a survey of 408 small-scale restaurants on recruitment issues and announced the survey results

Even before the spread of the new coronavirus, the shortage of workers was in a critical state as a management issue for restaurants. As restrictions on movement settle down and restaurants begin to restart, it is said that changes in the business model itself, such as delivery and DX, will be necessary, and labor shortages may become an increasingly important issue. A restaurant help team
(https://inshoku-otasuke.jp/) operated by Uniwork Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Kensuke Hosomi)” is for 408 small restaurants nationwide. We conducted a questionnaire on recruitment issues.
14% of restaurants are hiring even though one-third are
understaffed.There are also calls for personnel for new initiatives such as with COVID-19
When asked whether small-scale restaurants with 10 or fewer employees are currently understaffed (Q1), 38.5% answered that they were understaffed.
Next, when asked if they were recruiting (Q2), 14.0% answered that they were. It is conceivable that even restaurants with a shortage of workers may be reluctant to hire new workers for fear of increasing labor costs. Furthermore, when asked what kind of staff they would like to have (Q3), 77.9% answered customer service, followed by cooking at 25.7%. In terms of working hours, the number of requests for short-time part-time jobs of less than 10 hours per week was the highest (Q4). It can be imagined that they want to make up for the lack of manpower during busy hours, but free answers to other answers included “delivery staff” and “financing”, and there were calls for staff for new initiatives.
[Image 1d47493-13-1fb826db084653ed0402-0.png&s3=47493-13-717326cccd707e55f638169f5385ed83-464x331.png
(Q1) Is your shop currently understaffed? Please answer the situation. (n=408)
[Image 2d47493-13-b24bd332632d29594699-1.png&s3=47493-13-3f111236a9424f886b88095726b39238-463x378.png
(Q2) Are you currently recruiting?
[Image 3d47493-13-3e4da4d582a39dd1005f-2.png&s3=47493-13-dd832c32630ddbe1ac28a51a918f5e6c-550x326.png
(Q3) What kind of work do you need manpower for? Please answer all. If you have enough, please answer assuming that you are hiring. (n=408)
[Image 4d47493-13-b94690abc36b28a96e79-3.png&s3=47493-13-bacfbde710f443285c95e180ef541605-653x508.png
(Q4) What kind of manpower is required? Please answer all. If you have enough, please answer assuming that you are hiring.
84% of job applicants responded that there were “few” applications, and the fundamental “attractiveness of the store” needed to be reviewed
When asked about the status of job applications (Q5), 84% answered that there were few. It turned out that it is difficult to acquire human resources for small restaurants.
The top reason for the low number of applications (Q6) was “regional issues (46%).” This was followed by “work environment, working hours (30%),” “salary, hourly wage (26%),” and “attractiveness of shop/work (21%).” Next, when asked about measures to increase the number of job applications (Q7), “Increasing salaries and hourly wages” topped the list at 56.1%. This was followed by 34.8% who answered, “Improve the attractiveness of the shop and work.”
Regional issues can be imagined as both the difficulty of areas with few young people and the fierce competition to acquire human resources due to the large number of jobs available in Tokyo and other urban areas. Regarding “working environment, working hours” and “salary, hourly wage”, it can be imagined that it is disadvantageous compared to other employment opportunities due to the working environment of restaurants and low profit margins. “Attractiveness of shops and work content” is a necessary factor in attracting customers in the Internet age, and it is necessary to consider a fundamental review of business models, not superficial ones. Under the movement restrictions of the new corona, the national and local governments are promoting the conversion of business models using subsidy systems such as business restructuring subsidies, and we would like to make good use of these. [Image 5d47493-13-13e891e538f96ab457cc-4.png&s3=47493-13-91023e312a2fd25a0b0070b60e8469d4-508x327.png
(Q5) What is the status of job applications? ?
[Image 6d47493-13-f74e738db3d7663fe120-5.png&s3=47493-13-a43f08f0a48722b3fabe9e85e08bd7b1-514x436.png
(Q6) What do you think is the reason for the low number of job applications? Please answer all of the following. (n=57)
[Image 7d47493-13-3f678ff1fba9dc8102a1-6.png&s3=47493-13-089340a426a9a7fac593975b26064395-517x410.png
(Q7) Please answer up to two things that you think are effective measures to increase the number of job applications.
“Introduction by acquaintances” is the most popular recruiting media, and the Internet tends to be neglected.It is important to
differentiate the job seekers so that they can understand the attractiveness when they look at the Internet.
When asked about the most effective recruiting media (Q8), 56.4% answered that they were introduced by acquaintances, indicating that website-based recruiting is less effective. However, in this day and age, job seekers always look at websites and word of mouth on the Internet from a consumer’s point of view. That’s why it’s essential to be able to convey the appeal of your company’s information on the Internet.
[Image 8d47493-13-aefd702f092c4b03bf71-7.png&s3=47493-13-4297d5f89ce4b8097362fdde5165a9e7-586x381.png
(Q8) Please answer up to two things that you think are highly effective as recruitment media.
Lack of customer attraction and difficulty in recruiting are fundamentally caused by a lack of differentiation.
Internet media tends to be neglected in restaurant recruitment, but job seekers are always looking at the Internet. It is important to be attractive on the Internet.
◆Survey overview
Survey target: Those who meet all of the following conditions      ・People with decision-making authority, such as restaurant owners or store managers
    · 1 store management
     ・No more than 10 employees
Survey period: November 17-21, 2022
Survey method: Internet survey
Number of valid responses: 408
Respondent attributes:
・Cafe, coffee shop, sweets shop: 10.5%
・Hokkaido restaurants: 17.6% (e.g. set meal restaurants, udon restaurants, ramen restaurants, etc.)
・Food and liquor stores: 46.6% (e.g. Italian bars, izakayas, etc.) ・Liquor-focused stores*: 25.2% (e.g. bars, snacks, etc.)
・20-29 years old: 0.5%
・30-39 years old: 4.7%
・40-49 years old: 23.5%
・50-59 years old: 38.5%
・60-69 years old: 27.0%
・70-79 years old: 5.9%
◆ About Uniwork Co., Ltd.
As a parent company, we sell and process uniforms for restaurants. We specialize in custom processing that expresses the uniqueness of the store. Utilizing the track record of “knowing the goodness of the store and shaping it” and the strength of operating the EC site for many years and being “strong in the Internet”, we have a new service “Restaurant Help Team (https:// inshoku-otasuke.jp/) will be launched on December 22, 2022. Based on the survey analysis, we will clarify the “strengths and characteristics of the store”, attract customers online, recruit, and improve the store design. at the management level.
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Uniwork Co., Ltd.
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Contact address: info@inshoku-otasuke.jp

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