Uridoki Co., Ltd. 2022 Yen depreciation, corona disaster, etc. Impact on various products based on purchase trends

Uridoki Co., Ltd.
[2022] Yen depreciation, COVID-19 pandemic, etc. Impact on various products based on purchase trends

In 2022, there were many uncertain news such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sixth wave of the new coronavirus. In daily life, many commodities have been raised in price.
Therefore, Uridoki Co., Ltd. (location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasuo Kogure), which operates the C2B purchase platform “Uridoki”
(https://uridoki.net/), has announced that it will continue to operate in 2022 based on its own purchase information. We consider the trends and the reasons why the purchase amount rose and fell for each product in 2018. From there, I predicted how the purchase price will change in 2023.
-Survey method-
Calculated based on own purchase data
1. Target product
2. An event in 2022 that seems to have affected the purchase of the target product
3. How did purchases in 2022 change as a result of 2?
4. How will things change in 2023?
[Watch] Prices are on a downward trend due to the recession of the Chinese economy
1. Eligible products
2. Events that seem to have affected the purchase of Rolex
[Image 1

・Increase selling price (January, September)
・Rising raw materials such as gold and stainless copper plates, and transportation costs
-Prices are starting to fall due to China’s recession
·weaker yen
3. Results
It is thought that the purchase price rose due to the increase in the sales price in January.
Regarding the decline in the second half of the year, we sold Rolex owned by the wealthy due to the economic recession in China. In the Chinese market, Rolex inventory is surplus, and it seems that prices are no longer as high as before.
4. How will things change in 2023?
In the case of watches, the inbound effect due to the weaker yen is weak, and the shrinking market in China is also affecting the purchase price.
[Bags] Purchase price is on the decline, but recovery due to yen depreciation 1. Eligible products
Louis Vuitton
2. Events that seem to have affected the purchase of Louis Vuitton [Image 2

Raise sales price (February)
Soaring raw materials such as gold and stainless copper plates, as well as transportation costs
China’s recession is starting to push prices down
weaker yen
3. Results
In February 2022, the price of some bags will be raised. I think that’s why the price went up a little. On the other hand, like watches, demand in the Chinese market declined due to the recession of the Chinese economy. The purchase price has also fallen in Japan. However, due to the depreciation of the yen, the purchase price tends to rise. 4. How will things change in 2023?
Demand in the Chinese market continues to decline, so the purchase price is lower than before. As such, the market is expected to stabilize.
[Friday] Market price soars due to social unrest
1. Eligible products
2. Events that may have affected the gold market
[Image 3

New coronavirus 6th wave (January)
Russian invasion of Ukraine (February)
worldwide inflation
3. Results
The price of gold, a safe-haven asset, soared after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, the inflow of funds from general consumers that had been accumulated during the shortage of supplies and the corona crisis accelerated inflation, which is also one of the factors behind the surge.
In Japan, the depreciation of the yen has kept the price of gold, which is traded in dollars, at a high level without declining. 4. How will things change in 2023?
Gold prices are likely to remain high as social unrest, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is likely to continue.
[Trading cards] Market expansion due to the entry of new card games 1. Eligible products
Pokemon card, Yu-Gi-Oh card, One Piece card
2. Events that seem to have affected trading card purchases
[Image 4d15081-61-17f0f2fcd2a3d43fa49a-3.png&s3=15081-61-91043e47ee86382827496489b4b750b4-512x341.png
Yu-Gi-Oh “Special Pack HISTORY ARCHIVE COLLECTION Collection” released (February)
ONE PIECE card game released (July)
3. Results
In February 2022, the “Yu-Gi-Oh Special Pack HISTORY ARCHIVE COLLECTION Collection”, which collects cards that are popular in the original and strong in battle, was released. It is thought that the purchase price of trading cards has also risen, partly because there is no basic resale.
In July of the same year, sales of the “ONE PIECE Card Game” began. It is thought that one of the reasons for the rise in the purchase price after the summer is that it has been purchased at a high price since its release and is gaining popularity.
4. How will things change in 2023?
As the trading card market continues to expand, the purchase price is expected to remain at a high level.

[Image 5d15081-61-7da57c92d003d85a2a49-5.png&s3=15081-61-f5b68d3888fdb9e10f035e58ef579f60-512x341.png
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(https://uridoki.net/others/kiji_225436/) as the source.
*The above link contains a complete version with additional data such as alcohol and smartphones.
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◼︎ Overview of the survey
Survey content: Calculate the monthly purchase amount of the corresponding product that was exhibited on Uridoki
Survey target: Items that were exhibited from January 1 to December 31, 2022 ◼︎Company profile
Company name: Uridoki Co., Ltd.
Location: 6F Tensho Suidobashi Building, 3-5-9 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061
Established: December 2014
Representative: Yasuo Kogure
URL: https://uridoki.co.jp/
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