V-Cook, which supports vegan lifestyles, raises 110 million yen. Strengthen product development/PB product development/support for vegan beginners to realize a Hello Vegan! society.

V-Cook Co., Ltd.
V-Cook, which supports vegan lifestyles, raises 110 million yen. Strengthen product development/PB product development/support for vegan beginners to realize a Hello Vegan! society.

Buicook Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Kobe, Representative Director: Hiiragi Kudo), which operates a vegan product specialty EC “Buicook Super”, has received support from Mr. Allen Miner, Hyogo Kobe Startup Fund, taliki Fund, and Japan Finance Corporation We raised a total of 110 million yen from Based on this funding, we will develop products, develop PB products, and support vegan beginners to realize a “Hello Vegan!” society.
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A vegan person starts a student business
V-Cook was founded in April 2020 by vegan CEO Hiiragi Kudo, who is a student. With the mission of “creating a “Hello Vegan!” I was. In 2019 (before its founding), the vegan recipe posting site “Buy Cook” was launched. has been repeated.
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Renewal to the retail model “Buoy Cook Super”
In September 2022, the “Buy Cook Mall” was renewed to the “Buy Cook Super” retail model that handles packaging and shipping, making it possible to purchase multiple vegan products in one stop, which has been well received by customers. I am receiving
With the renewal to “Buy Cook Super”, the average number of products purchased jumped 4.8 times from 2.8 items/order to 13.4 items/order, and the repeat rate increased to 31% four months after its release. I have.
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There are still a lot of challenges in vegan life
However, the challenges of vegan life in Japan are piling up. In addition to the “shopping” scene that we are working on at V-Cook Super, there are really various situations such as “cooking”, “eating out”, “traveling”, and “human relations”.
V-Cook solves all the problems of vegan life and realizes a “Hello Vegan!” society where everyone can choose vegan.
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Fundraising Background/Enhancement of Recruitment
The funds raised this time will be invested in the recruitment of occupations such as product development, UX designer, software engineer, etc. First of all, for the PMF of the vegan product EC “Buy Cook Super”, product development will be strengthened, PB product development / sales, vegan We will focus on three points of support for beginners.
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On the other hand, the company still faces many challenges.
There are 4 full-time members, especially 1 engineer and 0 designers, so there is a problem with development speed. In addition, there is no member with a product development background when focusing on private brand product development.
On top of that, I have repeatedly learned and practiced, and I have come this far with the support of the members involved in outsourcing. We are looking for people to join us in creating products that support vegan lifestyles and to lead the industry. If you are even a little bit interested, I would appreciate it if you could talk to me once. Please take a look at our careers information.
3 consecutive online events “Buy Cook Talk” to know the real working in the vegan industry
With the themes such as “How to use 110 million yen in funding,” “Why I changed jobs to the vegan industry,” and “Behind the scenes of product development,” 3 consecutive online events “Buick Talk” where you can listen to real work in the vegan industry that can only be heard here. It will be held.
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Vol.1 “Why did you change jobs to the vegan industry? vol2”
Date: 2/1 (Wed) 19:00-20:30
Details: https://vcooktalk.connpass.com/event/273039/
Application: https://forms.gle/8okBm2ATcrcaWw8M7
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Part 2 “Behind the scenes and future of vegan startup development” Date: 2/6 (Mon) 19:00-20:30
Details: https://vcooktalk.connpass.com/event/273041/
Application: https://forms.gle/nbE1d55WRr91xSuh9
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Part 3 “How to use the 110 million yen raised.
Date: 2/8 (Wed) 19:00-20:30
Details: https://vcooktalk.connpass.com/event/272996/
Application: https://forms.gle/5zb6TgdqVehnNgAq7
Comments from each investor
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Mr. Allen Miner (CEO, Sunbridge Group)
While eating out at a vegan restaurant with my daughter who started ethical vegan about 10 years ago, I learned that it was really delicious, and later discovered the benefits of adopting a vegan diet from a health perspective.
The vegan market in the United States is growing from the perspective of ethics, the environment, and health, and this trend will continue to grow as a lifestyle in Japan.
In the midst of this, we already have a unique product called V-Cook, a recipe sharing site, and I thought that we could definitely invest in V-Cook, which has the potential to become a leading company in this growing industry.
In the future, I hope that we will continue our commitment to the vegan community without losing sight of our vision and develop into a company that provides delicious vegan food not only to people in Japan but also to people around the world.
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Mr. Naotaka Hosono (BIG Impact Co., Ltd. CEO / Hyogo Kobe Startup Fund Representative Partner)
In recent years, due to environmental issues and heightened awareness of health, there have been major changes in lifestyles, especially among young people around the world. Especially in the field of food, the vegan and vegetarian fields are undergoing major changes and are viewed as future growth markets.
V-Cook is an ambitious startup aiming to become a platform in the same field, centered on a community centered on core users that have already been acquired in advance.
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Taga Nakamura (CEO of taliki Co., Ltd. / Partner of taliki Fund) While drawing up a big vision, at the foot of the foot, we are accumulating results every day by conducting precise and speedy hypothesis verification, and I myself am learning. I am very honored to be able to invest in this wonderful management team that creates a service that is loved and needed by many people. Let’s work together for world peace!
Yuha Yoshikawa appointed COO
Yuha Yoshikawa, who changed jobs in 2021 and has been responsible for the core of the business, including promoting the business conversion to “Buy Cook Super” and holding POPUPs in six locations throughout Japan, will be appointed as a new director. I am also a vegan party from the age of 7.
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Comment from COO Yuha Yoshikawa
I myself have been on a vegan diet since I was 7 years old, and have faced many challenges every day. I joined V-Cook because I really sympathize with the process of creating a “society where everyone can choose veganism” in response to the mountain of challenges. While the vegan industry is a field of growing interest both industrially and by the public, there are really many challenges for those who are interested in veganism to actually adopt and continue.
Even just one day of adopting a vegan lifestyle hits a wall, and if you think about it over several decades of life, such as travel and life events, there are a lot of challenges.
V-Cook not only increases interest in vegan life, but also solves all kinds of problems so that it can be easily practiced and continued from there.
We will continue to overcome barriers with the enthusiasm that only we can because we are the parties concerned, and we will realize it with a sense of speed. In the future, we will grow the product group, including PMF of V-Cook Super, to support as many vegan lifestyles as possible, and V-Cook members will work together to realize a “Hello Vegan!” society.
Together, we are looking for colleagues who will lead this growing vegan industry. Please feel free to contact us. We’ll be expecting you.
Comment from Hiiragi Kudo, CEO of V-Cook
[Image 13d56341-45-6174a8a71bd3f879d43c-4.png&s3=56341-45-fc498c51b648db1975c19aa559aba98f-1454x1152.png
I started my vegan life six years ago when I was in the third year of high school. Compared to then, the vegan industry has changed completely in the last few years. Major food manufacturers and restaurant chains are also working on vegan/plant-based products, and public recognition is spreading.
However, there are still a lot of challenges in vegan life. In addition to specific scenes such as cooking, shopping, and eating out, the problems extend to the entire lifestyle (life), such as family misunderstanding, criticism from colleagues, and weakened friendships. A lot of people are in trouble.
V-Cook supports vegan lifestyles through business activities. Aiming for a “Hello Vegan!” society where everyone can choose veganism, we will solve every problem.
I feel strongly that we will raise funds to support as many vegan lifestyles as possible as soon as possible, and that two people we respect will join us as new shareholders. In addition, Yuha Yoshikawa, who has been with us for four years, will join the management team as a director.
Taking today as a milestone, I will do my best to give children an impact that they can proudly say, “I have changed society.”
Finally, we are looking for people who will lead this growing industry by creating products that support vegan lifestyles together. Please feel free to contact us.
Vegan product specialty EC “Buy Cook Super”
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V-Cook Super is an online supermarket with over 300 vegan products such as alternative meats, frozen side dishes, breads, and sweets. Until now, vegan online shopping has been purchased on each EC site and shipping costs have been incurred, but since it can be purchased at one stop, it will be easier to incorporate more vegan products into your life.
V-Cook Super | https://vcooksuper.jp/
V-Cook Co., Ltd.
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In April 2020, representative Kudo Hiiragi started a student business as a startup that supports vegan lifestyles.
Aiming to realize a “Hello Vegan!”
Used by 200,000 total users/month and 150,000 Instagram followers. HP|https://vcook.co.jp
V-Cook Super | https://vcooksuper.jp/
Vook | https://vcook.jp
Recruitment information: https://doc.vcook.co.jp/recruit
Inquiries regarding coverage of this matter
V-Cook Co., Ltd. Representative Director Shu Kudo
Tokyo Branch (Warehouse and Office) TS Building Nakano 1F, 3-48-8 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0011
Kobe Head Office 7F Sannomiya Sky Building, 4-1-14 Isogamidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0086
HP: https://vcook.co.jp

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