Valentine’s day circulates happiness with ethical chocolate. Wellty x Tenmaya original eco package will be on sale at 5 Tenmaya stores from January 25 (Wednesday)

wellty limited liability company
Valentine’s day circulates happiness with ethical chocolate. Wellty x Tenmaya original eco package will be on sale at 5 Tenmaya stores from January 25 (Wednesday)
-Using “Hanasaku Washi”, a Japanese seed paper that blooms when buried in the soil-

Tenmaya Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama Prefecture) is a limited liability company wellty (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representatives: Chiharu Deki, Yuko Hirano, hereinafter referred to as “wellty”) that creates reward chocolate “wellty chocolate” that makes you beautiful. Kita Ward, hereinafter referred to as “Tenmaya”) and Japanese seed paper “Hanasaku Washi” made from waste paper to create Tenmaya original eco-packages, and from January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) Tenmaya Okayama Main Store and Tenmaya It will be released at 5 stores.
It is also available in limited quantities at the Tenmaya Net Shop, so people all over the country can pick it up.
[wellty chocolate page at Tenmaya Net Shop] [Image 1

Flowers bloom when planted in soil. wellty x Tenmaya Original Eco Package [Image 2

“wellty chocolate” is raw chocolate made with eco-friendly materials, with a focus on beauty and health. Regular packaging uses
FSC-certified paper that uses 70% recycled paper. We are also making efforts to solve environmental and social problems, such as donating 15 yen for each chocolate.
This time, as a Tenmaya limited product, the package of “wellty chocolate” is produced with Japanese seed paper “Hanasaku Washi” made from waste paper, and when buried in the soil, chamomile sprouts and flowers bloom, giving consideration to the environment. We have completed the original eco-package of the material.

 In recent years, we have had more opportunities to think about what we can do for a sustainable future, but we often hear from customers that they don’t know what to do. Therefore, we thought of a
Valentine’s plan so that customers can easily and enjoyably work towards a sustainable future. Then, by creating a package for chocolate that sprouts and blooms when buried in the soil, we thought that simply picking up chocolate would lead to initiatives for a sustainable future. . Furthermore, when I was looking for “ethical chocolate” to match the package, I sympathized with the brand concept of the chocolate brand “wellty chocolate” created by two
representatives from Okayama and Kagawa prefectures and efforts to solve environmental and social problems. , we decided to collaborate. We believe that through the sale of our original eco-packaged “wellty chocolate”, the circle of kindness will spread and circulate, leading to a “sustainable future.”

・Collaboration product: uruoi -honey-
・ Release date: January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) ~
・Price: 2,376 yen (tax included)
・Release locations: Tenmaya Okayama Main Store, Tenmaya Tsuyama Store, Tenmaya Kurashiki Store, Tenmaya Fukuyama Store, Yonago Shinmachi Tenmaya
・ Online shop: * At the 5 stores where the sale is located, 4 types of wellty chocolate in regular packages (FSC certified paper using 70% recycled paper), including the original eco-package “uruoi -honey” (“nagomi -CBD-” and “kiso -hemp protein”) -”, “kiyoraka -Hemp charcoal-” and “totonoi -Bamboo-” are also on sale.

Ethical chocolate “wellty chocolate”
[Image 3

“wellty chocolate” is a raw chocolate that has been roasted to the minimum required so that the nutrients and enzymes such as vitamins and minerals contained in cacao beans are included as much as possible. By using raw honey or date syrup as a sweetener without using emulsifiers, flavorings, dairy products, etc., we have finished chocolate that is good for beauty and health. In addition, we use fair trade cacao beans that pay fair wages to cacao farmers, and donate 15 yen per chocolate to environmental protection groups. It is an ethical chocolate.
[Valentine event information]

the future we aim for
[Image 4d102426-6-d3eaabd865d4678d6e2f-3.png&s3=102426-6-70aaeca0cd9b32c282a4462eafc06789-640x513.png
We aim to “increase the number of people who like themselves and create a world full of compassion”. Among them, first of all, I wanted to deliver an opportunity to love myself, so I developed a reward chocolate “wellty chocolate” for becoming beautiful. “It’s wonderful that I choose chocolate packed with nutrients that are good for beauty and health!” “Eating chocolate leads to solving environmental and social problems.” I would like to increase the number of people who love themselves more than now by delivering chocolate that makes me feel that way. By enriching ourselves, we hope that more people will pay attention to social and environmental issues, not just their own affluence.

Company Profile
・Company name: wellty limited liability company
・Head office location: 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo ・Representatives: Chiharu Deki, Yuko Hirano
・Business description: Planning and sales of raw chocolate, online salon operation
・Established: January 18, 2022
・ Company HP:
・ Sales site:

Details about this release:


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