Valentine’s Day & White Day Limited Marriage chocolate set for adults by submarine aged wine SUBRINA and LIFENRI will be available for pre-order from January 11th

Common Sense Co., Ltd.
[Valentine’s Day & White Day Limited] Marriage chocolate set for adults by submarine aged wine SUBRINA and LIFENRI will be available for pre-order from January 11th
4 bonbon chocolates that you can enjoy the change and fusion of taste and aroma, and the afterglow to your heart’s content

Common Sense Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture / Representative Director: Eisuke Aoki, hereinafter referred to as our company) is a wine “SUBRINA (R)” aged on the bottom of the sea in Minamiizu and an up-and-coming chocolatier Chef Yuki Shimizu. Pre-order sales of bonbon chocolates in collaboration with “LIFENRI” will start on January 11th in limited quantities.
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Marriage chocolate of seabed aging wine
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Subrina sleeping at the bottom of the sea
Since 2011, we have been trying to change various alcoholic beverages by aging them under the sea for several years under the name of “Venus Project – In Search of Dream Undersea Aged Wine”. “SUBRINA, a wine aged at the bottom of the sea”, which was born as part of this, has sold “ACT1 2011”, “ACT2 2016”, and “ACT 2019” in the last 10 years, and is especially popular with many people in the gift and gift scene. We continue to sell out all of our selections.
“ACT4 2020”, which is currently on sale, is based on the key message of “one and only gift that engraves the memory of the sea in your heart”, and is based on the key message of “coexistence with nature”, “creating with the region”, and “special spending time with undersea aged wine”. The theme is “a moment”.

This time, as a limited gift for the Valentine’s Day and White Day season, a collaboration with “LIFENRI” led by the up-and-coming chocolatier Chef Yuki Shimizu has been realized, and a marriage chocolate for adults who is intoxicated both physically and mentally was born.
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Marriage of wine and chocolate is generally considered to be difficult, but we carefully considered the recipe to match the volume of SUBRINA wine, the concentration and transparency of the fruit, and the refreshing acidity. It has become a bon bon chocolat.
When paired with SUBRINA wine, the wine and chocolate melt in your mouth, complementing each other with complex layers of flavor. Just like a course meal, you can spend a luxurious time slowly enjoying the change, fusion, and afterglow.
It is a perfect item as a gift for your loved ones or as a reward for yourself. ■ About LIFENRI
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Owner Chef Yuki Shimizu
After graduating from the Japanese Confectionery College, he gained six and a half years of experience at the well-established patisserie “Seijo Alps” in Setagaya Ward. Appointed as a chef pastry chef and chocolatier at Jiyugaoka “Origin Nu Cacao (Relais Dessert)”. After that, after working as a product development manager at a company, he is currently preparing to open a store while conducting online and pop-up sales under the LIFENRI brand.

4 mariage bonbon chocolates with different aromas and flavors [Image 5d21860-9-6a2fec462188aa639035-3.jpg&s3=21860-9-0246d08d0c66b3592ecdca7780884ddd-3000x2000.jpg
A bonbon chocolat that directly expresses submarine aged wine SUBRINA. Two layers of confiture and bitter ganache. In order to make the most of SUBRINA’s fresh yet full-bodied taste, confiture brings out the aroma and fruitiness of the wine, while bitter ganache brings out the sourness and flavor. If you put it in your mouth with SUBRINA wine, you will feel richer aroma of ripe fruit. *Contains 1% alcohol.

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Madagascar 64%
A straight bitter ganache made with 64% chocolate from Madagascar, which has a high rarity value and is close to SUBRINA from South Africa. It features a gorgeous flavor like red berries. Cacao nibs are scattered on the decor, and you can feel the power of cacao itself. You can fully enjoy the mellow aroma and acidity of berries by pairing it with SUBRINA.
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A bitter ganache that gives you a sense of the power of cacao with the mellow sweetness and umami of Guerande salt from the Brittany region of France. Add coarsely chopped black olives to accent the texture. The faint saltiness and bitterness of chocolate bring out the taste of olives, making SUBRINA even more mellow. With a form inspired by whirlpools.
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praline noisette
Grind lightly caramelized hazelnuts with the skin coarsely until the texture remains to make a homemade praline paste. Combined with 40% cacao chocolate, one grain with a milky sweetness and a rich hazelnut scent. The roasted aroma of nuts marries beautifully with the barrel aroma of SUBRINA, allowing you to enjoy a complex aftertaste. The sweetness of caramel can also be used as a dessert to finish off. For the finish, I expressed a single line that imaged the horizon of the sea.
[Image 9d21860-9-247ae733998f77c75ed1-7.jpg&s3=21860-9-989fe395948d90b7d007d8bb601c5cd0-3000x2000.jpg
Marriage chocolate 2,500 yen (tax included)
[Image 10d21860-9-c8ec6d170dd84f6cce3c-13.jpg&s3=21860-9-a02b93e819b1381aeb5351dddf3e7b0f-3900x3900.jpg

[Image 11d21860-9-744b9c09ca7e55039c18-9.jpg&s3=21860-9-d165ba170300b58d8445f355381433ee-3900x3900.jpg
SUBRINA Marriage Chocolat Set: From 17,000 yen (tax included) Four bonbon chocolates will be put in a cosmetic box with a special leaflet and shipped together with the submarine aged wine SUBRINA. As a gift option, we also have SUBRINA QUOTES art wrapping paper, message cards, and handbags that convey your feelings.
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Product information
・Product name: BonBon de noir Marriage chocolate of submarine aged wine ・ Contents: 4 pieces of bonbon chocolate
・Outer box size: H 80mm × W 80mm × D 22mm
・Bundled items: Dedicated leaflet
・Specific raw materials: milk, apple
・Expiration date: 21 days from the date of shipment
・Preservation method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at 18℃ or less.
・Recommended way to enjoy: Subrina and chocolate should not be chilled too much, and should be served at a room temperature of about 20 degrees, they will blend smoothly and enjoy the marriage.
・Price: SUBRINA Marriage Chocolat Set from 17,000 yen (tax included) / Single item 2,500 yen (tax included)
・Sales location:
 SUBRINA official online shop (sold as a set with submarine aged wine SUBRINA ACT4 2020)
 LIFENNRI official online shop (Bonbon Chocolat single item sales) *Cart opening scheduled for January 13
-Reservation sales/delivery period-
■ 1st batch: February 9 shipment
Pre-order sales: January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) 14:00 to February 2 (Thursday) Scheduled delivery date: Around February 10 (Friday) to February 15 (Wednesday), 2023
■ 2nd shipment for March 9th
Pre-order sales: January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) 14:00 to March 2 (Thursday) Scheduled delivery date: Around March 10 (Friday) to March 15 (Wednesday), 2023 * If the planned sales volume is reached, it may end early without notice. What is submarine aging wine SUBRINA?
It is a red wine that has been aged for about half a year at a depth of 15m off the coast of Minami Izu Okuiroro Nakagi, which has Hirizo Beach, Mikai, which boasts one of the most transparent waters in Japan. A dish with a beautiful proportion of rich fruit, soft tannins, and rich acidity born from mature grapes. As a proof that it was sleeping on the seabed, the bottle has “gifts from the sea” such as barnacles and lime algae attached. A story about the sea and wine creates a special gift. ACT4 2020 is on sale in limited quantities from July 11, 2022.
SUBRINA brand site/online shop:
-Official SNS-
・ Twitter:
Company Profile
Company name: Common Sense Co., Ltd.
Location: 303 Shimizu Building, 344 Yatsucho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 236-0016
Established: March 22, 2012
Representative: Eisuke Aoki, President and Representative Director Business: Alcoholic beverage sales (wholesale/retail)

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