“Vegimo Co., Ltd.” implemented its first third-party allocation of shares.

Vegemo Co., Ltd.
“Vegimo Co., Ltd.” implemented its first third-party allocation of shares. Expanded support for natural cultivation farmers and
agriculture-welfare collaboration offices. We aim to increase the number of bases to 15 by 2025, expand the distribution volume, and improve the income of natural cultivation farmers and
agriculture-welfare collaboration offices.

Vegimo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saku City, Nagano Prefecture; Representative Director: Hirotoshi Kobayashi), which develops “VEGIMO” home delivery of naturally cultivated vegetables and 100 kinds of herbal teas “HerbAreYou?” We raised funds on stage. The cumulative total of funds raised through third-party allotment and loans is 66,085,007 yen.
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● About “VEGIMO”
“Vegimo” is a BtoC service that regularly delivers naturally cultivated vegetables grown at the farms of our company and affiliated partners without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or animal fertilizers to households nationwide. As of January 2023, we have production and shipping bases in Aichi, Tochigi, Hiroshima, Nagano, and Kyoto, and are collaborating with about 20 production partners, mainly in the vicinity of the shipping bases. We deliver fresh, naturally cultivated vegetables from a shipping base close to our customers. The number of member customers exceeds 4,000, and the number of regular customers is increasing year by year in accordance with the expansion of production.
Mail order site: https://www.vegimo.jp/
Number of shipping bases: 5 nationwide (affiliated
companies/collaborating partners)
Production partners: about 20 producers
Number of customer members: about 4,000
●Characteristics of “VEGIMO”
“Vegimo” grows vegetables in-house and with production partners based on production standards called the 7 Promises.
1. We do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or animal fertilizers. 2. We do not use seeds that have been genetically modified or seed sterilized. 3. Fixed species, native species, and self-seeds as much as possible. We also use organic soil for growing seedlings.
4. We do not use conventional seedlings or grafted seedlings unless it is unavoidable.
5. No post-harvest.
6. Use green manure. We will promote initiatives that contribute to local carbon cycles.
7. We will continue to think and act so that natural agriculture and agricultural products are “easy to start and easy to continue”. In addition, distribution is based on local production for local consumption, and we ship from a shipping base close to the customer who placed the order on the day it is harvested at the earliest, and deliver it to the customer the next day.
● Role and business model of Vegemo Co., Ltd.
Vegemo Co., Ltd. utilizes about 14 years of natural cultivation know-how and network accumulated in affiliated companies, and about 9 years of experience in agriculture-welfare collaboration business, to support organic farmers, natural cultivation farmers, and
agriculture-welfare collaboration business establishments. Established in February 2022. As the headquarters function of the group, we carry out the following businesses.
[Business theme]
“Delivering farms and a healthy life”
[Business domain]
A service that provides a familiar life with natural fields and vegetables [Business description]
1. Sales promotion of agricultural products
We support the sales of agricultural products of affiliated
partners/affiliated farmers mainly through mail order.
2. Technical support for farmers and agriculture-welfare collaboration offices Aggregate the know-how of affiliated farmers and agriculture-welfare collaboration offices, utilize research farms to accumulate and analyze a wide range of natural cultivation and agriculture-welfare collaboration know-how, and provide technical support (original technical support using a technical support app, implementation of online training, technical guidance at local farms, etc.).
3. Development and sales of materials
We manufacture original fertilizers and soil that meet the standards that can be used within the group in cooperation with material companies, and provide them to our partners at a low price by purchasing them in bulk, including cardboard and other shipping materials.
4. New business development
We have developed the herbal tea brand “Herb Are You?” that uses companion plants (herbs) that are used on farmland. We also develop and support new businesses for farmland investment, such as rental farms, farmland events, and real estate with farmland.
● Purpose of fundraising
We will build a team to expand the business and create a base that integrates services.
● Comments from major underwriters of third-party allotment
Fellow Co., Ltd.
Director Tetsuya Suzuki
The motto of Fellow Co., Ltd. is to contribute to society through medical care, and our main business is to support medical
institutions. I would like to go there, and within that, I would like to join you in promoting health through naturally cultivated vegetables provided by the Vegemo Group and creating a diverse community that utilizes the fields, so I made an investment. Square Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Naoki Hiramoto
Until now, I have been working with Prova Holdings Co., Ltd., where I am the representative, as a joint venture company in natural cultivation and agriculture-welfare collaboration projects. When I heard about the capital increase, I raised my hand thinking it would be an opportunity to deliver this wonderful initiative to more people. In addition to our existing partners, we hope to contribute to the expansion of Vegemo as an investor.
Yanshuten Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yasushi Takahashi
The reason I took part in this project is that through this industry, children can become healthy, both physically and mentally. The organic vegetables grown here are sweet and delicious. I also ate all the carrots that I pulled from the field, including the leaves. To be honest, it was shockingly delicious. Children who don’t like vegetables can enjoy it, and above all, it’s 100% naturally grown vegetables without pesticides. The people who grow these vegetables were also full of pride and smiles, and their appearance was overflowing with health. As someone who values ​​the same food, I have never seen an industry that is so full of health. I realized that the ideal dietary habits exist here, just as the old sayings, “Medicine and food are the same source” and “People eat for heaven,” have been advocating the importance of food since ancient times. I want children all over the world to spread this diet. Let’s do our best together! Office Kei Kikaku
Kimiyo Tanaka
For my children and grandchildren, and for their children, I support projects that contribute to health through naturally grown vegetables. I heard the words of a medical doctor about 60 years ago. It said, “We should reconsider the present agriculture. If we repeat disinfection over and over again to prevent insects from sticking to it, we humans will inevitably end up injuring our health in the future. We have to start by restoring nature to the soil. It will take years, so let’s start thinking seriously about organic farming now.” This is a true story from 60 years ago. This person is a doctor, but I was surprised to hear the story at that time. “In the first place, most people who come to see a doctor don’t need medicine. Cabbage is so sweet and delicious that it has bugs on it.” “Bacteria in the soil work well together to create a healthy soil, but humans use plenty of disinfectants in the vegetables and the soil. You are endangering human health by giving it so much, so you should reconsider growing vegetables.” This medical doctor was my classmate’s father. I learned that he was a splendid teacher who attracted a lot of respect and awe while being called an oddball by those around him. I have felt the importance of organic vegetables since that time (60 years ago). Of course, my father and mother grew organic vegetables in the fields we borrowed and raised us sisters. My parents were in good health. My father lived to be 97 and my mother to 90. According to my father, one of the keys to a healthy and long life is organic vegetables. I am very grateful that we sisters are now healthy because of that. Vegemo Co., Ltd. is spreading its wings to the world.
Marusho Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Akihiro Ando
Marusho Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures (printing, finishing, and sewing) clothing such as T-shirts. In order to achieve the philosophy of employee happiness, we have been challenging agriculture as a new business since last year, with the main objectives of providing food safety and pesticide-free cotton cultivation. Mr. Vegemo has supported us, who are amateurs in agriculture, to take on the challenge of natural cultivation. When I heard about this capital increase, I hoped that Vegemo’s efforts would increase throughout Japan, and I wanted to support him by all means, so I cooperated. We hope that we can continue to cooperate in providing fields and a healthy life.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Vegemo Co., Ltd.
Location: 102 Valore Building 1F, 18-3 Sakudaira Station South, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture
Representative Director: Hirotoshi Kobayashi
Business description: Production and sales of agricultural products, technical/sales support for farmers and agriculture-welfare
collaboration offices, other related businesses
Official site: https://vegimo.jp/
Contact: https://vegimo.jp/contact/
[Recruitment of employees]
We are looking for staff such as marketing, sales, and engineers for business expansion.
Please contact us using the inquiry form on our official website. Details about this release:



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