Vendome Yamada Co., Ltd. LANVIN en Bleu Introducing the iconic accessory “Elegant Logo” that arranges th e initials of the brand

Vendome Yamada Co., Ltd.
[LANVIN en Bleu] Introducing the iconic accessory “Elegant Logo” that arranges the initials of the brand

From “LANVIN en Bleu”, a collection that focuses on elegant and delicate details that breathe the spirit of couture and high design that tickles the playfulness of adult women, a new accessory “Elegant Logo” is now available.
A bold and iconic collection that expresses the initials of “LANVIN en Bleu”, “L” and “B”, in flowing cursive. The carefully polished glossy metal gives it a luxurious impression.
The swaying earrings have a playful design with left and right asymmetry. A large size brooch with the letter “L” surrounding the double JL mark will elevate your coordination just by wearing one.
A small brooch that can be worn layered with pearls is also
recommended for special occasions.
Pierce ¥14,300
Brooch (Large) ¥16,500 each
Brooch (small) ¥14,300
Available stores: Lanvin on Bleu accessories sales nationwide, Lanvin on Bleu official mail order site ( Release date: -Stores-Mid-December 2022-Official mail order site-Late January 2023
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