Video production collaboration tool “MiLKBOX” releases new features for advertising agencies and production companies.

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Video production collaboration tool “MiLKBOX” releases new features for advertising agencies and production companies.
Achieving a 70% reduction in production progress management man-hours!
rayout Co., Ltd. (located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Sota Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as rayout) has released a new feature of its self-operated service “MiLKBOX” from January 2023.
This service is equipped with collaboration functions for production such as video production, graphics, and web production, and is a service that realizes DX for production progress work that
conventionally required a lot of man-hours.
[Image 1:] (1) Calling task templates
This function was added in response to a request from a production company that had problems managing man-hours and scheduling tasks, saying, “I want a function that allows inexperienced production staff to easily call up task templates and customize for each project.” By using this function, production schedules and task creation, which were conventionally created from scratch using a spreadsheet, became dramatically simpler, and it became commoner to say, “I don’t know what tasks to set for the entire production.” We have unified the production flow in the company and have also realized a reduction in management man-hours.
[Image 2:] (2) Two-screen comparison function
When checking the video before and after the correction, I forgot that I was in charge of multiple productions, such as “Is the part that I instructed the creator to correct properly fixed?” I tend to put it away.
With this function, troublesome tasks such as reviewing the correction instructions, arranging the PC and monitor side by side and pressing the play button at the same time can be solved in an instant. Since its release in September 2022, MiLKBOX has realized DX for production progress management, mainly for corporate production staff, advertising agencies, and production companies. We are currently waiting for your consultation regarding the introduction of the team plan during the free trial period.

Contact information
Phone: 03-6804-8146
Person in charge: MiLKBOX Customer Support Kon
Please contact us.
layout Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Mission: Realize a society where individuality is valued
Company name: layout Inc. (corporation number 7010901044022) Location: Crystal Bethle Building 3F, 2-34-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Established: April 2019
Representative Director: Sota Yoshida
Business description: Operation of the production collaboration tool “MiLK BOX” (
– Operation of creative production business

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