visumo Co., Ltd. The #everyone’s Nagasaki experience that conveys the charm of Nagasaki has started on the Nag asaki City official tourism site “travel nagasaki”. Utilize user posts on SNS with visumo social

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The #everyone’s Nagasaki experience, which conveys the charm of Nagasaki, has started on the Nagasaki City official tourism site “travel nagasaki”. Utilize user posts on SNS with visumo social case study of visumo social

The General Incorporated Association Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association (Chairman Shoichiro Muraki, Dejima-cho, Nagasaki City) has introduced “visumo social”, which utilizes the Instagram photos of the ceremony company visumo (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Masaya Hayashi). We are pleased to inform you that the “#Nagasaki experience for everyone” page, which utilizes UGC (*) as new content, has been launched on the Nagasaki city official tourism site “travel nagasaki” operated by the association.
(*) UGC: Abbreviation for User Generated Content
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Utilizing UGC to share sightseeing experiences in Nagasaki City and appeal to prospective visitors
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This time, a new page using Instagram UGC has opened on the Nagasaki City Official Tourism Site. The page introduces various user posts, such as posts about sightseeing spots in Nagasaki City and posts related to food. Posts are categorized by tags, making it easy to find photos of spots and gourmet food. Since the post is linked to the page related to the sightseeing spot, it is designed so that those who are interested in the photo can check the details as it is.
Various charms of Nagasaki City, cut out from the perspective of visitors, are published on the site as UGC. We aim to build sympathy with those who are considering visiting Nagasaki City, and to increase the number of visitors born from that.
More bustle with Instagram posting campaign
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In addition, an Instagram posting campaign will be launched to boost the Nagasaki Lantern Festival, which will be held for the first time in three years for 15 days from January 22nd (Sun) to February 5th (Sun), 2023. Follow Nagasaki City’s official tourism information account @travel_nagasaki, tag “#Nagasaki Lantern Festival” and “#Nagasaki experience for everyone” and show the posted photo at the venue (*) to the first 500 people, Nagasaki City original Shiseido hand cream “Madame Butterfly” will be presented. In addition, the posted photos will be selected and introduced on the official website and Instagram official account.
(*) Venue: Shinchi Chinatown Venue (Minato Park) Information ■Nagasaki City Official Tourism Site “travel nagasaki” #Everyone’s Nagasaki experience page
■ Nagasaki Lantern Festival Page
■Nagasaki City Official Tourism Information Account @travel_nagasaki (Instagram)
[Comment from the person in charge of the Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association]
In line with the opening of the Nishikyushu Shinkansen, we have renewed the Nagasaki City official tourism site as “travel nagasaki”, a site that utilizes digital technology to provide visitors with the information they want right now. For the renewal, we have introduced “visumo social” as a system that can share the Instagram posts of visitors as a natural sightseeing experience and appeal the charm of Nagasaki City, and publish it as the “#Nagasaki experience for everyone” page.
As our association, we often reconfirm the “attractiveness” of Nagasaki City through the posts posted by visitors through SNS. One of the good things about “visumo social” is that you can communicate directly with the photographer when posting the posted photo on “#Minna no Nagasaki experience”.
Nagasaki City has many attractions such as life on the slopes, scenery selected as one of the new three major night views in the world, World Heritage sites, Wakaran culture, Nagasaki Lantern Festival and Sailing Boat Festival. We would like to continue to use “visumo social” to disseminate the “attractiveness of Nagasaki City” captured by many visitors.
[About the Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association (DMO NAGASAKI)]
The Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association (DMO NAGASAKI), as a helmsman for tourism and interaction town development, is “improving visitor satisfaction and increasing consumption”, “expanding business opportunities and increasing profits for businesses”, and “improving citizen satisfaction”. , we are working to create new value using the power of marketing.
About the visual marketing platform “visumo”
[Image 4d50732-74-519de3c106723f687939-3.jpg&s3=50732-74-48e18c34bcc79dc116a192a75cf5beb8-1200x628.jpg
visumo is a visual marketing platform that centrally manages visual data that enhances branding and product appeal. It has been introduced to more than 500 companies in Japan, and features such as functions to utilize UGC (*) on Instagram, functions to utilize video data such as YouTube in owned media, and functions to enhance content posting by utilizing staff resources. , provides services that enhance digital customer service on the website of business operators.
(*) UGC: Abbreviation for User Generated Content
“visumo social” that utilizes UGC, official posts, ambassador posts, etc. on Instagram
“visumo video” to promote video commerce on EC sites
“visumo snap”, a dedicated tool for ambassadors and staff to post Next-generation CMS “visumo comment” that enriches product pages with no code [Image 5d50732-74-29bb9443c58f547b3de0-4.jpg&s3=50732-74-d9e74c36efe0a16559aecdbe6c67b001-2190x1100.jpg
With a shortage of digital human resources, we continue to develop services with the vision of enabling DX promotion through technology, and are used by more than 500 companies in Japan.
Rich content is increasing due to the spread and evolution of smartphone devices and the development of network infrastructure. We believe in the customer experience created not only by “reading” but also by unconsciously “seeing”, and are promoting the next generation of visual marketing.
*Company names and product/service names mentioned in this press release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
■visumo service introduction site
■ Useful materials download

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