VoicePing Co., Ltd. Introducing VoicePing to fill the “intermediate area” between chat and web conferencing – Web Marketing Research Institute

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Introduced VoicePing to fill the “intermediate area” between chat and web conferencing – Web Marketing Research Institute
The Web Marketing Research Institute, which has the top domestic share of paid CMS tools, introduced a virtual office tool, VoicePing, to fill the “intermediate area” between telework chat and web

Telework/hybrid teams often use both chat tools and web conferencing tools to conduct their work. However, there are many steps from confirming the time in chat to issuing a web conference URL and actually starting a simple talk that ends in 2 to 3 minutes in real life, and the cost of communication is high. This time, we interviewed Mr. Kazunari Kobayashi, director and general manager of human resources at the Web Marketing Research Institute, who introduced VoicePing to solve this problem.
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“Akibare Homepage” specializing in attracting customers for small and medium-sized enterprises
VoicePing : First, please tell us about your business.
Mr. Kobayashi: Our company provides a website creation service called “Akibare Homepage”. Originally founded by a major IT consultant, this service was born from the idea of ​​creating a service that can be used inexpensively not only by large companies but also by small and medium-sized companies. It is currently used by over 10,000 customers. [Image 2d48779-20-8e1407cbc93aab9a7978-1.png&s3=48779-20-8acbda98e5e78ac3397c97165bcadc31-904x458.png
Source: Akibare homepage
Our company develops from the CMS (Contents Management System), which is a tool necessary for creating a website, and also sells OEM CMS tools, and has the top domestic share rate among paid CMS.
The reason why it is used by everyone is that it is strong in SEO in addition to being inexpensive. In fact, our company itself only attracts customers on the web, and we do not acquire leads in an outbound manner. I think that such an organization that is strong in SEO has gained credibility in terms of developing services for attracting customers on the web. Also, we have set up a support center, and I think it’s an advantage that you can ask questions over the phone if you have any problems with CMS operation.
VoicePing: Who are your main customers?
Mr. Kobayashi: Our company provides a website creation service that specializes in attracting customers for small and medium-sized enterprises. Among them, there are many customers who are developing their business especially for regional commercial areas, and many of them are so-called professionals such as tax accountants, dentists, chiropractic clinics, and marriage agencies.
I wanted to cover the “intermediate area” between chat and web conferencing VoicePing: Please tell us the background behind the introduction of VoicePing. Mr. Kobayashi: Our company has downsized the office since the outbreak of COVID-19, and has shifted to a system of complete telework except for the administrative department. Before COVID-19, a culture of more than 90 members interacting face-to-face and verbally on one floor without crossing departments had taken root. However, when COVID-19 suddenly forced us to work completely from home, the issue of how to communicate became apparent.
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Interviewing on VoicePing
At first, we communicated through a combination of text-based exchanges on Chatwork and web conferences on Zoom, but I thought it was necessary to cover the “intermediate area.” For example, in the chat, I ask each question, “I want to ask you a question now, so can I connect to Zoom?” We will repeat sending, connecting to Zoom and starting to talk. This communication cost is high for our team, who were originally on the same floor and were able to hear what we wanted to hear in 2-3 minutes. So I started looking for a tool that would cover that middle ground.
Another reason is the management part. Originally, I was managing a team on one floor where everyone was visible, so I wanted a function that would allow me to visualize everyone’s situation even when teleworking in the same way. I think there are various other tools, but there are problems such as not having these functions or being too complicated to use.
There is a sense of unity and an atmosphere that makes it easy to ask questions VoicePing: Did the issues go away after you installed it?
Mr. Kobayashi: Yes. I think it’s almost resolved. In terms of sense, I think that what used to take about 10 minutes is now finished in about 5 minutes. However, I don’t think I’ve reached the feeling of finishing in 2-3 minutes when I was on one floor. There are some aspects of management that we have not yet mastered within the company, so we would like to improve them from now on.
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The floor of the WEB Marketing Research Institute
VoicePing : How was the internal reaction after the introduction? Mr. Kobayashi: It is true that there was resistance at first due to the addition of one communication tool. In the case of the sales department in particular, there were voices saying that there are many tools that must be used because they also use email.
However, through trial and error, I got used to it and was able to permeate the team. In particular, I think it’s good that by using the space by dividing the conference room and the floor, a “sense of unity” like when working on one floor has come out. In addition to the feeling that we are all working in the same place, we are able to create an atmosphere in which it is easy to ask questions, and this is generally appreciated by all team members as being easy to use. Also, from my superior’s point of view, there is a calling function, so I think it is convenient in terms of managing team members by communicating immediately. Since I was originally on one floor, in the case of the president, for example, I would call various people, and I think it works well.
Toward a service with further specialization for each customer’s industry VoicePing: Lastly, please tell us about your company’s future prospects. Mr. Kobayashi: We would like to make our website creation service more specialized for each customer’s industry. As in the past, we will continue to develop a wide range of website creation services regardless of industry, and in the future, we would like to make it a service that can be relied on by more customers by digging deeper and arranging a lineup for each industry.
For example, one of the areas we are currently focusing on is the website of a dentist. In the case of a dentist, it is necessary to divide into self-pay medical treatment and insurance medical treatment.
However, in order to create a dentist’s website that does not conflict with expertise or advertising guidelines, it is still necessary to have someone with knowledge of dentistry and advertising guidelines. Therefore, in the case of our company, Hasegawa, who is originally a dental hygienist and has experience as a web consultant, leads the business and provides a website that can be entrusted with peace of mind.
[Image 5d48779-20-f1a7934e38d4cff055ec-4.png&s3=48779-20-60f1b1a4d3ef1db184f04adff4962a10-904x490.png
Source: Akibare Homepage Dentistry Department
VoicePing overview
We offer the following plans according to the size of the team and the maximum availability of some functions.
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https://docs.voice-ping.com/f91cd306a55a484792a39de5a1cc3898 ・How to start using
You can use it immediately from the free plan without any contact or initial cost.
* How to start the free plan:
https://docs.voice-ping.com/03a2dd43d67a4c609f0678471fa0d1ae Documentation and Manuals
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Company name: VoicePing Co., Ltd.
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Capital: 209.9 million yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: Virtual office SaaS service, commissioned system development
Company HP: https://voice-ping.com
Article about VoicePing’s Korean exhibition Softwave (2022.12.7~9) https://voice-ping.com/blog/exhibition-korea-softwave2022/
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