WACCA Ikebukuro art project held Winter Art decoration (12/21-2/14) / HELLO WACCA ART (1/16-2/1)

Eishin Co., Ltd.
WACCA Ikebukuro art project held Winter Art decoration (12/21-2/14) / HELLO WACCA ART (1/16-2/1)
A commercial facility that independently organizes works by invited artists x winter decorations and “art projects”

Dear members of the press,
[WACCA Ikebukuro Art Project] Winter Art decoration (12/21-2/14) / HELLO Wakka Ikebukuro (1/16-2/1)
A commercial facility that hosts works by invited artists x winter decorations and “art projects”
A 3-minute walk from the east exit of Ikebukuro Station on each line, “WACCA Ikebukuro”, a complex commercial building that aims to create new value and charm with the theme of connecting people with people (Eishin Co., Ltd.: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Eiichiro) will develop an Art experience in the facility as a winter decoration along with the works of invited artists, aiming to be a place where various edgy concepts can be accepted. We will hold a special exhibition to convey the launch of “WACCA ART” as a project to support exhibitions, etc., targeting art that presents new values ​​with the theme of “place and region”.
(In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please cooperate with wearing a mask, washing hands, disinfecting with alcohol, and ensuring social distance when visiting.)
Winter Art decoration Artwork by Ryo Nemuribuka
Period: November 21, 2022 (Tuesday) to February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) Location: Facility entrance, 1st floor open space, 4th floor, etc. [Image 1

[Image 2

[Image 3

This season’s WACCA Ikebukuro winter decoration welcomes “Ryo Nemuribuka”, and warmly expresses WACCA Ikebukuro’s aim of “a facility that creates new value in a connected circle by connecting with people and towns”. I was embodied in the facility by the work that let me do it. Please enjoy the art experience that makes you feel connected at WACCA Ikebukuro.
[Image 4

Ryo Nemuribuka Producer/Artist
A sleepy shark is a shark that is inactive during the day as if it is sleeping. Using the name “dream”, he creates works with the keyword “dream” and attempts to blur the boundaries between reality and dreams.
The expression method of stuffed animals and illustrations is something that has always been in the artist’s bed since he was a child.
Indulge yourself in using it.
2022・・・ WACCA Ikebukuro “Winter Art decoration” work [Connection] 2022・・・Exhibition of three-dimensional works at “Kanayama
Entertainment Art Festival”
2019・・・”Mama Andon Festival” workshop, character planning,
three-dimensional work exhibition
[Image 5d87623-5-1ac5ac120e1bebb26444-4.png&s3=87623-5-a39317f5a5ae1cca38a6d0cf6fa242dc-158x207.png
KMSD Co., Ltd. (Keisuke Harada) Planning and production
Born in Kyoto and raised in Kyoto.
After moving to Tokyo at the age of 22, he established KMSD Co., Ltd. after working at Kitayama Creative Institute.
He advocates “working like traveling” as his work style, and believes in creating things and things with diverse and attractive people by visiting all over the world. Especially in recent years, based on the concept of “tradition into art”, we have collaborated with craftsmen and artists from the perspective of both historical traditional culture and contemporary art, and various projects to connect to a beautiful and healthy earth and the future of Japan. is in progress. ▽Career
2022: Produced WACCA Ikebukuro “Winter Art decoration”
2022: Planned and produced the “Kanayama Entertainment Art Festival” 2022: Planned and produced Matsuzakaya Nagoya store “NEP* ART TREE” HELLO WACCA ART
Period: January 16 (Monday) to February 1 (Wednesday), 2023
Location: Facility entrance, 1st floor open space, 4th floor, etc. [Image 6d87623-5-9b6ecafffeb9ccc5420f-6.jpg&s3=87623-5-8d487da1624d2227d61c1571f2c2cb80-437x411.jpg
[Image 7d87623-5-3b98038cb01ebcee4da2-7.jpg&s3=87623-5-b2af0e1f6b92b8c9ebade2a615b1a103-500x335.jpg

WACCA ART” is a project to find new perspectives on facilities and communities through art, and to create unprecedented “connections” and “initiatives” from there.
Since the 7th anniversary event “Gallery Show” held two years ago, we have been fortunate to receive many consultations regarding the use of the space. We organized facilities and local themes.
Under these circumstances, we are currently aiming for a place that accepts a variety of edgy concepts, rather than advocating a single strong concept. As a result, “WACCA ART” was launched as a project to support exhibitions, etc., targeting art that presents new values. From now on, I would like to introduce various arts at WACCA through exhibitions and other events.
However, we also accept projects that you bring in, so if you are interested, please visit the site below and work together on this project.
[Image 8d87623-5-bf8c9d7fc737dec22b74-8.jpg&s3=87623-5-8528dc9ba2e19d2dd4dbb99e4fe93621-960x447.jpg
General Incorporated Association Meets by Arts Planning and production Meets by Arts considers “art” to be something that allows us to discover the values ​​of its creator, and something that allows us to come into contact with the way of thinking, perspectives, and values ​​of people other than ourselves. By coming into contact with such art, we believe that learning new ways of thinking and values ​​is important for creating diversity and tolerance. We run a planning school and various coordination businesses that connect the region and art.
//////////////////////////////////////////////////// /
●Overview of WACCA Ikebukuro
[Image 9d87623-5-dfe28f37df9a33919fa1-9.png&s3=87623-5-e05c792ec1768cd5ead0e456fa69f5d4-444x444.png
WACCA Ikebukuro (opened in September 2014) is an eco-friendly commercial facility that values ​​sustainable connections. The universal design concept is based on the basic concept of creating a facility that many people can use more comfortably in a limited space, and the world’s happiest parking lot*1 will be installed.
(*1 A parking lot that incorporates a mechanism based on the concept of “bright”, “large letters”, “easy-to-understand signs”, and “feeling of gratitude”)
Facility overview: 8 floors above ground, 4 floors underground, 1 floor penthouse, 100 parking spaces in basement B1 to B4
(self-propelled, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Operating company: Eishin Co., Ltd. (established in December 1983) Representative Director Eiichiro Kato
Business hours: From 10:00 (according to store business hours) Regular holidays: Open every day (except year-end and New Year holidays) Details about this release:



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