Wami Co., Ltd. Rediscover our strengths! Create recruitment pitch materials to accelerate hiring of engineers/Wami, an engineer x career expert, starts a new service

Wamy Co., Ltd.
Rediscover your strengths! Create recruitment pitch materials to accelerate hiring of engineers/Wami, an engineer x career expert, starts a new service
[For hiring IT/digital jobs such as engineers/data
scientists/consultants] We support the creation of recruitment pitch materials with the strongest tags of engineers + human resources + designers.

Wami Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Wakako Ito) provides consulting / recruitment agency services for hiring engineers under the slogan “Engineer’s power for all teams!” From January 25, 2023, we will start offering “Recruitment pitch material creation agency for engineers – Wami” for the purpose of hiring IT occupations such as engineers / data scientists / consultants.
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Service overview
“Recruitment pitch material creation agent for engineers – Wami” is a service that creates company explanation materials for the purpose of hiring IT/digital human resources such as engineers/data
Experienced engineers + human resources + designers form a team to provide a wide range of support, from new production of recruitment pitch materials to renewal production, and production of spot explanation materials for departments only.
Recruitment pitch materials that are indispensable for company briefings and recruitment briefings.
Recruitment pitch materials can be expected not only to improve awareness and appeal, but also to screen job seekers, and can be a weapon for acquiring the necessary human resources for your company. In this service, in addition to the information that has been incorporated into conventional company briefing materials such as company history, business details, and application requirements, we also include missions, visions, corporate culture, employee
composition, and content for engineers to promote recruitment. We produce materials as effective tools for accelerating.
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thoughts on service
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In the recruitment market for IT human resources, the seller’s market is accelerating with each passing month. Under these circumstances, companies must accelerate recruitment activities, such as population formation and effective use of recruitment media. I believe that the most important thing is whether the company can fully convey its appeal and whether it recognizes its strengths.
Company presentation materials are an important means of conveying the attractiveness of a company and connecting companies and job seekers. At our company, we would like to reconfirm our company’s strengths together with our customers through the creation of company
explanatory materials. In addition, we will incorporate the knowledge we have gained because we have been watching the trends of the engineer recruitment market for many years into the materials and support the creation of the one and only materials.
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Please contact us using the form below or by email.
Contact form: https://wamii.co.jp/contactform/
Email: contact@wamii.co.jp
WAMI’s Vision
With the concept of “Engineer’s power in all teams!”, at Womy, we create software that can be used by people all over the world. , I want to improve the productivity of society as a whole and increase the number of people who can work happily and happily.
Based on such thoughts, our company develops services such as consulting / practical implementation of engineer recruitment, recruitment business, IT literacy training business.
In addition, we run the event “Human Resources to IT Kaigi” to help non-engineers and back-office staff understand IT better. We are also working to expand our options.
-Wami Company Profile-
Company name: Wami Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-25-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Wakako Ito
Established: October 2016
Business content: Business content: Personnel/recruitment consulting, recruitment, career counseling, seminar planning and management URL: https://wamii.co.jp/
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