Wat Consulting Co., Ltd. Notice of publication of the 4th job training series “Rebro training book that conn ects to practical work”

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Announcement of the publication of the 4th job training series “Rebro training book that connects to practical work”
~ Instruction book for 3D CAD “Rebro” that is active in the
cutting-edge BIM scene ~

Watt Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tatsuo Mizutani), a consolidated subsidiary of WILLTEC Co., Ltd., which develops human resources service business and engineer education for the construction industry, will start on January 25, 2023. , published the 4th job training series “Rebro Training Book for Practical Use”.
[Image 1d67902-12-760040b3f60d2eb1bdca-1.jpg&s3=67902-12-2b9b1d76ae6d08b87153f1e49211e14c-840x1210.jpg
■ Title: “Rebro Training Book for Practical Use”
■ Publisher: Watt Consulting
■ Release: Publishing Bunkasha
■Appearance: B5 size, standard product, full color
■ Total number of pages: 426 pages
■ ISBN: 978-4-88338-701-4 C0004
■ Regular price: 4,950 yen (4,500 yen + 10% tax)
■ Sales site: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4883387011/
◆Overview of “Rebro Training Book for Practical Use”
The instruction book for 3D CAD “Rebro”, which is active in the cutting-edge BIM scene, is now available!
It is compatible with major BIM software, and provides
easy-to-understand explanations with more practical data, such as the basics of reading and drawing architectural data, and drawing air conditioning ducts and sanitary piping.
You can also download practice and completed data for each chapter. A commentary video is also available separately for purchase, so you can learn as if you were receiving training along with this book. ■ Contents:
Chapter 1 Basic Operation
Chapter 2 Equipment Operation
Chapter 3 Practice
Chapter 4 Special Operation
◆ Job training series introduction
[Image 2d67902-12-a6c871958dded661e2f6-2.jpg&s3=67902-12-35b8eb6ec830024e50a3061f1cb616ab-2280x1030.jpg
・”Auto CAD training book that leads to practical work”
Supports self-study skills acquisition with easy-to-understand full video explanations
・ “Telecommunications construction construction management engineer textbook 1st grade 2nd grade”
Important Points of Examinations – A Summary of Past Examinations in One Book ・”Revit training book that leads to practical work”
Compatible with “Revit 2022” that allows you to draw 3D models ◆Overview of Watt Consulting Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d67902-12-071d5587f1f8c2b28b62-0.png&s3=67902-12-fce366e55ad29c60fb245fd6afeca39d-508x78.png
Watt Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tatsuo Mizutani) was founded in 2003 as a “technician first” company that puts the growth of engineers first.
With the mission of “nurturing people who will create Japan in 2050”, we play a role as an engineer training institution for the
construction industry, and our philosophy is to send out as many human resources as possible to play an active role in the construction industry. We are developing a business centered on the development and production of young potential human resources.
“No. 1 curriculum period for inexperienced people” “No. 1 total curriculum time for inexperienced people” (*Comparison of 5 major listed companies in the construction engineer dispatching group Research by Japan Marketing Research Organization Survey outline: Designated for September 2020 We are working to solve the problem of a shortage of human resources in the construction industry as a whole by establishing a comprehensive training system called verification survey by area.
In terms of the utilization of potential human resources, we are also focusing on the utilization of women and seniors with qualifications and work-ready experience, as well as the development of overseas human resources.
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