Watcha Japan Co., Ltd. Han Suk-kyu plays the role of a husband who cooks for his wife who is running out of food! WATCHA’s original drama “Today may be a little painful” main trailer, main poster, scene photos unveiled at once!

Watcha Japan Co., Ltd.
Han Suk-gyu plays the role of a husband who cooks for his wife who is running out of food to eat! WATCHA’s original drama “Today may be a little painful” main trailer, main poster, scene photos unveiled at once!
“I hope that the moment we laughed at each other for the first time in a long time will last forever.”

This time, on the monthly video distribution service “WATCHA”, WATCHA’s original drama “Today may be a little painful” that reaffirms the importance of family, which is often forgotten in daily life, through cooking and eating. The main trailer and main poster of (12 episodes in total) will be released and will be distributed on WATCHA from January 20, 2023.
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This work is a human drama depicting the story of a clumsy but heartfelt husband and his family who challenge their wives to eat less food. The main poster, which has been lifted, has a scene where husband Chan-wook (Han Suk-kyu) carries a meal he made for his wife Da-jung (Kim So-hyun), and a slogan, “Lovely memories in one plate”. Drawn.
▼ “Today may be a little painful” main trailer
[Video 2:] The main trailer begins with a line suggesting the couple’s situation, saying, “Husbands and wives don’t necessarily have a special relationship,” and shows the appearance of a family passing each other even if they prepare a meal. In the past, he thought about getting divorced, but his wife told him that he didn’t have much time. A drama depicting a clumsy yet close family, while cherishing the warmth and time spent together facing each other around the dining table, was born.
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In South Korea, where it was distributed in advance, WATCHA ranked first in the viewing ranking, saying, “The narration that speaks plainly in Mr. Han Suk-kyu’s voice made me cry.” It is a deeply moving work,” and has received many positive reviews.
WATCHA original drama “Today may be a little painful” work information [Image 4

Production year: 2022
Production country: South Korea
Genre: Human drama
Number of episodes: 12 episodes
Cast: Han Suk Kyu, Kim So Hyun, Jin Ho Eun, etc.
Delivery notation: Scheduled to be delivered on January 20, 2023 [Synopsis]
If there is nothing to eat, there is no hope. Husband Chang-wook holds a kitchen knife for the health of working mother Da-jung, who is gradually running out of food. Chang-wook, who has never cooked before, does his best to develop good ingredients and healthy recipes for his wife’s meals, and gradually begins to realize the importance of family.
WATCHA is a BL novel live-action drama “Semantic Error” that boasts explosive popularity in Korea, WATCHA’s first original work “UNFRAMED / Unframed” directed by popular Korean actors, idols of a wide range of generations of 10 men and women. We are exclusively distributing interesting works that are hard to see elsewhere, such as “Double Trouble” starring.
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