We will open a pop-up store for test marketing in Tokyo! “Hajimeru”

Dear Sir
Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Foundation
We will open a pop-up store for test marketing in Tokyo! “Hajimeru” Tokyo founding station TAMA’s pop-up store opens for a limited time at GREEN SPRINGS. (1/23-2/12 JR Tachikawa Station North Exit)

The start-up support facility “TOKYO Founding Station TAMA” (operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, chairman: Katsuaki Meguro) is a part of the practice support of “test marketing”. A pop-up store “Hajimeru” will be open for a limited time from January 23 (Monday) to February 12 (Sunday), where products from businesses in various parts of Tokyo such as fashion and gourmet will be exhibited and test sales will be held. .

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[About the pop-up store “Hajimeru”]
“TOKYO Founding Station TAMA” provides multiple services free of charge, such as “Plan Consulting”, which supports consultations from those who wish to start a business. To date, we have supported more than 60,000 users.
TOKYO founding station TAMA conducts “test marketing*” as a unique support menu. As part of the practical support for “test marketing”, we will open a pop-up store “Hajimeru” from January 23 (Monday) to February 12 (Sunday), where products from 5 businesses in various parts of Tokyo will be exhibited and tested. ) will be open for a limited time.
The venue will be “TAKEOFF-SITE” in the same facility with the cooperation of the complex facility GREEN SPRINGS (operated by Tachihi Holdings Co., Ltd., head office: Tachikawa City, Tokyo, CEO: Masamichi Murayama). .
I want to support people who have taken steps to realize what they want to do. With that in mind, I launched “Hajimeru”. We look forward to seeing many of you there.
URL: https://startup-station.jp/tn/services/distinctive/popup/ * Test marketing: A business term. To sell a developed new product in a limited area in a (relatively) short period of time before selling it in earnest. The usual test marketing conducted at Tokyo founding station TAMA is not sales, but “interviews with users”. “Test marketing” can be carried out while receiving specific advice from plan consultants (experts) from setting question items to verifying results, and it is also possible to create a more feasible business plan. It is popular with users. In addition, in this pop-up store, it is used synonymously with “to sell newly developed products in a limited area in a (relatively) short period of time before selling them in earnest.”

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Period: January 23 (Monday) to February 12 (Sunday), 2023
Business hours: 11:00-19:00
* Open every day during the period
*Until 17:00 on the last day (February 12th)
(Address: 3-1 Midoricho, Tachikawa, Tokyo)
[Introduction of business operators]
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Product name: Knit jacket for middle-aged men
Favorknits jacket
Although it is knitted, it has a three-dimensional silhouette. Product design that is easy to move and looks good.
By size setting based on body shape analysis of middle-aged men, Any size fits your body shape.
All made in Japan in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture.
“Ninth Sense”
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Product name: Men’s apparel
Focusing on rare dead stock military items, we are developing unisex socks “invisible five-toe socks” that are three-dimensionally knitted with WHOLEGARMENT no sewing. For women, how about incorporating military items into your coordination?

“Pomo d’oro”
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A handling product name: Kitchen miscellaneous goods
Vegetables can be chopped and sliced ​​just by turning the handle, turning the hassle and hassle of cooking into fun.
The Italian color red makes the kitchen atmosphere and mood bright and energetic just by placing it!
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Product name: African dried fruits
Sankofa’s products and services are the source of energy for a lively African woman named “Ya-san”. Eating and wearing them will make you feel better. Yaa also provides life consultations on Instagram and delivers time to rejuvenate the mind and body.
“Apparel brand handled by senitonamu LLC”
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Product name: Women’s apparel with flowers
Develop a collection with the theme of yellow statice.
The language of flowers is “eternity” and “unchanging heart”. It seems that it was named because the color remains as it is even if it is dried flower. I hope that this first collection will remain in your heart without fading.
[Voices of pop-up store owners]
Introducing the voices of the first pop-up store vendors held in August 2022. ・The company’s products are sold only at online shops, and this pop-up was the first time they were sold at physical stores. Sales at the online shop were sluggish, but the factors behind the sluggish sales were: 1. Products that sell functionality but are not touched on the sales floor, and 2. The products are highly novel. As a result of publicizing the pop-up store on SNS and HP, we were able to tell that there was a place where you could pick up the product and check it at the actual store, which led to purchases at the store. Taking advantage of this experience, I would like to create a system that allows customers to try out products before purchasing them, even in future online sales. (Vendor A)
・We were targeting people in their late 20s to late 30s, but it was well received by a wider range of age groups than we had imagined, such as older people taking a liking to it. Until now, the products have been made to order, so we would like to increase the speed of product production when selling at stores in the future. (Vendor B) ・Our company’s products are not cheap, but in this pop-up, we have received comments from people who understand that our products are made by hand, and who say, “This price is appropriate for this product.” Compared to the other sales opportunities, it was a big hint for the future. I would like to analyze and make use of it, whether it is the local characteristics, the customer base of the commercial facility, the display method, or what has created it. (Vendor C) [About TOKYO founding station TAMA]
A start-up support facility established in the Tama area in
collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Foundation. As the 2nd store of “TOKYO Founding Station” in Marunouchi, we support more than 60,000 people in total. We have prepared two facilities: “STARTUP HUB TOKYO”, which can be used as an entrance for those who are interested in starting a business, and “Planning Port”, which supports the creation of business plans. For those who aim to start a business, we provide a variety of support menus such as consultation desks, events, and seminars, free of charge.
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URL: https://startup-station.jp/tn/
Reference: Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Foundation Head office: 1-9 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Chairman: Katsuaki Meguro / Established: 1966

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A well-being-themed complex opened by Tachihi Holdings Co., Ltd. in April 2020. A hotel with an infinity pool on the top floor, a multifunctional hall with approximately 2,500 seats, the largest in the Tama area, shops, restaurants, offices, etc.
(Public interest incorporated foundation) Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Corporation Business Strategy Department Tama Startup Support Division
TOKYO founding station TAMA / pop-up store secretariat
Person in charge: Domon, Hori
Email: tamasogyo99@tokyo-kosha.or.jp
Phone: 042-518-9671

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